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Parallel Memory Chapter 213 Evil Scheme!

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Chapter 213 Evil Scheme!

Ruelle didn't make any unnecessary moves and was thinking about what she should do.

Zero didn't want to waste too much mana trying to defeat Ruelle, so he immediately went and used his sword to confront Ruelle. With the dark Ice Armor, he had an advantage over her and knew that she would be defeated if they fought using a sword.

Ruelle also has not much choice but to rely on her sword.


They were again in a stalemate. This time, they didn't use strong attacks and fairly relied on their strength and sword techniques. Ruelle's strength was higher than Zero's but Zero was better with the sword than Ruelle.


But then Ruelle started feeling weak, which gave Zero a chance to overwhelm her for a second and slash her arm.


Of the 8 students, the weakest one had collapsed and the formation was weakened. It was only a matter of time before the formation fell as the burden to other students drastically increased from having one of them fall.


With the advantage of her strength disappearing, she was overwhelmed by Zero. She was getting pushed back and she didn't have anything else to rely on. The formation that she relied on to beat Zero had started to fall off.


And yet another student lost consciousness, which increased the burden on other students. They were not able to provide enough and the formation broke.


Without the formation to increase her strength, Ruelle was not able to keep up with Zero. Zero took the opportunity and quickly tried to eliminate Ruelle.

However, the rest of the students didn't just stand after their formation had fallen. They made their way toward Zero to defeat him. It was their last struggle against Zero. Without Ruelle, they knew that they would eventually lose. So they made their moves before Ruelle lost.


However, before they could even do anything, Zero flung Ruelle and appeared in front of them. They tried to react but they were kicked and sent flying. Omar Noel didn't make rash decisions like them and was waiting for his time.

In addition to eliminating Zero, he planned to defeat Ruelle and claim the victory. He needed them to do the work for him before finally eliminating everyone.

Four students were not in the state to be able to fight. Even Ruelle was on the verge of losing her consciousness. Only Omar Noel seemed okay at the moment.

Three more students tried to fight Zero but he instantly overpowered them and sent them flying like the other two.

Seeing that only he was left, Omar Noel smirked and immediately walked to take his win.

"Why not just surrender You are going to lose anyway."

Omar Noel said while brandishing his spear. He had more than half of his mana left and thought that it was not a big deal to deal with exhausted Zero.

Zero just chuckled.

Zero was looking at Omar Noel as if he was some kind of idiot. Omar Noel could also feel that he was being looked down on by Zero.

He knew that Zero was acting arrogant because he was stronger than him which made him angrier. He was going to defeat all of them and claim the title of the strongest.

[ "Legend Spear: Dividing Crush" ]


A direct hit!

"Humph! Who told you to underestimate me I am the winner!"

However, when he looked carefully, his spear did not seem to have hit any flesh. Instead, it was rock hard Ice that his spear collided with.


Omar Noel asked.

He clearly saw Zero getting exhausted. He could not exert mana to defend himself yet there they were with Zero having strengthened his Ice armor.

"Too bad! I still have plenty of mana!"

Zero pushed Omar Noel back with his spear. Then he instantly closed the distance, and he took the hand covered in Dark Ice. He started punching Omar Noel, and finally gave Omar Noel a final punch.


Omar Noel was also sent flying.


After taking care of all of them, the only thing that Zero was left to do was throw them out of the stage.

He wanted to first start with Ruelle who is probably the strongest opponent here. He again lifted Ruelle and was about to throw her off the stage.

Zero was just about to end Ruelle when he heard a voice in his mind.

" ( STOP!) "


Zero was startled by the sudden voice that was directly in his mind. The voice sounded angry and full of hatred.

( Telepathy! )

Zero thought.

Telepathy is a skill that allows one to talk directly to the mind of the target in a certain range.

Zero knew what this was but he was not about to stop just because of telepathy. He already knew the identity of the person using telepathy and understood why he stopped him.

Zero was finally able to identify who had been helping Arcane Academy all along. There was a Rank-A member of the Tournament management team who had telepathy skills. He was an unpleasant person and also had some connection with Arcane Academy in the novel.

So, with all that evidence, Zero knew that the person behind the scene manipulating everything was Ulv Sylvester. His telepathy skill is a secret and not many people know about it.

He was the traitor of The Authority and would send sensitive information to Dark Guild using his telepathy. Since the skill is very difficult to detect unless you are very sensitive to mana, then you would not know.

He only needs to keep one member of the Dark Guild within a certain range, and then he will secretly tell all the information he knows.

However, since I already knew about the user of that skill, he has already revealed himself by using the telepathy skill.

I didn't listen to his words and instantly got back to throwing Ruelle out of the stage.

" ( I already told you to STOP! ) "

His voice just got angrier. But it wasn't going to help, as Zero was about to throw the girl off the stage. Despite her strength, Ruelle was unable to resist Zero at the moment.

" ( Your parents are in our hands! ) "

The voice immediately told Zero.


Zero froze on the stage.

" ( If you don't want them to be harmed, release the girl! ) "

Zero immediately released Ruelle from his hands.


He quickly used his mana senses to scan the audience and look for his parents. To his horror, though, he was unable to sense his parents' mana auras.

Although he did not fully believe Ulv Sylvester's words earlier, he had done what he said as he was uncertain about his parents' condition, but now he realizes that what he said was true and was truly threatening him.

Zero's killing intent grew to the point that he was about to unleash his Dark Energy and kill Ulv Sylvester, who was supposed to be in the VIP area of the stadium.

However, knowing that showing his Dark Energy only increased the chance of his parents being killed, he didn't do it.

" ( Haha… You should have been obedient from the start! ) "

Zero clenched his hand to the point that his hand was bleeding.

He was reminded of some unpleasant memories!-

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