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Parallel Memory Chapter 187 Hiro Ernest Vs Omar Noel [2]

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Chapter 187 Hiro Ernest Vs Omar Noel [2]

" Just show them why you are called the protagonist of this world! "

Unlike many, Zero thought that Hiro would emerge victorious. It was because he knew the power of Hiro better than anyone.

In the novel, Hiro would lose to Omar Noel in the final round. He didn't have a chance against Omar Noel despite using everything.

However, the reason why I think it will not be the same was simple. Unlike in the novel, Hiro Ernest was Rank-C - which is a lot stronger than Rank-D . And most importantly, Omar Noel had just finished fighting with Lisanna resulting in Omar Noel exhausting his strength.

Though not much of his strength was depleted, I believe that he had used up more than 30 % of his mana. In this condition, I am more inclined to believe that Zero would win.

In the novel, Omar Noel would fight with Hiro when he was in full power unlike now. But now, I have made a situation where he can't retreat even if he wants to.

He greatly underestimated Hiro and fought with him on the spot without recovering or calling another one of his allies.

Though Zero expected this because this was the sole reason he had provoked Omar Noel. After being so angry, Zero believed Omar Noel would be aiming to fight with Hiro and then would be planning to beat him.

Zero knew that Omar Noel was looking down on him and Hiro which he greatly welcomed from his enemy.

( Who is the idiot Obviously, someone who can't keep his head straight! )

Earlier Omar Noel called Zero and Hiro idiots because Omar thought they were challenging someone who they couldn't beat. But those were not the actions of idiots. Idiots were more like Omar Noel who gets played in the hands of others and does not even realize it.

Truly an idiot!

Zero laughed inside and then looked in the direction of where the Arcane Academy students were. He was sensing some kind of powerful mana fluctuation there. He believed that Arcane Academy has a bigger trump card than Omar Noel.

It was not mentioned in the novel. Maybe because it was unnecessary to show that trump card in the novel where Omar Noel had won everything.

( Arcane Academy sure is something! )

Not only did they have students like Omar Noel but they also had someone who is far stronger than him hidden. It looks like Arcane Academy is serious about winning this tournament.

Still, a person stronger than Omar Noel How did they manage to hide him and more importantly how could such a talented character not be mentioned in the novel

Though I would not get this answer immediately even if I wreck my brain. I need to at least see that person first. He might be mentioned in the novel at a later part of the story.

However, Zero seemed that the person might not take action unless the Arcane Academy is on the verge of losing. Or else, they would have already shown him and showed off. This led to his conclusion that the person was not something that can be flaunted like Omar Noel.


The battle had reached a point where most students were unable to tell who was who and could only see the shadow of Hiro and Omar.

Both of them were displaying astonishing speed as well as strength. The place where they are clashing has dust blown off now and then.

When using the skill, the geography of the place changed. They both seemed like an incarnation of destruction right now.

Previously, Lisanna's battle could have been called incredible, but now, what they were witnessing had exceeded the bounds of their ability to comprehend a fight.

Rank-E and Rank-D would probably not be able to tell the difference between the fight between Rank-B and Rank-A Explorer. Similarly, those students who were Rank-D and below didn't know what was happening at all.

They just knew Hiro and Omar's strength was insane.

However, the battle was not going to continue indefinitely. Hiro's body could not handle the sudden increase in stats for too long while Omar Noel's stamina and mana were reaching the limit.

Omar didn't expect that he would struggle against one of the students in the tournament.

" SH*T! I can't believe this! "

Omar Noel roared.

He was the most talented person in the world or so he believed. He was not able to win last year because Ace Academy students were more powerful but that was because they were older than him.

Now, Hiro was directly slapping his face by competing with him with equal power. Hiro, despite being two years younger than him, is on the verge of overwhelming him.

He could not accept that. He would not ever accept that!


While he was getting distracted by his thoughts, Hiro slashed his arm which was holding the spear. This significantly decreased the strength of Omar Noel's attack.


Hiro Ernest slowly dominated the battle and it seemed that Omar Noel would lose.

Everyone was focused on the fight between Hiro Ernest and Omar Noel.

However, Zero was paying attention to the Arcane Academy side. There is a good chance that person will make a move soon. If not, Zero also had no problem with Hiro winning and the enemy surrendering to us.


A few more clashes ensued between Hiro and Omar, and in the end, Hiro managed to knock Noel to the ground.


" I can't accept this! "

Omar Noel, the strongest student in the tournament, said to be the winner was very much on the verge of losing. His body was full of cuts and bruises. Omar Noel glared at Hiro Ernest.

This was his opportunity to shine! He was going to be the protagonist of this tournament. Now, he was there, losing pathetically like last year and also from the student of the same school as last year.

( If only I was at my full power! )

Omar Noel thought regrettably. If he hadn't fought with Lisanna, he was sure that Hiro would not be his opponent. Only by taking advantage of the fact that he had his stamina and mana depleted did Hiro have a small upper hand.

( This is all that coward's fault! )

He gave a resentful glare at the crowd of students on the opposite side. Initially, he aimed to defeat Lisanna, the strongest student on the opposition side, and to reduce the morale of his opponents. Then he would rally his allies to defeat all of them.

His plan was flawless. If only he hadn't gone out of the track, he would have easily won. He hated Hiro who was currently beating him but more than that he hated Zero who led this situation. He vowed to take revenge on both of them.

Anyway, he knew that he would not be beaten here. He was sure that he could escape this situation because they had 'her'.

Hiro instantly closes the distance and was preparing to take out Omar Noel. Immediately, someone from Arcane Academy took action.


Hiro was stunned. The enemy was approaching at a much faster speed than he was using System Double Power and Star Swift.

He knew that someone strong was coming and from Wild Sense, he knew that the person approaching was more difficult than Omar Noel.

He knew he didn't stand a chance!-

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