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Parallel Memory Chapter 193 All Out War! [3]

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Chapter 193 All Out War! [3]

The battle started with both sides deploying every fighter they have.

The audience was extremely enthralled by the fight they were watching. It is extremely exciting to watch a group battle because it offers other advantages than a solo fight. You get to see lots of skills and also the combination of skills with other fighters.

However, the main fight was still the battle between Zero and Ruelle. Even with numerous battles happening around, the major part of the battle depended on those two.

Ruelle didn't have any choice but to fight with Zero. Her path had been blocked by an ice wall. Moreover, she had already thought that saving Omar Noel would be useless now.

[ "Cryo Bomb" ]


Before hitting her, Ruelle had destroyed the attacks. It was a smart choice since if she had tried to block it then her sword and possibly her hand and body would have frozen.

"You're the first to ever rile my desire to defeat someone!"

Ruelle said as she launched three devastating strikes at Zero.


They were all blocked by Zero.

Ruelle didn't panic and took her time to figure out Zero's weakness. Unlike earlier, the fight was in her favor.

Even without saving Omar Noel, she believed that as long as Zero's side loses, it would not matter. With her side having outnumbered Zero's allies, she believed that it was a matter of time before Ace Academy and Britelts's Academy lose.

[ "Fission Wave" ]

[ "Dual Art: Glacier Shadow Slash" ]


The immense power of the strike cracked the earth under them, caving it for a hundred meters around. When the two of them fight, it is like a natural disaster has occurred.

No matter which side of the students they belonged to, they made sure they stayed far from these two monsters. They were scared of ending up as collateral damage.

When the dust settled all they saw was a mess. When the spectators double-checked the two, they were nowhere in sight.


But the sudden explosion scared them back. Looking at the source, they found those two fighting 50 meters away from where they were.


[ "Ground Freeze" ]


She instantly jumped back. She was cautious of Zero's skill as one hit from them could make her immobile which would be very problematic considering she is fighting with someone as strong as Zero.

One moment is all they needed to defeat each other. That's why they were extremely cautious when fighting. One mistake and they would end up losing.


The two continue to fight each other, causing shock wherever their attacks land.


On the battlefield, under Lisanna's command, Ace Academy and Britelts Academy had managed to decrease the number of students on the Arcane Academy side but still, they were outnumbered.

When the two sides made contact, Arcane Academy took advantage of their number and immediately overwhelmed the Ace Academy side.

Additionally, Lisanna was extremely weak to fight, which allowed Rank-C from Arcane Academy, Demacia Academy, and Skyline Academy to gain an advantage in the battle.

Adamscat and Toby had contained two of the Rank-C students from the enemy slide, but they still had four more Rank-C students.

Without anyone to stop those four, the battle quickly shifted towards the Arcane Academy side.


Just when the battle was turning in Arcane Academy and their allies' favor, Hiro appeared with unconscious Omar Noel in his hand.

Finally, Hiro defeated Omar Noel and came to help them.

"You are finally here!"

Sylvia said happily.

She had just finished defeating two Rank-D - students when Hiro landed near her position.

"Sorry, it took more time than I expected!"

Hiro apologized.

He didn't expect Omar Noel to resist so much even when he was severely injured. He gave Hiro trouble until the end.

"It's totally okay! Still, for you to defeat Omar Noel, you're really strong! Though I already knew that!"

Sylvia raised her thumbs up.

The students surrounding Hiro also noticed Hiro immediately and also the person in his hands.

Seeing Omar Noel defeated, the morale of the Arcane Academy plummeted. And more so with Hiro Ernest standing in their way.

Luciano Elderik also noticed that and immediately took action. He had one of Rank-C and 5 other Rank-D confront Hiro.

"Don't worry! Don't you know that we still have our strongest fighter"

Luciano Elderik shouted.

When he said the strongest fighter, he obviously meant Ruelle. In the past, Omar Noell might have been the most reliable ally, but now Ruelle was even more reliable because she was Rank-B -.

Luciano Elderik's words worked and his comrades worked harder even though they were terrified of facing Hiro.

Despite this, Luciano Elderik was happy with the outcome. In any case, he did not expect the general student to fight with Hiro. That's why he sent the students who he believed would be able to win against Hiro.

( One might not be enough. But what about two, three, or four I don't think you can take care of them by yourself! )

Luciano Elderik thought.

He knows that at the moment there is no student who can fight with Hiro. But so what He simply needs to add the number of students in the fray and he knows that they will win eventually.

Additionally, he believed that even Hiro would not be in peak condition after fighting with Omar Noel.

Hiro was assaulted by four people. He fought back and tried to end the fight quickly. However, with his power diminished and without his System's double power, he was having a hard time.

His body had been under severe pressure due to System double power and his mana was also quite low. With such disadvantages, Hiro found himself struggling against his opponents.

He would have defeated them in one move if he was in full power but due to energy spent on fighting with Omar Noel, he was only as powerful as the average Rank-D peak.

Only because of his excellent swordsmanship did he manage to withstand the onslaught of four opponents.-

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