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Parallel Memory Chapter 184 Zero Arrives!

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Chapter 184 Zero Arrives!

In the distance, the students of both sides were just watching the ongoing battle.

They were unqualified to intervene, or rather if they came close to them, then just their attack force would be enough to pulverize them.


They could see that both Lisanna and Omar Noel were on equal ground or at least that was what most students thought. They didn't expect Lisanna to be so strong. Even for Ace Academy students, it was their first-time watching Lisanna use her full power.

However, powerful students like Hiro and Toby knew otherwise. They had yet to see Omar Noel use his powerful skill. They could see that Omar Noel was holding himself back and was just playing around with Lisanna.

"Things do not look good! "

Hiro said worriedly.

"Huh Senior Lisanna is pushing Omar Noel back! How is that a bad thing"

Sylvia said.

She didn't understand why Hiro said that. Lisanna was doing great against Omar Noel and it looked like she was winning.

Hiro shook his head.

"Omar Noel is yet to become serious. We might need to think about a plan to get out of here safely."

Hiro said solemnly.

Sylvia was surprised to discover that Omar Noel was hiding his strength when going against the best student at Ace Academy.

To them, it just looked like Lisanna was dominating Omar Noel. Lisanna was like a fly that could not be hit by Omar's attack.

Sylvia knew that people like Hiro would be able to judge the battle more clearly than them as Hiro was close to their strength.

Sylvia also had a grim expression after realizing her optimism was just something she hoped for and not something that would happen.

Lisanna was going to lose!

After Lisanna, it would be their turn. They didn't know what they would need to do right now.

According to Professor Mia, they had to listen to Lisanna's commands but right now she was busy fighting with Omar Noel and could not make a decision.

So according to school rank, the leadership of Ace Academy would either fall under Hiro or Toby. Lyon was currently being healed by Lisa, so Lyon was also incapable of making a decision.

However, they both don't have the authority to make a decision for the alliance since the next in command should fall under the Ace of Britelts Academy, Adamscat Phillipower.

However, Adamscat was also just watching the fight and not telling anything. Right now, they need a backup plan as soon as possible.

After LIsanna loses, there might not be another student who could stand up to Omar Noel. Hiro Ernest didn't feel that his power was inferior to Lisanna and could even exceed her strength for a short period of time if he used everything he had.

But in front of Omar Noel, he didn't think he could win against him.

"Adamscat, can you share your plan if Lisanna falls"

Hiro asked anxiously.

Adamscat was the next commander of the alliances. She should have a plan or two to get out of the trouble, Hiro thought. If not, they might be seriously in trouble.

"Ummm… Let's just watch the battle. I believe that Omar Noel, even if he is not defeated, would be too exhausted to defeat everyone here!"

Adamscat said.

What she said made sense as even Omar Noel had to use much of his mana to defeat Lisanna. Adamscat might be able to defeat Omar Noel if she made the move after the current fight ends.

But the problem was not whether or not they could defeat Omar Noel.

In fact, they were fighting all three members of the Top-5 Academy instead of just Omar Noel. Even if Adamscat goes next, who's to say other ace students from other schools will stay put

It is likely that due to the dominance displayed earlier by Omar Noel, the students were incapable of thinking carefully and only viewed Omar Noel as their only enemy.

They forgot that they were still outnumbered and there were other strong students on the enemy's side.

Hiro started to worry.

"WOW! What is happening here"

Just as Hiro started to worry, he heard a familiar voice. It was Zero who had just reached that place.

Zero seemed to be in a good mood unlike him.

Zero and Misha headed towards this place and encountered many students. So Zero took the opportunity to take the tokens from them.

Not to mention when they were close to reaching this area, a lot of students from other schools seemed to be busy with something as they didn't even notice them approaching.

Zero took that opportunity to freeze those students and Misha slowly took their tokens one by one. Zero has 30 tokens and Misha has 20 tokens with them at the moment.

They got a big haul just at the moment when they got to the east side. It was enough to enable another three students to advance to the next round. Zero worry about not obtaining enough tokens was also gone.

As for whether he could still retain the tokens until the end He was not worried at all. NO student was his opponent.

That's why both Zero and Misha were in a happy mood. They had already collected the tokens needed for passing the first round.

"Zero! When did you get here"

Hiro asked.

He was sure that Zero was not here earlier. Otherwise, he would have asked for his opinion.

"Just arrived. What is the situation"

Zero asked, knowing nothing about what was going on.

Though from the memory of the novel, he could guess what was happening but he still had to ask to confirm his guess. He could see Lisanna was fighting with Omar Noel just like in the novel.

Hiro started explaining all the details. He might have given just a little information if it was someone else but it was Zero, so he had explained everything clearly. Zero was someone who could also make a decision about what Ace Academy students should do.

Even if Zero was in Rank-D , Hiro and other students from Ace Academy would not disobey his decision.

He was after all the next person who the students of Ace Academy should listen to as Zero was the second rank of Ace Academy.

"Hmmm, so Lisanna is losing!"

Zero muttered.

Normally Ace Academy would face a problem here with all the tokens getting stolen and having to acquire the tokens from other students. Many students from Arcane Academy would advance to the next round while Ace Academy would have less than 5 students advancing to the next round.

It was a major blow to Ace Academy which contributed to Ace Academy losing in the tournament.

Adamscat was watching the fight when he noticed someone talking with Hiro. He felt some kind of threat from the newcomer that he didn't notice before.

"This is…"

"Oh, let me introduce him. His name is Zero Elea. He had just arrived here and I was just explaining the situation to him."

Hiro introduced Zero and as for introducing Adamscat, there was no need as she was one of the most famous students there. They had already seen her picture and the information provided by the school.

Zero and Adamscat nodded to each other after Hiro finished introducing Zero.

Adamscat went back to watching the battle. She was not interested in Zero as she had not heard his name in any of the ranking lists or from their academy professors.

She believed he was just an average student and that her sense was just mistaken.

Zero was also not keen on getting her interest and turned his head to watch the battle. Zero could feel Lisanna's attack getting less and less powerful.

( Looks like the tournament is just going in the direction of the novel. )-

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