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Parallel Memory Chapter 225 - Assassination Of Ulv! [2]

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Chapter 225 - Assassination Of Ulv! [2]

“F**K OFF! Who did you send to kidnap How come they are so incompetent and got themselves caught”

Ulv yelled.

His identity as the spy of the Dark Guild could have been exposed if the two useless kidnappers said anything about him.

It was his luck that those were killed before they could have the chance to spill the beans. Moreover, the plan to threaten Zero was also destroyed and as a result, Zero won.

“You are incompetent, your subordinates are incompetent and your allies are also incompetent. How could they lose to one student, especially when he was severely injured”

Ulv yelled and cursed more.

‘Sir, the situation was extremely dangerous. The Ice Enchantress had followed the kidnappers and rescued our hostage. Who could have thought that she would get involved so quickly Even so, you should have a backup plan. It is not our fault that your plan failed. The higher-ups want you to clean up your mess and make sure that Ace Academy does win the tournament. If not, then you know what will happen”

Ulv gritted his teeth in anger.


He threw the phone in anger.

“F**K YOU! Do you think that my plan was flawed You all just had to mess up your job and now you want me to clean your mess and how dare this guy blames the failure on me.”

He kicked and broke some objects.

His plan was flawless and he could have earned lots of merits if it had played out perfectly. But the two kidnappers that were sent to help him were useless and got themselves defeated.

The artifact that was given to Ruelle was also useless and they lost to one fu*king boy even after using that artifact.

“So many useless pricks! And you, Zero, just you wait!”

And most of all, he was angry at Zero. He still remembered how Zero had ignored his words and destroyed all his efforts. He vowed that once this tournament was over, he was going to teach him a lesson.

Right now, he still had to deal with the tournament. After that, his next target would be Zero.

“There are currently only two students from Ace Academy.; Hiro Ernest and Lisanna Lockser. I wonder whether they care about their families. Hehe …”

Ulv already had a plan.

He was planning to blackmail those two into giving up the match. It doesnt matter how suspicious it looks or whether The Authority conducts an investigation as long as he deals with these problems carefully.

Anyway, he could not put his trust in other participants to win the tournament. All the strong students under his command had already been eliminated. Even if he uses his power as Tournament Management Team, there was not much that he could change.

He could only do this or hire an assassin. Although he could assassinate Lisanna without any problem, Hiro Ernest was troublesome. The Authority might deploy everything they have to find the killer if he had murdered Hiro. So, the safer option was for him to kidnap their family and threaten them.



Just when he was thinking about how to go about his plan. Zero entered the room.

“Who are you Where are my guards”

Ulv asked.

He was not very scared because he was Rank-A. There were not many who could kill him.

“You sure are garbage. You are thinking of kidnapping again.”

Zero said.

His voice sounded more hoarse.


Ulv frowned.

By Zeros words, he already understood that the other party was someone who knew that he had kidnapped someone.

( Who is he How did he know )

The two kidnappers were already dead, and he never got involved with them before. So, it was impossible for anyone to see the connection between him and the kidnapping.

He didnt need to think much. As long as he captured and tortured him, he knew he would get the answer he sought.

He quickly fetched his staff from his spatial ring. He gathered the mana and conjured the spell.

[ “Fire Torrent” ]

Ulv started attacking.

Zero also released his Dark Energy and used his skill.

[ “Demonic Emperor Sword: Extermination Blast” ]

Ulv was easily defeated by Zeros attack and Ulv was hit.


Ulv looked dumbfounded. His body was injured by Zeros attack, but it wasnt the power of Zero that stunned him, it was that some Devil wanted to kill him.

As for why he thought that Zero was a Devil, it was because of the quality of the Dark Energy. ULV had never felt such a dangerous aura even when he met the Rank-S Devil Contractor.

Which meant that the person in front of him was a high-ranking Devil. Which was confusing as Ulv had no conflict with the Devil.

“Why are you doing this I dont think that I have offended any Devils. If I have, I am willing to compensate.”

Ulv said.

He didnt want to fight with masked Zero as he felt that he was more powerful than him. Additionally, he knew that the Devil would spare him as long as he provided benefits for him.


For a second, Zero was confused, but then he remembered all the Dark Energy he was emitting, not to mention that his face was covered. He could be easily misunderstood as a Devil by others.

“Do I need a reason to kill an ant that I didnt like Your mere presence displeasures me!”

Zero said.

Since the other party thinks of him as the Devil, he was more than happy to play that part.


He wanted to shout that. He didnt see anyone who could be as shameless as the person in front of him. He wants to kill just because he doesnt like him What kind of reason was that

He felt that the Devil was as unreasonable as people say.

[ “Molten Ray” ]

Since he could talk his way out, Ulv decided to fight and escape when there was a chance.

[ “Demonic Emperor Sword: Demonic Force Manipulation” ]

Zeros swords were greatly enhanced with Dark Energy, and with his sword, he blocked the incoming attack. Right after blocking his attack, Zero transformed the Dark Energy that covered the sword into a whip and attacked Ulv.

It was impossible for Ulv to dodge the whip attack that Zero did and so he chose to defend by using the mana barrier.


Ulvs barrier was easily broken and he was struck by the attack. Ulv felt as if his body had been torn apart when the attack hit him. The attack was powerful but not very lethal.


Zero attacked multiple times. The attack was not lethal but it was very painful. Every strike was as if molten lava was poured on the body.


Ulv cried out in pain.

He looked at Zero with fear. With such power, Ulv confirmed his suspicion that the attacker was a high-ranking Devil was correct.

“Sir Devil, please spare me. My name is Ulv Sylvester and I am a member of Dark Guild. We have the same goal as you. We also want to destroy humans. Please, I am even willing to become a Devil Contractor.”

Ulv begged.

Ulv knows that the Devil would appreciate strong men like him and would rather have them as servants than dead. As for becoming a Devil Contractor, he didnt think that it would be any different from working in the Dark Guild.

He waited for the answer from the Devil.

( Easier than I thought! )

Zero thought!

Zero becomes happy instantly. Not because Ulv wanted to become a Devil Contractor, he was not even a Devil, how could he make a contract It was because he confessed that he was a Dark Guild Member.

He had lots of evidence of Ulv being a Dark Guild member and also much evidence of his misdeed. But the most valuable evidence would obviously be from the suspects mouth.

With this confession, other evidence will gain much more reliability.

Zero stopped the recording and put that into his spatial ring. Now, he doesnt have any reason to play with Ulv. Earlier, he wanted to scare and torture Ulv into confessing but now there was no need for such things.

Zero transformed the Dark Energy from a whip into a big sword.


Ulv was confused. He thought that the Devil had decided to spare him but then in an instant, he felt a huge bloodlust.

[ “Demonic Emperor Sword: Extermination Blast” ]


Ulv cried. He was not in a position to defend against such a strong attack. He didnt understand why the Devil was killing him, even when he swore loyalty to him.

“You should not have touched my family!”-

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