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Parallel Memory Chapter 19 Powerless [2]

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Chapter 19 Powerless [2]

*** BloodyWolf Forest ***

[ "Headteacher, Don't you think that some students should be out by now We are only left with 10 minutes before the time is up." ]

[ "Strange, in the past most of the students would be out by now. Do you think something happened to students" ]

[ "Should we send some professors to check the situation" ]

The professor was discussing what they should do. They have never encountered such a situation in the past. Some professors suggested going in the forest while some others told them to wait till the time is up.


While the professors were voting which option to choose, the Head Teacher notice some students approaching the entrance.

[ "Ho ho, Looks like we are worried for nothing. Some students are going to reach the entrance soon." ]

[ "Hahaha. I told you there was nothing to worry about, the students must have stayed to earn more points. After all, this batch of students is Golden Generation." ]

'Golden Generation' is used to describe the first-year students in Humalia Domain. The students of this year were all stronger than other years. While it was a blessing to have a total of about 50 Rank-E - students in other years however this year the Rank-E - was numbered at more than 200 students with 10 students being in Rank-E and 1 student in Rank-E .

From this batch of students at least 10 students are expected to reach Rank-SS. Rank-SS humans were the cornerstone of human peace. Excluding Zion, Lisa, and Hiro from Ace Academy, at least 7 other students from different Academy had reached Rank-E which indicate that they have the potential to reach Rank-SS.

All the professors from different academies were paying extra attention to their first years. They would eventually become the ones who will lead humans in decades to come.

The professors were relieved to see that the students were coming out.

However, the Head Teacher notice something odd about this group of students.

At glance, they seem to just come out of the BloodyWolf Forest, however, you will notice that they were sprinting and running as if someone was after their life. Another reason was the number of students in the group, one group consist of 5 students but he could only see 3 students in that group.

( Something is up. )

Though it could also be that they were working separately. It was not that rare as some students dislike each other and some like to operate alone.

In any case, Head Teacher found the situation strange and with no other students in sight, he thought it might be that the students are in some danger.

[ "Professor Mia, hurry and call all the professors quickly. " ]


Head Teacher didn't waste his time, immediately after asking professor Mia to gather other professors he quickly approached the students.

The Head Teacher appeared before the three students in seconds. The three students were indeed Zero's teammates. They were able to avoid the Devil Contractor by going from another way instead of going straight from the forest. They luckily encountered no Devil Contractors on their way.

They were all alerted by Head Teacher appearing before them. They all took their battle stance thinking it was Devil Contractors.

[ "Student why are your teammates missing" ]

[ "Huh" ]

After noticing that the person before them was the professor, not their enemy, they were glad.

[ "Sir, Devil Contractors has entered the BloodyWolf forest. We are ambushed by them but we killed them. However, others were also fighting with Devil Contractors so our two teammates went to help them while we are here to report the situation to the professors. Please, send the professors to help as soon as possible. " ]

[ "WHAT Devil Contractors. How did they pass through the guard What is the surveillance team doing We need to rescue the students as soon as possible." ]


[ "Hahaha. I gave you the chance but you all didn't take it. Don't blame me for killing you." ]

The Leader had already won the battle with one move. He would suffer a backlash for eating the fruit but he would recover in a month.

The reward for Hiro's head was comparable to some of Rank-A heroes, he would be able to get enough Dark ore to reach Rank-C. He was not afraid to suffer from this little side effect in exchange for Hiro Life.


[ "Huh" ]

The Leader sensed someone powerful coming in their direction. At least Rank-B, considering the place, he concluded it was probably some professors of Ace Academy.

[ "I got to finish the job quickly and escape." ]


The Leader quickly advanced towards Hiro.


However, before the Leader could take the life of Hiro, the Head Professor had already used his skill.

The Leader was blown by the Head Teachers Wind attack. Even with the distance between them being more than a football field still, Head Teacher was incredibly more powerful than the Leader. Even with his attack losing power due to the distance, it had more than enough power to injure someone at Rank-D.


The Leader spat a mouthful of blood. He looked at the Head Teacher who was quickly proceeding towards him. He knew that he had failed his task.

He clenched his fist but he didn't try to take Hiro's life. This was his last chance to escape from there.

The Leader took out a round object from his storage ring and threw the round object on the ground. The round object burst and opened a portal.

[ "Next time, I will definitely kill you all. Kekeke…." ]

[ "Huh Looks like he escaped. Was that the thing they used to infiltrate the test area I need to report this to the higher-ups." ]

The Head Teacher move near the students and checked their pulse and was at ease after finding out that they were still alive.

At the same time, other professors were also busy helping other students. The professor had killed some Devil Contractors while others Devil Contractors escaped using a portal.


[ [ "Zero" ] ]

It was Misha and Sylvia trying to wake Zero at the school infirmary. It had been three days after the incident at BloodyWolf Forest. Misha and Sylvia had recovered after two days of rest at the school infirmary.

They heard Zero had regained consciousness so they had come to take a look at him.

[ "Looks like he is still sleeping." ]

[ "Well, Can't help it. We can just eat the porridge ourselves. Let him rest, after all, he had a battle with many Devil Contractors. I was practically useless there." ]

[ "No, no. Sylvia, you have also fought hard with the Devil Contractors. You have saved mine and other team member life, we are very grateful for that." ]

[ "Even so we would be dead if Zero didn't show up we would have ended up dead. ]

They were silent for a moment. Sylvia and Misha both were overpowered by one Devil Contractor. Not only that Sylvia was not even able to take care of the Mage Devil Contractor. Sylvia felt helpless at that moment.

Misha was also thinking about that time but she was also thinking about something else. She stared at Zero's face.

( Something is different. )

[ "Anyway, Misha you seem familiar with Zero. Do you know him" ]

Snapping her out of her thought was Sylvia's question.

[ "Ah. Yes, We studied at the same school. We were in a different class but we did interact with each other." ]

[ "WHAT You were his schoolmate" ]

After being startled, Sylvia asked.

[ "So were he always this powerful." ]

[ "Well, we had gone to dungeon together a couple of times. I have seen him fight but he was nowhere as strong as when he fought those Devil Contractors. He was strong but he would only be average when compared to the students of this school." ]

[ "Hmmm. He was average in the middle-school and suddenly became strong after entering Ace Academy. Sounds a lot like someone I know." ]

[ "Well, he might have also hidden his power in middle school. But I don't think he would hide his strength in the Ace Academy entrance exam after all talented students get more resources from the school." ]

[ "Strength aside, what about his personality. Did he have a girlfriend He seems like the guy that flirts a lot." ]

[ "No. Though I am not sure as we are not that close however he didn't have a girlfriend. Zero was a serious type who would spend most of his time training. He didn't have lots of friends and let alone flirt with girls, he barely spoke with them." ]

[ "So did he change his personality after seeing Lisa. Lisa must be his first Love." ]

( First Love Impossible after all he …. )

[ "I don't know if he loves Lisa or not but if it was previous Zero, he would not help us at the risk of his life." ]

[ "Really He felt heroic when he saved us." ]

[ "Zero doesn't like to help others because he can't trust another human. Not anymore after that incident." ]

[ "That incident" ]

[ "Ah. Nothing. It was nothing. Anyway, we shouldn't disturb Zero anymore. Let us leave." ]

Misha glance back at Zero for the last time before leaving.

( Zero seems different. He feels more human now. He seems just like before that incident. )-

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