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Parallel Memory Chapter 222 Ace Academy Show Off Event [2]

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Chapter 222 Ace Academy Show Off Event [2]

The match continued and there were only three participants left on the stage. Hiro, Lisa, and Sylvia.

There were endless cheers for them. Many boys were particularly happy to watch the match.

To many spectators, the most enviable thing about Ace Academy was not fighting talent but the beautiful girls that Ace Academy had. Excluding the Ice Enchantress who is acknowledged as the most beautiful woman, they had many lines of beautiful girls such as Lisa and Sylvia.

Around the world, spectators have seen so much beauty in Ace Academy that they were tempted to join. The Eight grade students vowed to join Ace Academy just to interact with all those big sisters.


The intense fight continued. Even when both of them had spent most of their mana and stamina, they were still displaying overwhelming powers.

Lisa conjured one powerful spell after another. Hiro, however, was fighting in a defensive style with him just dodging or blocking Lisas' attack.

It looked like his strategy was to tire Lisa out. Lisa also knew that but she still continued attacking because this was her chance. As long as Lisa managed to hit Hiro, she could win. Though Hiro was too quick and she could not hit him.

However, nothing lasts forever and the match between Lisa and Hiro was also coming to a conclusion.

As expected, Hiro with his higher rank had a big advantage over Lisa, though Lisa had also managed to give some trouble to Hiro and was close to hitting him several times.

But in the end, Lisa's mana and stamina could not keep up with Hiro and she voluntarily surrendered after she had done everything she could. Before walking out, she cheered for her friend who was going to fight next.

Finally, only two participants were left. On the right was Hiro and on the left was Sylvia.

The final fight to decide the winner started. Whoever wins will be eligible to advance to the next round. This was the moment that everyone had been waiting for.

Sylvia began attacking Hiro, but Hiro easily blocked her attacks and approached her. It seems that for fighting against Sylvia, Hiro wants to engage in close combat. Unlike Lisa, Sylvia's attacks don't consume much mana and it would be very hard for Hiro to exhaust her.

On the other hand, Sylvia had to be careful because even when Hiro was good in close combat, he also had powerful long-range attacks which he could use to instantly defeat her.

Sylvia was obviously weaker than Hiro but if she could seize this chance when Hiro was not in his best shape then she would have a chance at winning.

Though she was in a similar state, Hiro was in a much worse state than she was because he had spent more energy fighting with Zion and Lisa than Sylvia had done.

Sylvia launched several strong attacks and tried to maintain the distance between her and Hiro. Sylvia hoped for an opening but Hiro was too experienced in fighting and didn't give her any chance to hit him.

Hiro being Rank-C - had a higher speed than Sylvia. He could mostly dodge Hiros' attack and run towards Sylvia.

By using his skill Star Swift, he instantly closed the distance and attacked Hiro. Sylvia tried to fight back to a certain extent but she was no match for Hiro in close combat.

Finally, the victor of the match had been decided!

"Winner! Hiro Ernest of Ace Academy!"

The referee announced.


The audience shouted and cheered. The match was very entertaining and they could see the potential of Ace Academy students. Many understood that Ace Academy was still the best academy and every student that was studying there was amazing.

Many schools barely had one student from the first year as a participant in this tournament and they were only at Rank-E . And Ace Academy has thrown 6 first-year students who were all ridiculously strong.

Their rank was equal to the most third-year students that other Top-5 academies had. It would not be weird if they all became Rank-S and above in the future.

The fourth match was over and then the fifth match had also started. The winner was Admascat of Britelts Academy. She just had to use her mana aura to overwhelm the participants there.

It was over before it even started. The other participants plan to work together and eliminate Adamscat first by overwhelming her with their number, though they failed as they could barely stand in her mana aura.

They surrendered after knowing that they could not do anything to her. The audiences were disappointed that they didn't get to see the action but they knew that this was the difference in strength between ranks.

This was the match's final match and it wasn't an interesting match considering that the strongest were only at Rank-D , and they were from some unknown academy.

However, the match had an unexpected winner who was a Rank-D - participant. As for the Rank-D participant, he was eliminated early by others who teamed up against him.

Being only by himself, he could barely survive the onslaught of 9 students for a few minutes. Though he still resisted and showed that he was more powerful than them, however, his mana and stamina could not last forever and at last, he was thrown out off the stage.

Afterward, they all began to fight among themselves, and Rank-D - the participant who was one of the weakest survived and won the match miraculously.

The spectator cheered and congratulated him. Whether the winners were more powerful than others didn't matter, he/she still won which showed that he had more skill than others.

Many other defeated participants angrily cursed and thought that he didn't deserve that but nobody gave a damn to them and continued congratulating the winner.

What's the use of saying, 'I am obviously stronger than him' after you have lost to him In the end, you still lost to him when it mattered. Nobody wants to hear an excuse.

He was so happy that tears filled his eyes. Even the teachers of his school rushed to congratulate him and treated him as if he had just won the entire tournament. All other students at his school showed respect and praised him.

If someone didn't know better, then he/she might have thought that he had won the whole tournament after seeing their happiness

Though, their excitement was justified. They were just a nameless school and were one of the weakest and one of their students had managed to advance to the final round. That means that he was in the Top-10 of the tournament.

Though Top-10 does not sound impressive, especially when a Rank-D - student could manage to get that position.

But for a small school with hardly anything to show, that achievement was enough to brag about for a lifetime. Their school will also receive more resources from The Authority making it possible to increase their quality of education.

He just became the Hero of that school and that's why many students persisted even when they knew how difficult the tournament was. You never know what would happen in life and it was better to persist than give up without trying.

Just now, all his hard work had paid off. He would get many rewards for this achievement and he would be treated better in the academy. Although he won't gain as much fame as the winner of the tournament, he would still be recognized by his school.

The rest of the winners should also have similar situations because all the strong students were all grouped together and had already finished fighting.

In the first round, the strongest of Ace Academy, Arcane Academy, and Demantica Academy were all in the same group. That group had more than 5 Rank-C which meant all the valuable and strong Rank-C was eliminated in an earlier round.

Not only that, in the third round which involved Ace Academy students, they had three Rank-C. Therefore, the vast majority of students left were Rank-Ds from other schools.

Most participants from Top-5 academies had already finished their round. Sadly, Arcane Academy had already been disqualified, meaning they lost their spot among the Top-5 Academies. They have already sent their participants against Zero and now no one was available.

The professors of Arcane Academy didn't even make their appearance in the stadium, which was a great shame for them who were once Top-5 Academies. They would be mocked and would be criticized for many days.

This also means that the ranking of the school was also likely to change.

So, other schools were getting excited and hoping that their students would win. With less presence of strong students, the chance of succeeding increased for everyone. As long as no Rank-C was present, the match would be for anyone to win.

The previous match was a great example. He was one of the weakest but ended up winning. It was highly likely to happen again, and the schools that hadn't yet had their student participants eagerly looked forward to their students' results.

It was their time to shine!-

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