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Parallel Memory Chapter 205 Edolas Super Brawl

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Chapter 205 Edolas Super Brawl

"Sylvia, why did you run off"

Lisa asked.

"Sorry, sorry, you were busy talking with those people that I could not stand my hunger for any longer."

"Seriously you…"

Lisa seriously thought about lecturing her.

But considering how long she was pestered by those numerous students, she could not really blame Sylvia.

Many students were interested in forming a relationship with her due to her father being the guild master of a Platinum-graded guild.

Sylvia had waited for 20 minutes before she decided to abandon her friend for food. She was not going to wait another 20 minutes.

Lisa then turned and greeted Zero.

"Good Evening, Zero! Can I sit here"

"Yes, of course!"

"Thank you! Hope I am not disturbing you too much!"

Lisa sat elegantly while holding her plate.

"I would like to thank you for your help in the tournament."

"My pleasure!"

Zero answered.

"Hey! How come you are speaking to her politely"

Sylvia interrupted.

"You speak to me politely and I might do the same."

Zero replied while sneering.

Sylvia always used crude words when speaking with me and she is expecting me to speak politely with her No chance!

"Sir Zero, can you please speak politely with me"

Sylvia said.

She said in the manner with which she is used to speaking with influential people that she meets at parties.

"Stop! You are creeping me out!"

Zero immediately said.

He felt that her manner of speaking had turned completely 360 degrees and she gave off an artificial vibe that was unpleasant to listen to.

"What do you mean creepy Were you blinded by my elegance"

"Elegance, my foot!"

Lisa watched the two of them bickering throughout the dinner. She felt that those two had gotten much closer, though she knows that with Sylvia's personality she can pretty much become friends with anyone.

However, this was different for Zero. She didn't think that Zero had many people who were as friendly as Sylvia. Zero's close friendship with Sylvia is evident at first glance.

She questioned whether it was the same for her. Both Zero and her had interaction with each other occasionally, but it was completely different from how they talked as compared to Sylvia and Zero.

"Anyway, the food is great. It is a pity that I am on a diet, so I have to refrain from eating more."

( Girl, if that food portion is your diet then I am afraid you are going to turn into an Orc someday. )

Zero thought.

He doesn't know where she put those stuff in that tiny body and still has the guts to say that she is on a diet. Zero even thought that Orc might not eat as much as Syliva.

Anyway, Zero knows that it is difficult for people like Sylvia to become fat. With how much training she does, those calories would always be burning like crazy.

After dinner, Zero said goodbye to Sylvia and Lisa and went straight to bed.


The next day, I decided to go around the SpiritMeadow and see what types of artifacts are being sold there.

I didn't have any other things to do anyway. Training was not an option since we still have the tournament in two days. It was better to rest rather than do some last-minute training which might end up injuring you.

And it was not like in two days of training you would unlock special powers like some kind of protagonist from anime.

I came out of my room and ate breakfast which can only be said to be the most delicious breakfast I have ever eaten. It was similar to 'Zillion Dollar Lobster Frittata' on Earth.

When I was about to leave the hotel, I saw lots of journalists who were stationed outside the hotel.

"Hey! Look, it is Zero Elea. Quickly take the photos."

"Quickly bring the cameras!"


"What the…!"

What are these journalists doing here so early in the morning

I have not even taken a step outside the hotel and news reporters have already started taking photos and reading their mics.

It didn't seem possible to go out with such a crowd waiting outside. There was only one exit and it was blocked by these damn journalists. Even if I could run and go out, I reckon that they would be following me everywhere.

"It was like that even before the sun rose!"

Suddenly, Sylvia appeared and said that to Zero.

She was also excited to spend time shopping in this town with Lisa but with so many journalists waiting outside, it was impossible to even take one step.

"Is it even allowed Why isn't anyone doing anything about it"

( How can they just stay here and disturb the participants Give us some privacy for god sake! )

"They are prohibited from entering the hotel. However, as long as it is outside the hotel, they are free to do whatever they want. I guess they have at least that much freedom."

( There goes my plan to go shop for artifacts. )

I have to stay here trapped in this building for two days. What to do here Eat, sleep and take a sh*t Well, that's all that I can do here I think.

"Don't be so disappointed. This hotel has a recreation room. It is said that it even has the latest title from Tech Genesis!"

Sylvia said with a sparkle in her eyes.

She was also quite disappointed to find out that she couldn't go out but that all changed when she heard that there was a recreation room in the hotel.

It was not as interesting as going shopping but still, it was better than nothing and she was also a big fan of the Tech Genesis game. And it was her chance to try the game that has not even been released.

( Latest game. She must be talking about the fighting game that was being developed. )

While World Craft was doing quite well, I needed a variety of games for the company. I was determined to make this company the greatest game company in the world.

We had World Craft which is a good game for socializing, creativity and survival. Now, I need something which is competitive and enjoyable.

That's why I have settled for something like a street fighter game. Similar mechanism but the characters were different. We used characters that are all famous figures of this world. Rank-SS and other legendary people were included with their fighting styles and Art.

The name of the game was 'Edolas Super Brawl' and it is in the beta phase. In some of the chosen places, we have allowed people to try this game along with the console that we built. Our console was something that resembled Playstation with a mana battery powering the system.

This hotel seemed to fall into that group that was given the first product to be tested. The official release was kept for after the tournament if there was no problem with the beta version.

"Let's head over and try that game. It is said to be pretty entertaining to play with your friends."

With that, she dragged me to the place which is said to be the recreation room.-

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