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Parallel Memory Chapter 218 secret Exposed!

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Chapter 218 secret Exposed!

"Ice Emperor!"

"Ice Emperor!"

A fitting title for Zero. They are not certain whether the Dual Art that Zero used was Ice Magic or not, but based on the cold and the fact he used Ice Magic most of the time, they believe that even the Dual Art he used was Ice Art.

In addition to that, Zero was acting in an emotionless manner and controlling every situation during that entire time, which very much resembled that of a monarch. So, 'Emperor' was stuck to his last nickname.

Therefore, the title of Ice Emperor was given to Zero by the spectator.

"Ice Emperor!"

"Ice Emperor!"

"Ice Emperor!" …

Excitedly, the spectator shouted his title over and over again. Admiration, respect, fame, Zero gained everything from this match. No matter what, Zero's existence was known to every part of the world.

The Authority, various guilds, Dark guild, Devil contractors, and various organizations watched the match and etched the name Zero Elea into their memory.

While allies of Zero such as members of Shadow Genesis and NightShade were cheering and celebrating for Zero, other people like Dark Guild members were furious at Zero and making plans to remove him.

Having Arcane Academy win the Tournament of Academies was one of the missions of the Dark guild which they knew had failed due to Zero.

"Ice Emperor!"

Zero stood emotionlessly.

He felt a huge relief and started to calm down. He had already stopped emitting his bloodlust and mana aura. From Professor Mia's expression, Zero understood that they were truly okay.

He was eager to go and meet them but before that, he still had something he wanted to find out.

It was also something that I was very curious about this entire time. His curiosity was about the identity of the Rank-B girl who suddenly emerged from Arcane Academy.

Not only was she not mentioned in the novel, but from the way the Arcane Academy professors made the effort to hide her identity, Zero felt she was too suspicious.


Zero jumped and landed near Ruelle. He lifted her up and pulled up her hoodie. Under the hoodie was the artifact which was in the form of a mask. It appears to be an item that would camouflage her mana aura and her appearance including her body shape.


One of the professors at Arcane Academy shouted. He lost all his cool when Zero approached Ruelle and pulled her hoodie.

"Stop! We already lost!"

Another one said.

They quickly tried to approach Zero but they were stopped by the guards who suddenly appeared and stopped them. The guards were there to make sure that professors and other unauthorized persons do not step onto the stage.

Zero ignored them and moved to remove the mask.



The professors of Arcane Academy shouted.

Zero finally saw the face of Rank-B but that was it. She was not anything other than ordinary and Zero didn't know her either. She didn't appear any special from any angle.

This confused Zero because Arcane Academy was trying so desperately to hide her identity but there was nothing weird about this girl.

( Why are they even trying to hide her identity )

At least that is what Zero thought. It was different for other people who were shocked by the identity of the girl and started murmuring.

"Isn't she Ruelle"

"Yes, she looks just like her!"

"But how could it be her"

After a period of shock, the spectator was even more confused by the appearance of Ruelle than Zero. A huge commotion broke out and the Arcane Academy professors appeared as if he/she had been caught stealing something.

"Isn't she the participant from last year's Tournament of Academies who appeared as the third-year How can she participate again this year"

Professor Theo stood up and questioned Arcane Academy angrily.

Ruelle was already well known among many, especially those who paid close attention to last year's final round. She was one of the Top-3 participants at Arcane Academy.

The professors from Arcane Academy kept quiet for some time before Professor Frey stood up.

"Well, the truth is Ruelle failed last year and she had to repeat this year. So, technically she is still allowed to participate in the tournament. We were just embarrassed that she failed which is why we hid her identity."

Professor Frey answered.

This was the reply that they had prepared in case Ruelle got her identity exposed.

"Who would believe that bullsh*t Ruelle failing Then all the students of Arcane Academy should have failed."

Professor Theo said, getting angry at Professor Frey's answer.

As one of the strongest students at Arcane Academy, Ruelle should have passed the third-year exam with ease. He knew that it was just an excuse to avoid responsibility.

"How did she even get selected as a participant Her identity should have been checked!"

Professor Theo asked.

Even if they didn't know her identity until now, her identity should be known by The Authority and the Tournament management team.

They could not let her participate after learning her identity, which begged the question, how did they avoid their surveillance and sneak in Ruelle

Zero had already grasped the situation from their conversation. So, she was hiding her identity because she was actually not allowed to participate in this tournament. And as for how she managed to get approved, Zero already had the answer.

ULV Sylvester, who is on their side, should have helped them get approved.

Zero instantly lost interest in Ruelle. He thought that she would have an incredible secret or something but turns out she was just an illegal participant.

Professor Frey and Professor Theo were yelling at each other. One side asking to penalize Arcane Academy and the other defending themselves. It was clear, however, that Arcane Academy was a false play and that it broke the rules.

Their image has already fallen and even some of the allies' schools had second thoughts about maintaining their relationship with Arcane Academy.

Zero did not care about any of this and headed toward Professor Mia to ask her about his parents' condition.



The referee appeared above the stage.

"As the referee of this rule, I decided Ruelle of Arcane Academy is disqualified."

Referee announced.

However, instead of thinking it was a great decision, many started to be dissatisfied with his decision. It would have been an okay decision before the tournament started.

But now, Ruelle was already eliminated by Zero and was no longer eligible to participate anyway. It was the same as letting Arcane Academy off for their foul play.

"Additionally, Zero Elea is also disqualified for breaking the rules."-

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