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Parallel Memory Chapter 183 Academy War! [3]

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Chapter 183 Academy War! [3]

"You asked for it. Don't regret not accepting my offer."

Omar Noel snorted.


Omar Noel disappeared in front of everyone and before anyone realized it, he appeared in front of Lisanna and was about to stab Lisanna.


However, Lisanna's speed was also not to be underestimated. She parried Omar Noel's spear with her sword.

Lisanna's sword flashed and she took the opportunity to counter-attack Omar Noel.

[ "Thousand Wind Blade" ]

Lisanna used her strongest move the moment she got the chance. It was better for her to take this opportunity to use her strongest attack when Omar Noel was underestimating her.

With opponents like Omar Noel, the number of opportunities that might appear is far between. She needed to use this chance and take out or at least deal heavy damage to Omar.

Lisanna's attack was at least 10 times stronger than Lyon's previous attack. Even someone like Omar Noel had to get serious while facing Lisanna.

With the distance between Lisanna and Omar being very close, Omar Noel would not be able to dodge even with the kind of speed he has shown earlier.

Omar Noel used his spear to block the incoming attack.


Omar Noel was pushed back by the force of the attack.

The allies of Lisanna smiled as they watched her successful attack. They know that even a monster like Omar Noel would be in serious trouble against the attack of LIsanna.

However, their happiness was short-lived as Omar Noel who directly took the brunt of Lisanna's attack was still standing with an imposing aura.

( How can that be )

The Ace Academy student was confused and astonished. Lisanna's strongest attack was easily blocked by Omar Noel.

There was a cut or two here and there but overall it didn't seem like Lisanna's attack had done any major damage to Omar Noel.

"How is this possible"

Toby muttered completely stunned by the outcome of Lisanna's attack.

Toby being in the same class as Lisanna knows her power the best. Even if the likes of him were 5 times more powerful, he was not confident to defend against Lisanna's skill.

He knows that there is a big difference between each rank and even more so when it involves talented people like Lisanna and Omar Noel. However, what he was seeing was still unbelievable.

He knows that even if he was at Rank-C , it would be impossible to come out unscathed after getting hit by Lisanna's attack, not to mention that the distance between Lisanna and Omar was almost nonexistent.

There was no doubt in everyone's minds that Lisanna Lockser had no chance against Omar Noel. Omar Noel was able to defend against Lisanna's attack without using a skill, so people can guess how much power Omar had.

However, unlike what everyone was thinking, Omar Noel frowned. He didn't expect a sudden attack from Lisanna which caught him off guard.

Even though he seemed to be okay with only a few cuts, they were still a big deal for him. He didn't expect that there would still be someone in this tournament who could actually hurt him in a one-on-one battle.

"I have to give you credit. It has been ages since I last bled. It is well deserved for you to be ranked second in the tournament. Not bad at all!"

Omar Noel said.

"But that is precisely why I have to thoroughly beat you. So that no one would think about challenging me!"

Omar Noel roared.

He understands that once he has beaten Lisanna, it was only a matter of time before other students gave up. By beating Lisanna, he effectively wins the whole tournament. He was planning to make sure that no student except him qualified for the second round.

As Omar Noel prepared to use his skill, he emit bloodlust far stronger than when he was using his mana aura.

[ "Legend Spear: Dividing Crush" ]

Students who were far away from the attack could also feel the dreadful power behind the attack. They shuddered and thought that they were lucky that they didn't have to face such a monster.

[ "Wind Spirit: WindStorm" ]

A hurricane formed and went on to face the Omar Noel attack. However, just like how a paper could not stop a scissor, Lisanna's attack was just ripped apart by Omar Noel's attack and continued to make its way towards Lisanna.


With a loud thunderous sound, the attack hit.

The Ace Academy and Britelts Academy students stood there thinking about the worst. There was no student who could defend against such a powerful attack. Even those who mainly focus on defense would be crushed by the force of Omar Noel's attack.

However, the next thing that they saw was that the attack hit the ground, and the ground was split apart but there was no sign of Lisanna.


Rather than being crushed by Omar Noel's attack, Lisanna dodged the attack and moved toward him, attempting to attack him even though he blocked it.

"Pretty fast, aren't you"

Omar Noel said.

He was not at all disappointed that his attack failed to defeat Lisanna. The tournament of Academies was an opportunity for him to show his power to the world.

How can he display his power if the opponent he faces is all weak He needed an opponent like Lisanna who could serve as a stepping stone to his glory.


Both Lisanna and Omar Noel started fighting, with Lisanna dodging Omar Noel's every attack as Omar Noel simply defended himself against Lisanna's.

Lisanna knows that she was inferior to Omar Noel except in speed. She took full advantage of that fact by attacking quickly while dodging the attack.

Omar Noel's spear techniques were all destructive and Lisanna was not powerful enough to defend against Omar Noe's attack. That's why she dodged the attack instead of trying to block it.

However, with her speed, it was only barely enough to keep up with Omar Noel for a short period of time. She knew that with time, she would be defeated by Omar Noel.

The only way she could keep up with Omar Noel was to do her best and deploy everything in her arsenal. While Omar Noel has not even shown one of his trump cards.

Lisanna was losing against Omar Noel.-

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