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Parallel Memory Chapter 23 Power-Up [4]

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Chapter 23 Power-Up [4]

Giant Orge; A boss monster whose main ability is his physical power. His height was about 5 meters with very bulky. In front of this giant, even Kale will be seen as a child. He had one wooden club in his hand and was wearing rag clothes.

The Giant Orge is strong enough to defeat a group of Rank-E. His attack power is ridiculous that even if a Rank-D tank tries to block it, he would be seriously injured.

The Giant Orge noticed me and was staring at me. However, I didn't run away. Even with all the things I told about him, It does not change the fact that though his physical strength was as good as Rank-D, If his attack does not hit me then those strengths are useless.

The Giant Orge flaw was that their speed was slow compared to other Rank-E monsters.

Upon seeing the Silver Lavender and the Giant Orge monster, I have again confirmed that not everything will be the same as in the novel.

In the novel, the hidden room is only discovered after Hiro and others were going to become second years.

By that time, the Giant Orge must have reached Rank-D - and eaten the Silver Lavender to increase his strength. And then he must have left this place considering other things were useless to him.

However, I have come earlier than what was mentioned in the novel, so I met with this monster.

It is indeed a good idea to always prepare well. Just because I can get some information from the novel doesn't mean everything will be the same. It is always good to be cautious especially when you are weak.

The strategy to defeat the Giant Orge is that I will dodge his attack and increase our distance and then attack him using long-range skills.

The Giant Orge stood in front of the flower and didn't move. He just kept on staring at me.

( Hmph! Since you are not attacking me then just stand there. )

[ "Shadow Style: Shadow Slash" ]

The attack hit on the Giant Ogre however, the attack only caused some cuts here and there. The attack was not able to deal any serious damage to the Giant Orge.


The Giant Orge roared and dashed towards me and swung his club.


I dodge his attack by moving to the left. The ground shook when his club landed on the ground.

[ "Ice Shard" ]

The Giant Orge swung his club and took down all my Ice Shard. The Giant Ogre again sprinted towards me and swung his club.

I dodged it as I have already anticipated this. Giant Orges are dumb monster who focuses on only strength, their attack pattern is quite simple.

[ "Ground Freeze" ]

This time I had used ground freeze to freeze the ground, it was not to freeze the Giant Orge. Ideally, it would be great to freeze the Giant Orge however, with his high defense it would take almost all my mana to keep him frozen.

If I fail to kill him after that, I would be too exhausted to move and the monster will be able to easily kill me.

Instead of taking such a gamble, I prefer prolonging this battle until I find a chance to kill him. I froze my surrounding to keep the environment to my advantage.

With the floor frozen, Giant Orge's mobility will be decreased and I will be able to attack him without worrying about him dashing towards me. I will attack him until he is exhausted and can no longer fight anymore.

The monster didn't waste his time and immediately ran towards me raising his club and attacking me when in range but due to the slippery floor, the Giant Orge slipped and crashed on the wall.


[ "A chance!" ]

[ "Shadow Style: Shadow Slash" ]


The monster was not in any position to dodge or block. The attack had landed on him successfully.

I waited for the dust to clear and see whether the Giant Orge survived or not. I am not stupid enough to get close to him when I was not sure whether he is dead or not.


I didn't need to wait for long to find out as an angry growl came from his mouth. Due to the dust, I couldn't properly see what is happening but from the shadow of the monster, I can notice that the Giant Orge was standing up.

The dust cleared up and I could clearly see the Giant Orge. The Giant Orge was bleeding profusely, seems like this time I have dealt some serious damage to him.

The Giant Ogre stared at me while I also stared back. I could see that the monster was angry after being injured by someone he thought was weaker than him.

This time he didn't directly rush to kill me, he was clearly wary of the slippery ground. But I could not give him the luxury to rest.

[ "Shadow Style: Shadow Slash" ]

The Giant Orge crossed his arm and used the club as a shield, blocking the attack. I continue to press on using Shadow Slash and Ice Shard.

Suddenly, the Giant Orge stomped on the ground.


The ground seems to be cracking.

( Smart )

I thought while I looked at the monster. Despite his low intelligence, the Giant Orge seems to realize that he was in a disadvantageous position.

He attacked the ground, to break the frozen floor. That way he will gain his mobility back.

He again rushed to attack me and the cycle continued again. I dodge his attack and attack him when I have the chance.

The Giant Orge truly lacked intelligence, he was wounded while I was not. Then also he continued to attack me resulting in him losing blood in the process.

I can see that he was in a bad situation as he will become exhausted faster than me.

We continued the cycle until I saw that the Giant Orge was getting exhausted. His attack was becoming less and less fierce.

I knew the Giant Orge was on his last leg. But I didn't rush to attack him directly.

I just continued to attack him from a distance until the Giant Orge finally collapsed.


[ "Whew. It was a long battle. It was not a very difficult battle but it was extremely dangerous, if even one of his attacks hit me then I would have died." ]

Now, time for my loot; I cut apart his body and checked for the monster. And Wa-la what do you know, there was indeed a monster core. It was a Monster core of Rank-E Boss monster no less. Its value was not any less than the Silver Lavender.

This trip was very fruitful, not only did I get what I wanted. I also got another two valuable things; Rank-E Boss monster core and Rank-D Silver Lavender.

I took out a health potion and mana potion and drank it. I waited for an hour to recover from an earlier battle, you never know what you might encounter on my way back. Like I said it is always better to be cautious.

I exited the hidden room.

I was on my way back when suddenly I was stopped by a team of Explorer. The team consists of four people. From the mana aura, they seem to be in Rank-E -.

From the way they act, I can tell they are not here for anything good.

[ "Hehehe… Hand over your valuables." ]

[ "You can make this a lot less painless if you just give us everything." ]

What a team of trashes. This group of an idiot has no idea about the other party and started robbing them.

How can you rob without having any information about the other party Just because you outnumber me does not mean anything. In this world, there are strong people that even if million of you were there, you would still be no match.

But here we are, having to deal with this group of idiots who evidently don't have an idea about those people.

[ "Ground Freeze" ]

[ [ "Ahhhhh…" ] ]

[ [ "Keeeeee…" ] ]

Truly an idiot. How can you just stand as if you have already won while your enemy was still standing At least prepare yourself to defend, dumbass.

I left them like that. After a minute or two, they will be freed naturally. I decided to spare their life.

Considering their mana aura I found that they were not a murderer. A murderer would have a threatening aura and they would have bloodthirst if they want to kill me which I didn't sense.

So, I concluded that they must be Explorers who saw me as a rich kid who decided to explore the dungeon and wanted to rob me.

They could even be just a normal Explorer who wanted to make easy money by robbing me. Even if one is not a thieve, it doesn't stop people from stealing others' treasure.

For, example a Rank-F with Rank-SS item would be robbed by even Rank-SS heroes. So, it is not rare for Explorers to rob other people if they are weaker than you.

While sprinting I paused.

Even if they are not the murderer and just some Explorer coveting my things, so What How can I just let them off like that I should have killed them, if not at least torture them to show them their place.

How can I think that killing is bad when it is something everybody does. If you don't kill your enemy they will kill you, if you show even a bit of mercy you could die.

When did I become such a soft-hearted person

This …

If it was before, yes if it was before… before what Did I kill any humans before No, but I feel that if it was in the past, I would not hesitate to kill those who offend me.

( What is the problem )

I shook my head. No use thinking such things. So what if I spared them If they come for revenge, I would just defeat them again. Right now I should just focus on increasing my power.

Thinking about the item I got, I soon forgot about those negative thoughts. I was already planning to sell the Monster Core and the Silver Lavender flower. Those things are useless for me right now.

I should probably buy a Storage ring, it will be more convenient for me to carry things and even store monster part and sell it.

It is quite regretful that I could not bring Giant Orge's corpse, I could have at least earned 3000 Ethan coins.

However, I would at least get a 30000 Ethan coin after selling all my things.

[ "Hehehe…." ]-

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