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Parallel Memory Chapter 204 MatchMaker

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Chapter 204 MatchMaker

"Son, you have done a great job. Both dad and I are very happy for you!"


Zero's parents congratulated him. His parents also asked about his new power which he has credited to Professor Mia. Anyway, being Professor Mia's student was a great way to convince others that he became like this due to her.

"We should meet her once. We need to show our gratitude to her."

Madison said while looking very excited.

In addition to giving her gratitude to Professor Mia, she heard rumors about Professor Mia and Zero and wanted to find out if they were true or not.

We talked for some time after which the Kanon family came to me.

"Zero thank you for helping Misha!"

Misha's parents said to Zero.

"It was the least that I could do!"

Zero felt that he didn't deserve their gratitude. And he knows that Misha's parents also knew that Misha could take care of the monsters herself. She would have been fine by herself.

Zero thought that Misha's parents were thanking him for the time when he defeated the Mountain Gorilla. Though, Misha's parents were thanking him for not only that but also for taking care of her the entire tournament.

Then he talked with them for a while. He was not awkward with Misha's parents as he had known them from the time when he was a child. To him, they are almost like his family.

( They are the same as always! )

Whether I was talented or not, they had always been nice to me.

Anyway, I felt a threatening glare for quite a while.



Eleonore clicked her tongue the moment I called her. Her displeasure was written all over her face.

"… Ahem! It's been a while."

( Wonder why she is pissed this time. )


"What What"

"Tch! Why did you call my name"

She was staring at me like she wanted to kill me with her stare. Now, you are asking me why I called you

( Calm down! I am a gentleman. )

"You have been staring at me so much. Do you need anything"

"Huh Do you think I was looking at you You think you have a pretty face for me to look at"

( Huh When did I say something like this )

"Eh… But you were clearly staring at me."

"When did I"

"Okay, Okay, you didn't!"

It didn't look like I was able to get anywhere with her, so I walked away.


Eleonore tucked my shirt from behind.

( Now What )

I asked what she wanted, and she did say anything. Now that I am leaving, she is stopping me. What is happening to her

"I am thankful that you helped Misha!"

Eleonore said while bowing her head.

(Wow! Now that's new. Can't say I dislike it. )

I don't think I have seen Eleonore thank me before. Now, I feel remorse seeing that she is sincerely thanking me for something that I don't deserve. I guess the Kanon family is someone who shows gratitude for even the smallest favor.

I thought she was finished with whatever she wanted to say.

"However, don't you dare seduce Misha. I will not forgive you if you dare to play with her feelings."

Eleonore glared at Zero, seriously warning.

Zero was baffled at how fast Eleonore's mood changed. One moment she was sincerely thanking her, now she was threatening him.

However, the most shocking thing was what she was talking about.

"Eh When did I ever do something like that"

( I am a gentleman. How dare you accuse me of playing with a girl's feelings)

"When You are seriously asking me! Zero, you are really testing my patience. How dare you act innocent after all this time Humph!"

Eleonore burst into anger like never before. Unlike before, when she simply looked angry, this time she looked emotionally angry.

Eleonore angrily walked away leaving a confused Zero behind.

( Why was that b*tch so angry )

In this world the only person I would never be able to understand is Eleonore. Most of her action was beyond my ability to comprehend. I would never be able to understand why she is angry at me.

Did I do something wrong I could only recall it when I saw her in her birthday suit, but even she wouldn't hold on to something that happened a decade ago, right

"Even though you used to be so kind to me!"

Well, many things change in this world. It would be wrong to expect Eleonore to be the same as when we were kids.

Even I have changed drastically in this short period of time. I find it unbelievable that I am the same person as I was one year ago.

After having a pleasant conversation with my parents, I and Misha went back to the hotel. They promised that they will be there to watch the tournament.

After showering and changing my clothes, I made my way to the dining hall where a small banquet was scheduled for the students.

It was an opportunity for students to socialize with each other. While rivalry was high especially when the tournament had still not ended, most students didn't hold grudges against each other.

Most students were talking with students of the same level. Most third years were already familiar with other third years from other schools due to last year's tournament.


I walked into the dining hall and immediately went to where the food was kept. I was here just for the food.

Countless gazes immediately fell on me when I entered the place. People looked at me with a variety of feelings, such as admiration, respect, anger, fear, hatred, and so on.

Hatred was particularly evident in the faces of four members of the Arcane Academy. Other students from Arcane Academy didn't seem very angry at me. It is probably because I happened to save their lives from those monsters.

In no time at all, I took the tasty-looking things and sat down at an empty table.

Some time passed but the stare on my back never left me.

( You all, concentrate on your food. Is there anything appetizing about my face that you all are staring at so hard )

This kind of atmosphere makes it very hard for one to swallow the food.

"Zero, you are already here!"

( Here comes the cheerful girl! )

Sylvia came to my table with a plate full of food. She was eating a lot for her size. I estimate that she has almost twice as much as I do on her plate.

"What happened to that ugly girl I, for one, thought you would still have that horrible face."

Zero joked. He was referring to the time when Sylvia was entering self-blaming mode and becoming depressed.

"Thanks! Now you know I am pretty!"


"Talking about yourself"

Sylvia retorted to everything Zero said. In the tournament, her mind was not stable which gave Zero an opportunity to make fun of her. But generally, it was she, who would tease and make fun of Zero. Zero was nothing in comparison to her explosive communication skills.

"Lisa, here!"

She waved her hand and called Lisa.

"Your chance is here! Consider this my reward for helping me."

Sylvia whispered in my ears.


( What chance This girl is obviously taking this chance to take revenge on me. )-

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