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Parallel Memory Chapter 206 Edolas Super Brawl [2]

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Chapter 206 Edolas Super Brawl [2]

In no time, we reached a big, open space with lots of game equipment. Many people were gathered there and seemed to be enjoying themselves.

"There are quite a lot of students here!"

Sylvia said while looking around.

Many students were already there.

( They must have come here after knowing that they were unable to leave the hotel. )

It might be the only place in this hotel where we can do something. Well, there was also a training room if people are interested but who would train… Oh, wait, I can think of some people who would.

Zero and Zion might be there if I think about it. Well, leaving those training freaks alone, I don't think that many people want to train in this new place.

After all, it was an opportunity to explore a new place, though it has been destroyed by those damned journalists.

As I put the negative thoughts aside, I thanked the hotel for providing us with something to do during our stay which would have turned super boring if not for this.

There were lots of games and it looked something like a game center.

I guess that is the type of quality you should expect from an expensive hotel such as this. Though it might have cost at least 5 million Ethans to build something like this considering the scale and the designs.

The place was packed with students and one particular place was filled with lots of audiences. They seemed to be watching a person play the game. Though from the look of the controller he was holding, I already knew what that game was.

"Look, that place should be where the latest game of Tech Genesis should be!"

Sylvia pointed her finger at where the people were gathered and immediately dragged me to that place. She seemed eager to try the Edolas Super Brawl.

Well, I was also interested to see how they were playing. It should be students' first time playing this game considering the limited product that was released for beta testing.

'Jeremy, use your special moves!'

'Roya, defend!'

'Press the X button.'

The audience cheered for the two players excitedly. They looked more excited than I thought. There was so much hype surrounding them that some might have even thought that this was the last match to decide the Tournament of Academies champion.


Currently, Jeremy Vincent and one other student from Demacia Academy seem to be playing against each other. Jeremy seemed to be winning while the other player was pushed into a corner with only a little bit of health left.

"This is it! Special move, Super Dragon Breath!"

Jeremy initiated the combo and finished his opponent with his special move.

'FINISH! Player 1 wins!'

"I won! I already told you that no one is better than me in this game!"

Jeremy said.

They had been playing since yesterday and no one was able to beat him. He was the king of this game. He was feeling very proud of himself for being undefeated this whole time.

Others also admired Jeremy. They acknowledge that Jeremy was the best in this game. No one was able to defeat him.

Jeremy glanced everywhere and then he saw Zero.

"Zero Elea, how about a match"

He asked proudly.

He knows that he is weaker than Zero in real life but he thought that he was invincible in Edolas Super Brawl. He wanted to defeat Zero even if it was just in a game. And it might even be taken as having his revenge fulfilled.

He does not have a grudge against Zero for beating him because they were competing and getting defeated was normal. Though he was certainly embarrassed to be knocked out in one move by a junior.


Zero answered.

It was a good chance to check how the games are working and I didn't have other things to do as well. I might as well spend the time playing with them.

The audience instantly looked at Zero. Nobody here was ignorant of who Zero was. Three schools residing in this hotel suffered from his hand and most were knocked out of the tournament due to him.

They thought that they would be seeing the battle of Ace of two academies once more though it was in the game. Well, the excitement was as high as ever.

"Zero, you might have defeated me in the tournament but I believe that this is where my true abilities lie."

He proudly declared.

( Are you planning to become a gamer or what )

Jeremy was so high on winning in this game that he was saying that playing the game was his true ability. If his professors heard this, they might show him where his specialty should lie.

Anyway, I can relate to this because rather than getting 1st place in school, I was more happy and proud of winning in PUBG tournaments.

However, even my abilities lie in gaming. Don't underestimate the player who skipped school and spent 10 hours every day playing games.

( This newbie, who does not know that he is competing against someone who used to spend 10 hours playing these games. )

'Let me show you how the pro plays.'



'Perfect! Player 2 wins!'

'Perfect! Player 2 wins!'

'Perfect! Player 2 wins!'

"How can this be"

In three matches with Zero, Jeremy failed to land even one damage on him.

( How can anyone be invincible in everything )

Jeremy's plan to win against Zero was instantly destroyed by Zero's infinite combo.

Zero looked at Jeremy in pity.

It was not that Jeremy was poor at playing the game, it was because he was a pro at this type of game. Jeremy might be able to pull off simple combos and special moves which were enough to win against other newbies but Zero was a pro player. He would do infinite combos giving him no chance.

This was the difference between someone who is a pro at the game and someone who is good at playing games.

Zero thought that Jeremy was incredible to be able to become so strong even though he was unfamiliar with the game before.

( He might just be a genius at fighting games! )

The audience was also surprised at Zero's gaming skills. Jeremy had no chance against him as he was destroyed immediately.

"One more time!"

Jeremy said.

He was still not convinced and wanted to at least punch him.

"It is my turn now"

Sylvia grabbed the controller immediately.

She had been waiting for her turn and she was not going to give it to Jeremy who has only lost to Zero

"Let's GO!"

Sylvia excitedly shouted.

She was also good at playing games. While she appreciated Zero's skill, she knew that she should be able to perform better than Jeremy. She was going to beat Zero.

'1 2 3 START!'


'Perfect! Player 2 wins!'

"Anybody who still wants to show off their skills"

I asked as I looked at the crowd who had been destroyed by my skill. No one has even managed to harm me.

They were not able to say anything to Zero even when he was mocking everyone here. He had shown them what a pro player was.

They had a gloomy expression which is understandable as they were not able to take even one HP from Zero's character.

( I guess I am Invincible in both game and reality! )

"It is lonely to be invincible!"-

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