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Parallel Memory Chapter 195 One Man Army!

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Chapter 195 One Man Army!

"Why don't you make me"

Zero said while releasing his bloodlust!

You could tell that the moment Zero strikes, a lot of lives are going to be taken, or at least that was the feeling of the students that were facing Zero.


This was definitely a scary experience for those 8 students, particularly Rank-D , who couldn't stop shaking.

Even if they knew that Zero had spent most of his strength fighting an Arcane Academy Rank-B girl, it didn't lessen the tension that they felt when facing Zero.


Luciano Elderik commanded!

He was also feeling how intense the killing intent was, especially when directed at them. It was nothing compared to when Zero had been emitting killing intent far away from them.


The three Rank-C students, including Luciano Elderik, were the first group to attack Zero. They had also been buffed by 3 mages.

[ "Heavenly Strike" ]

[ "Mountain Pierce" ]

[ "Blazing Magma Slash" ]

They instantly used the strongest attack they had. They were not in a position to hold anything back. Powerful auras of mana emanated from their attacks.

Zero showed no reaction to their attacks and stood there. He had the armor from the Dark Ice Embodiment and didn't need to do anything to defend himself.

While he waited for them to attack, he concentrated on strengthening the armor.

Zero was planning to take them out at once, the moment they attacked him.

Luciano Elderik, seeing that Zero showed no reaction smiled.

( Was he more exhausted than I thought Surely he should already be on the last leg because of fighting a Rank-B person. )

He already concluded the reason why Zero was not moving.

Luciano Elderik and the other two also didn't stop and took the opportunity to quickly attack Zero.

"You should have taken my chance!"

Luciano Elderik said to Zero.


Their attack perfectly hit Zero. They thought that they had won. They exhibited relief, especially Rank-D , who didn't have to participate in the battle.

"This is it"

However, a voice took all their happiness away.

Contrary to what they expected, there was not a single scratch on Zero's body. He was standing there with a look of disappointment.

"Th-this… How"

Luciano Elderik was confused.

How could their attack fail They were not able to break Zero's defense even when he was not doing anything. They had done everything to increase their power, to the point that even Omar Noel would have been severely injured.


They didn't expect that Zero's Ice armor would be that tough. They were not even able to bypass that armor.

They immediately tried to retreat, however, when they tried to take their weapon away from Zero's body, they couldn't. Their weapons were stuck on Zero's body.

"How can you just run after attacking me Don't you know that there is a consequence for every action"

Zero then caught the face of two Rank-C - students.


They slowly turned into ice. Watching his comrade turn to the Ice statue, Luciano Elderik's face turned grim. He finally realized that what he was fighting against was totally on a different level.


Luciano Elderik immediately abandoned his weapon and jumped back.

( I have to get away from him! )

Luciano Elderik desperately thought.

"You all cover for me!"

Luciano Elderik commanded the remaining 5 Rank-D students as he quickly ran away from Zero.

( I have to gather more students and surround him! Haha, I have not been defeated yet! I still have a chance. )

Luciano Elderik thought as he ran.

The other students who went with Luciano Elderik to fight with Zero were completely baffled. Their leader was commanding them to stay back and fight when he, himself, ran away like a coward.

'What can we do when even you all could do a thing'

'For god's sake, we are just Rank-D!'

'F**K! You are running away by yourself!'

The remaining students thought as they cursed Luciano Elderik in their heads. They were only there to support the three Rank-C - students. How can they stop Zero

"Think you can run away"

Zero leisurely raised his sword as he prepared to launch his attack.

[ "Glacier Shadow Slash" ]


Luciano Elderik felt a strong attack heading his way. He immediately used the mana barrier to protect himself.


The attack broke through the barrier like it was made of paper and hit Luciano Elderik in the back.


Luciano Elderik vomited blood as he fell. His face was full of regret and pain. His dream was almost in his hand when Zero destroyed it all. He couldn't accept this!

"At least bring ten more Rank-C students if you are going to stop me!"

Zero giggled.

"Now, where should I go next"

As he examined his surroundings, Zero said.

"Oh! How can I forget you all"

Zero said as he looked at the 5 Rank-D , who were all shuddering in fear. Zero had taken out Luciano Elderik before they could even decide whether to follow Luciano Elderik's order or not.

They could only wait for Zero's decision. They didn't even have the courage to run after watching Zero brutally take out Luciano Elderik.

For Zero, it didn't matter whether he spared them or not, but since they were a relatively strong student in this tournament, he had to deal with them in order to reduce the number of opponents on the opponents' side.

It would be terrible if they caused trouble for Ace Academy just because he had spared them.

[ "Ground Freeze" ]

Since they were all standing in one place, Zero could freeze them all at once. After dealing with them, Zero immediately went to the place where most students were fighting.


He disappeared and suddenly appeared before two Rank-D students before freezing them. They didn't even have time to think about what was happening when they froze.


Sylvia called out.

She was fighting with two Rank-D when Zero suddenly appeared and froze them. She called Zero in surprise.

"Just stay there! I will deal with them!"

Zero said as he headed toward the incoming enemies.

"Quickly, shoot him!"

The enemies panicked when they saw Zero. They outnumbered Zero and have decided to fight together against Zero. The 5 or so mage quickly deployed their strongest skill and aimed at Zero.

[ "Ice Wall" ]

Zero instantly erected a wall. While he could have easily defended against those attacks, those attacks could have hit Sylvia and other students of Ace Academy who were behind him.


Various magic attacks were directed at Zero, only to be blocked by the Ice Wall. The enemy Mage and Archery increased their attacks and used up every drop of mana they had to stop Zero.

However, they had only managed to destroy three Ice walls when Zero had deployed 5 Ice walls.

[ "Cryo Bomb" ]

Zero threw the bomb from above the Ice Wall. With them concentrating on attacking, they even failed to detect the attack.


The instant the Cryo Bomb exploded, all the enemies on the other side of the Ice Wall froze. Zero surveyed the area to make sure that all the enemies were taken care of.

Having noticed no other enemy, Zero turned his head.

"Sylvia, take care of them! I will go support other areas."

"Roger that!"-

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