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Parallel Memory Chapter 223 The End of Second Round

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Chapter 223 The End of Second Round

The fight began and it was extremely underwhelming compared to other fights that they had seen.

However, the spectator seems relatively excited to watch.

The fight itself was not as exciting as the previous match but the prospect of predicting who would win was extremely interesting. Unlike previously, just looking at the rank, and making assumptions was not wise.

There was no big difference in strength and even the lowest rank participants had a chance to win.

Anyone could win and those who win would ultimately become the hero of their academy. The participants also looked usually motivated and they had a fire in their eyes and nobody was willing to back down.

Today, it didn't matter whether they would live or die, they had to win. This type of chance never comes, which is having no strong students to compete with. This was the first time that academies other than Top-5 academies had the chance to move to the final round.

In previous years, barely anyone would advance to the second round from other schools and it was impossible for them to advance to the final round with Top-5 academies having immensely strong participants.

For other schools, this was an opportunity to rise in status, and if they win, all the fame and glory will belong to them and their school.

Lots of skills were fired and participants tried their best to exert extra power that day. Even if they were crippled or had skills that put a heavy burden on the body, all of them were used without hesitation.

It surprised many people as they didn't think that those students would be able to show anything to them. But to their surprise, they managed to convince the audience that they were all geniuses who had earned the right to be there.

During the intense fight, participants fell one by one and all had lots of injuries. No one was willing to give up unless they were knocked out.

Finally, after a long battle, a girl managed to secure the ticket to the next round. She appeared as if she could not believe it and cried happily.

The students and professors from that girls' school rushed toward her feeling extremely happy and congratulated her. While they had a merry atmosphere, other schools, which had failed, could not be more miserable.

They missed the golden opportunity and they know that this type of opportunity rarely appears. Once missed, they don't know when they will get the chance again.

Anyway, be it disappointment or excitement, the match was already over, and that was all the matches that were scheduled for that day.

The next day, the participants were mostly from unknown schools. The school mostly had only one student as their participant and at most two. So, if they happened to be in the same group, then it was a great chance for that school but most likely it was the opposite.

Other participants could also see that they have an advantage and would try to eliminate them earlier in the match.

Other schools would surely team up and try to eliminate participants who are from the same school. This was because they couldn't let them have the advantage.

As a result, having participants from the same school could be an opportunity, but it might also prove to be a curse since they would be targeted by other participants and have a higher chance of being eliminated.

Just like the previous day, the remaining matches continued. The seventh match of the second round commenced.

The participants entered the stage with ambitious goals in mind.

This match was rather interesting because it had the final students from the Demacia Academy. However, she was not a Rank-C student and was rather an average participant at Demacia Academy.

Her rank was D which did make her the strongest among the participants but she was not that overwhelmingly powerful.

It was a very nerve-wracking moment for the Demacia Academy because they had been nervous about losing the match. They would be able to keep their pride as long as their student made it to the next round.

They don't want to be humiliated like Arcane Academy whose participants had all been eliminated by Zero and had to drop their Top-5 status.

Arcane Academy had turned into a big joke in this tournament.

What was initially predicted as the winner of the tournament didn't even make it into the Top-5 rank, plus having registered Ruelle as a participant had greatly damaged their reputation.

The match started and as expected the participant immediately went after the student of Demacia Academy. She was not only the highest-ranked participant but also from the Top-5 academies.

However, the Demacia Academy participant was rather relaxed. She raised her sword and swung it. A powerful slash came out and swept the whole stage.

The participants were caught off guard as they didn't expect such a powerful attack from a Rank-D . The weaker participants were instantly thrown out.

She immediately took off and began throwing the participants one by one off the stage without giving them the chance to think about what had happened.

In under 10 minutes, the Demacia Academy participant won the match.

The audiences were shocked at the outcome. They thought that Demacia Academy would also get eliminated like Arcane Academy but who would have thought that they still had kept a monster hidden.

Zero who was watching the match instantly recognized the girl when she came out to fight. She was also a first-year student like him and considered a Top student among the Golden Generation.

Aside from that, she was also considered to be quite talented, at least in the novel, she was described as being as talented as Zion, so it was clear that she was powerful. She should not be treated as a normal Rank-D and should have power similar to that of an average Rank-C -.

Anyway, she won easily which reminded others of the Top-5 Academies' power.

The professor of the Democia Academy sighed in relief. If it was in other years, they would not bat an eye if their student managed to advance to the final round. It was natural to them but this year it was different.

Most of the participants of Demacia Academy failed in the first round due to Zero. In the second round, most of their strong students were in the first round and everyone knows how it ended.

So she carried the dignity of Demacia Academy which she managed to keep splendidly.

The next two rounds also started and from them, two of the winners were determined. One was in Rank-D and the other was in Rank-D.

The last round also began and the participants in that match were excited. It was because they had more advantage as there were only 7 of them. They had a greater chance of winning and the lucky one was a Rank-D boy.

After the 9 participants were selected for the final round, Nock Fletcher came to congratulate them and gave an inspiring speech. The participants were given three days off to recover.

Zero switched off the TV not wanting to listen to the speech.

Zero finally had an evil smile.

"It's finally time!"-

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