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Parallel Memory Chapter 199 Monster Horde

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Chapter 199 Monster Horde


We were surrounded by monsters in the plain area where we were fighting previously.

( Now, I get why that guy decided to rescue them before using that artifact! )

Omar Noel and that Rank-B girl would also be in our place if he used the monsters to attack us without rescuing Omar Noel and her.

However, he was still ruthless enough to abandon his allies, not to mention other students from Arcane Academy. Judging by their gloomy expressions, I can tell that they were not informed of this plan.

Only those three knew about the plan. And along with us, all their allies had also been thrown away. The students who were just watching the fight were also surrounded, prompting them to move closer.

I expected Heroes to make a move since the situation was dangerous but seeing that there was no movement, I assumed that they would not make a move. I am 100% certain that the tournament management team has someone who is helping Arcane Academy.

Otherwise, they would not let the situation escalate to this point.

I am not sure how they will deal with the problem in the case of a large number of students dying. I am sure they would need to take responsibility for the student who would die here.

That's not an easy thing, especially when the heir of platinum, the daughter of a top executive, and a hero nurtured by the Authority are involved. There are also many prominent figures among the students present here.

Anyway, what is the use of thinking about something that will never happen


The monsters led by the Rank-D monsters approached us. Their momentum was quite strong with them destroying everything in their path. With so many big monsters marching toward us, the earth began to shake more violently.

"Make a Formation!"

"We need to work together!"

"Don't lose hope!"

Those who have not given up hope, or those who are strong, were rallying their friends to fight against those monsters. Some students came together and were prepared to face the monsters.

They were the students who would frequently challenge dungeons. As Explorers, they were familiar with unexpected situations and knew that fighting is better than giving up.

However, I was not planning to stay like them. Defending was good but in the face of numerous monsters, they are not going to last long. It would be better if they tried to escape.

I planned to charge ahead and kill as many monsters as I can before they reach this place.

Like I said before, if they want to stop me, they would at least need 10 Rank-C students. Same was the case for monsters. If they want to kill me, then they need to bring at least 10 Rank-C monsters.

Rank-E and Rank-D monsters are just not capable of harming me.


"Oh! I see some familiar faces!"

While I was approaching the monster horde, I saw some monsters which I had met before. I immediately headed in their direction.

The monster horde was quite organized. The Rank-D monsters acted as leaders and were leading the charge.

There were 7-8 Rank-D monsters who were leading the monster horde.

"Yo! Nice Meeting you again!"

This is what I told the monster that led the monsters. In an instant, the monsters stopped for a moment and looked at me who dared to stand in front of them.


The monsters behind the Rank-D monster growled at Zero. However, no matter how much those low-rank monsters were angry and determined to kill the target, their leader didn't give them a command. They were getting impatient and wondering why their leader is still not giving the order.

The Big Bear, who was the leader of that group, at that moment was sweating buckets as terrible memories flooded his mind. This monster is the same monster that Zero beat up when he first spawned in this place.

"What Are you here to attack me"

Zero asked while giving his signature evil grin.

The Alclad Bear instantly shook his head. The minions were confused by the actions of their leader.

"THEN why are you standing here and acting like some bigshot GO AWAY and take those monsters with you!"

Zero screamed at Alclad Bear.

The Alclad Bear instantly got the message and ran away with those monsters who were following him. For those who dared not listen to his command, he demonstrated the power of his paw.

At least a hundred monsters were running away.

"Do I have to tell you separately"

Zero then directed his attention to Blood-Eyed Thunder Wolf, whom he had previously defeated.

The Blood-Eyed Thunder Wolf was also a leader of a group of monsters that had a similar size to the group led by Alclad Bear.

The monster knew what Zero meant and instantly commanded his subordinates to retreat and flee. He didn't want to get beaten up again.

There were also some monsters that Zero beat before though they were not as strong as Alclad Bear or Blood Eyed Thunder Wolf. They ran away the moment they watched those monsters run away.

While other monsters didn't know why their comrades were running away, that was not the case for the monsters who were beaten by Zero. They fully know the dread of Zero and choose to join the monsters who were running.

Immediately, before even starting the fight, the number of monsters had diminished quite a bit compared to how it was before. The other monsters were left baffled by the action of their comrades.

All students there experienced the same thing. Just a few words and Zero had managed to drive away hundreds of monsters.

Though they didn't understand the monsters' actions, they knew that the monsters were scared of Zero. Though they can also relate to those monsters.

Who would not fear the monster known as Zero He was a bigger monster than those real monsters. They all know what happened to those who fought against him.

Anyway, they were glad that Zero was on their side. At least, they would still have hope as long as Zero was with them.

"Anyone, who wants to leave"

Zero asked almost like he was asking other humans.

The monsters who were confused by the behavior of their comrades immediately focused on Zero. They knew that the human in front of them was threatening them and that other monsters ran away because of him.

Seeing that the remaining monsters were not going to leave, Zero unleashed his mana aura and bloodlust which instantly instilled fear in the monsters. Even though monsters are aggressive creatures, they know not to mess with those stronger than themselves.

At that moment, the monster's instinct told them to run. Faced with an opponent who was several ranks higher than them, they felt dread.

The monster's horde came to a halt!

Zero didn't know how that artifact controls these monsters but since the two Rank-D monsters and other monsters he beat previously ran away, he knew that the artifact was not something that could completely make the monsters listen to the user.

It might be something like using the artifact to make monsters attack or gather towards the user. It was also different from taming.

I didn't know the specific details about the flute but I knew that the orders given through the flute were not absolute.


Other Rank-D monsters instantly came forward as if challenging Zero. They arrogantly thought that the other two Rank-D monsters who were the same rank as them were cowards.

They wanted to show everyone who the overlord of this mountain was.-

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