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Parallel Memory Chapter 196 One Man Army! [2]

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Chapter 196 One Man Army! [2]

"Roger that!"

Sylvia saluted Zero like a soldier.

Whether it was intentional or not, Sylvia acted like she had been commanded by a commander in the army.

Zero smiled at Sylvia's funny antics. As he prepared to go to another place.


Zero instantly disappeared from that place and appeared in another place where enemies reside. He immediately used a ground freeze to catch the enemies in surprise.

Wherever Zero appeared, all that was left in those places were the Ice statue of the enemies. The allies rejoiced and cheered for Zero.

The battle which was hugely in favor of Arcane Academy and their allies was quickly turned in Ace Academy's favor.

The spectator from a distance and those people in the audience were stunned by the result. One man to change the battlefield. It completely changed their view on what a powerful individual can do.

It is not like there had been no strong participants in the past, but they could not compare to what Zero did. He not only fought against an enemy whose rank was higher than him but also joined the war and defeated countless enemies.

It was not a matter of strength. Even with enough strength, stamina and mana would not last long. But in the case of Zero, he was like someone who has infinite mana and stamina showing no fatigue at all.

The Top Guild was more frantic than the audience. They were completely busy searching for information and contacting Ace Academy about Zero's recruitment.

They were not going to miss the opportunity to recruit a genius to their guild.

The same situation was for professors of various academies. They didn't have the information on Zero and quickly gathered whatever they could. They had to quickly make a countermeasure for Zero.

Professor Frey had turned mute, the moment Ruelle who was their trump card was defeated. She lost every word that she had prepared to mock Professor Mia.

The same was for the professors of Demacia and Skyline Academy. Their students were getting slaughtered by one student. All the tokens that were collected by them were also taken by Ace Academy and Britelts Academy students.

They knew that they had totally lost this round. They could only pray that their students could recover quickly and collect tokens before the time runs out. Or else there would be no student from their academy in the next round.

This would be the most humiliating thing for their school, especially considering they are one of the Top-5 Academies.

"Is this really Zero"

Eleonore was utterly shocked.

Just a few minutes ago, she thought that she was stronger than Zero because she was Rank-B - which is higher than Rank-C - but Zero had managed to beat someone who was in Rank-B - which is the same as her.

Though she knows that she is stronger than the girl that Zero beat, still Zero had the power to contend with Rank-B-. She didn't know what to feel about that.

Congratulate him Beat him She didn't know. It was not like she was scared of Zero getting powerful.

It was from the fact that her progress seemed to be nothing in front of Zero. Her Rank-B - was also something that Zero could exceed at any moment.

Her mother patted Eleonore's head.


Her mother seemed to guess what Eleonore was thinking from her expression. Even she felt depressed thinking about her own strength. She had recently advanced to Rank-A which was provided by Zero's parents.

However, from the speed of Zero's progress, it didn't seem like it was going to take long before he surpassed them.

The merit of this all was that Zero was the son of their best friend. It would have been bad if the person who was so talented was from their rival guild. Good thing, that it was their ally that they can trust fully.

Not to mention, that Zero was somewhat like their son too. They had known him from when he was a baby.

"Haha… That's my son!"

Zero's father laughed happily.

Zero was practically invincible in the tournament. He didn't think that his son would be the strongest in the tournament. He could not wait to brag about Zero to his guild members.

"Uncle Warren! How did he become so strong"

Eleonore asked.

She also knows about Zero more than anyone. Zero was not very talented nor was he someone who was capable of what he was showing right now. She didn't see him for 3 months and he turned into an invincible genius.

She could not help but ask Zero's father. While she didn't know, she thought that Zero's father would know. She thought that Zero might have received some Art or potions from Shadow Genesis that turned him so strong.


But what Eleonore didn't know was that Zero's father was equally confused as her. He also didn't know what his son did to become this strong.

"It might be because he became the disciple of Ice Enchantress!"

Zero's mother answered.

While she also didn't have much idea. But according to what Zero has said previously, she thought that her son's progress has to do with Professor Mia.

After all, Professor Mia, herself was a genius that would only come in a thousand years.

Zero's mother believed that she would have taught her son some amazing things which lead to him becoming so strong. She could not think of any other explanation.

"Ice Enchantress... That Ice Enchantress!"

Eleonore said.

She was completely stunned.

Who doesn't know about Ice Enchantress She was the most famous person on this planet right now.

Carrying multiple achievements under her, with the youngest Rank-S being the greatest achievement, Professor Mia had become the idol of many people.

You could ask any random person about Ice Enchantress and they would be able to tell you about her to fill an entire book.

Eleonore also thought that if Professor Mia was Zero's teacher then it might be possible to become so strong. Only Professor Mia was capable of teaching such a monster.

However, she still had doubts.

( How did Zero manage to get Ice Enchantress as his teacher )

Eleonore thought to herself.

( Wait! Don't tell me…)

She suddenly thought of something as she became angry.

'You have even seduced Ice Enchantress! Just you wait!'-

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