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Parallel Memory Chapter 216 They Are Safe!

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Chapter 216 They Are Safe!

[ About 2 hours ago ]

Professor Mia led the student to the stadium and after that separated from the students. In the stadium, she and her colleague awaited their student's arrival.

She was looking at the audience and noticed Zero's parents. She obviously knew how they looked though she didn't know them.

( I should greet them once the tournament ends.)

She thought.

She wanted to thank them because she had kind of forced Zero into participating in this tournament and he had done so much to ensure the Ace Academy victory. She wanted to at the very least, thank them, and also because Zero was her personal disciple, she wanted to talk to them.

However, just when she was about to look away, some people from the tournament management team came to them and took them somewhere.

( Where are they taking them )

Professor Mia found it very suspicious and immediately pursued them. There were not many reasons for a tournament management team to approach Zero's parents unless they knew about the relationship between them and Zero.

Even if they knew the relationship, she didn't think the reason for them taking somewhere was suspicious.

"Where are you going"

Professor Theo asked.

"I have an emergency. You can oversee the students. I have something that I urgently need to look into."

With this, she sprinted leaving the confused Professor Theo behind.

All the people had already gathered in the stadium and there were not many people at the exit.

She instantly noticed those men getting into the car and going away with Zero's parents. She knew that Zero's parents were being kidnapped, so she immediately used her Ice to block a car. She may have been a little forceful, but that was what she needed to do.

"What the hell Who did this I will complain to The Authority!"

The driver immediately yelled angrily.

"Sorry! But can you follow that car"

Professor Mia instantly entered the car and asked the driver.

"Do you think j…"

The driver wanted to insult and refused the person who rudely used her skill to stop his car.

But the driver instantly changed his mind after seeing her face. Professor Mia was an idol, not to mention, very beautiful that men could do anything for her.

He was ready to do anything for Ice Enchantress and instantly agreed and chased after the car without asking the reason. He would have followed the car even if it was going into a monster den.

The driver instantly accelerated to full speed and was caught with the kidnappers' car. To avoid being suspected, Professor Mia instructed the driver to drive slower.

Professor Mia didn't use her skill as she could injure Zero's parents. And she could endanger Zero's parents' life by alerting the kidnapper. Seeing that Kidnapper didn't outright kill Zero's parents, she knew that they didn't want to kill them, at least for now.

She also knew the kidnappers were capable and extremely strong based on how easily they managed to kidnap two Rank-A people. She would not be able to easily deal with them if they have the hostages with them.

She could just follow them.

After a 40 minutes drive or so, they stopped at the remote part of the town with a big factory. They took out Zero parents who were unconscious and took them into the factory.

Professor Mia looked at them from a distance after enhancing her vision with mana. She didn't follow them after they drove to an isolated area for fear of alerting them. She just followed from a distance.

After they took them out. She hurried towards that place. She sneaked into the factory and then tried to sense the mana aura of Zero's parents.

She quietly moved.

There she saw Zero's parents tied up and unconscious. The two kidnappers were happily chatting with each other.

"Haha, Millions of Ethan just for those two I wonder what they want to do with them."

"Well, the boss can do whatever he wants as long as he pays."

"However, they sure were a handful. If not for catching them by surprise using the Rank-A sleeping potion."

The two kidnappers unaware of Professor Mia started talking and just sitting there. They were guarding the two hostages.

"Anyway, when are their people coming to take them"

[ "Primordial Ice Palace" ]

Professor Mia immediately made a space where she would only need to fight with the kidnappers. She kept Zero's parents secure while having trapped kidnappers in one room.

"Who is there"

"How dare you meddle in our affair"

"Reveal yourself!"

Two kidnappers immediately pulled out their weapons and began searching for their enemies. However, when she appeared, both of them shivered in fright.

'Rank-S Ice Enchantress!'

They knew her fame and also felt her bloodlust and mana aura which kept crushing them, making them unable to move properly.

"Sh*t! How did she find us"

One of the kidnappers yelled. They had done everything discreetly and had been cautious the whole time. Additionally, one of the Rank-S managed to find them which was bad news.

"Who told you to kidnap them"

Professor Mia asked.

Her voice was dominating with killing intent.

"W-We don't know! W-We are… just asked to bring them to this place!"

One of them answered.

They could not answer because they knew that they would face a more serious problem if they told her the name of their employer.

Professor Mia didn't have time to interrogate them and she didn't know how. She instantly froze them.

Without resistance, she was able to freeze them in a matter of seconds. She quickly rushed and checked Zero's parents.


She was relieved that they were fine and were just sleeping as those two had said.

She then quickly called the authority to send some Explorers to retain two Rank-A criminals. After some time, one Rank-A hurriedly came and greeted them.

It was suggested that the two of them be detained and interrogated after they are unfrozen by Professor Mia. She also said to keep it a secret from other people. With her fame and power, she had some authority and could demand things from others.

Then she immediately took Zero's parents to a hospital with enough security. She wanted to stay behind and keep them safe herself but then she saw the tournament on TV.

In the hospital room where she watched the tournament because she was worried about how the tournament was going. However, what she saw on the screen made her incredibly angry.

Zero was getting thrashed and many people were insulting him. The TV channel host was also defaming Zero.

Others might not understand, but she knew why this was happening. She understood that the mastermind behind the kidnapping had kidnapped Zero's parents to threaten him into doing nothing.


She immediately rushed to the stadium. The hospital was not far but not close either. She ran using her mana and in a minute, she reached the stadium.

However, because she went over the limit to reach faster, she was tired and sweating. However, she didn't have time to worry about those things.

She entered the stadium and proceeded to where they were. At that moment, Omar Noel was dragging Zero.

Professor Mia immediately called out.


When she met his eyes, she said,

"They are Safe!"

She knew these words were enough for him to understand.-

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