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Parallel Memory Chapter 224 - Assassination Of Ulv!

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Chapter 224 - Assassination Of Ulv!

“Its finally time!”

The day had finally come for me to execute my plan.

Zero had spent the last three days collecting information about Ulv Syelvestar while also collecting some artifacts which will help in his assassination.

He waited until the end of the tournament, not only because it took time to collect the information, but also because it was inconvenient to kill Ulv Sylvester who stayed in the city.

According to the information that he got, apparently, Ulv would stay in the place arranged by The Authority agent when the tournament was taking place but when there are free days like now, he apparently moves to a different hotel.

It was because that place was a little isolated which made it convenient for Ulv Sylvester to meet with Dark Guild members and cook their plans.

Although even if he was to stay with other people, Zero would have made sure to assassinate him. Well, things became easier since Ulv Sylvester wants to make trouble for others.

Zeros body had also recovered enough and he had all the information that he needed to kill Ulv Sylvester.

He didnt really want to eliminate Ulv Sylvester even if he already knew that he would be a traitor to The Authority.

It was not like The Authority were all saints trying to help others. There are many people who have only joined it because they want to flaunt and abuse their authority.

What happened to them was entirely up to them. Whether they get destroyed or flourish has nothing to do with Zero. But Ulv Sylvester had touched his family, which prompted him to eliminate him.

The plus point of killing such a person is that Zero would not feel guilty even after murdering another human. Even his parallel self would not feel like he had done anything wrong if he had killed a villain.

As for the prisoners that Professor Mia had captured, it was reported that they had been killed. This was probably by Ulv Sylvester men who wanted to keep information such as his identity from being leaked.

It was bad luck for him that Zero knew he was responsible for the kidnapping.


At night,

Zero had already collected the information on where Ulv Sylvester was staying during this whole tournament. He chose an expensive hotel that was far from the city.

There were also only two guards, primarily from the Dark Guild. Since he had to report and work with other people of the Dark Guild, he needed to stay where there were fewer eyes.

Well, that was good news for Zero as it meant that it would take time before they noticed that Ulv Sylvester had been killed.

Zero learned that the guard strength was only Rank-C, which was not very high.

There was also a security camera inside the house but Zero had quickly managed to hack the system. With his knowledge, it was not very complicated to find vulnerabilities in the current generation of security systems.

He had the CCTV replay the same video as the previous day without others knowing that the camera had been hacked.

Zero looked at the building in front of him. At the moment, a man in a black dress was guarding the area. As for the other one, Zero didnt know where he was but he assumed that he must be guarding the door of Ulv Sylvesters room.

“Lets start!”

Zero took out an artifact and threw it on the ground. This artifact was similar to the artifact that was used by the Devil Contractor when they attacked students in the BloodyWolf forest.

However, no space was cut and signals could still travel. It just makes people overlook the things inside this artifact. So, it was like a defective or inferior version of that artifact.

Nevertheless, it was fine as long as it could prevent an unwanted visitor from interrupting his work. He didnt want curious people to come if he happened to take a long time killing Ulv.


Channeling the Dark Energy, Zeros speed was beyond what he had shown in the tournament. It was comparable to the peak of Rank-A Explorer.

Zero had no problem using the Dark Energy because at the moment, he was wearing a mask and it was not an ordinary mask. It was an artifact that could make the user unrecognizable, which is similar to the one used by Ruell.

Zero also had a cloak covering his body. This cloak was also used to conceal his identity. It could mask his mana and likewise hide his body shape.

It was just in case, someone who is sensitive to mana was there then that person might be able to guess the identity of Zero. Of course, that person also needs to be already familiar with Zeros mana which is highly unlikely but who knows.

Zero was more cautious when using Dark Energy. Zero didnt want to take a chance and have his identity known.

If by chance, someone knows that he could use the Dark Energy then it would bring him a lot more trouble. Anyway, he was rich and could afford these things, so he bought them without any second thought.

The guard was casually strolling back and forth. He was not really serious about guarding because Ulv Sylvester was Rank-A and there were not many who would try to assassinate him.

He was a low-ranked member of the Dark Guild and could not oppose him being positioned as a guard. Even if someone wants to assassinate his boss, they should be at least Rank-A or higher.

And if someone indeed comes with that strength, then he knows that he would be already dead. His job was basically the same as a referee in WWE.



The guard didnt even have an opportunity to resist and died in an instant. With Zeros strength which was on par with Rank-A peak, there was no way that a Rank-C guy whose heart had been stabbed would be able to survive.

The guard just fell to the ground with wide eyes.

Anyway, Zero had no pity for someone who is an ally of someone who had harmed his family. Coupled with Dark Energy which seemed to be corrupting his thoughts, there was zero mercy from Zeros side.

He then quietly sneaks inside the building. He had already memorized the ways of the hotel from the blueprint that his subordinates brought and also knew which room Ulv stayed in.

After a minute or so, he reached the hallway where Uvls room was. Just as he previously thought, the other guard was guarding the door of Ulvs room. Zero instantly appeared in front of him and then,


Well, there was nothing an unguarded Rank-C could do in front of the power of Rank-A. Moreover, these two guards were very careless, probably because they had never encountered any problems before.

After Zero executed the guard, he listened carefully to the sound coming from the room. He wanted to know whether Ulv Sylvester realized that there was an intruder there.

“F**K! How can you send someone so useless I had to change my plans because of this…”

Apparently, Ulv Sylvester didnt know at all. The reason why Zero thought that Ulv had no idea about him was that he could hear an angry scream from Ulvs room. He was talking on his phone and cursing at someone.

Zero had a vicious smile.

‘Ulv Sylvester, you can regret your actions in Hell!-

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