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Parallel Memory Chapter 231 The Final Match!

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Chapter 231 The Final Match!

"Winner! Lisanna Lockser of Ace Academy!"

The referee announced the result.

There was a moment of silence among the spectators. They still didn't know what was happening.

Hiro seemed to have been blown away by the force of the explosion. Although Lisanna seemed to be more injured from the confrontation, she was still on the stage while Hiro was out of the boundary.

It was obvious that he had lost this match.


No matter the outcome, the battle was very entertaining. People had been gasping for air the entire match. No one held back and fought with all their power but it looks like today, the goddess of victory favored Lisanna over Hiro.

"I-I… won"

She seemed a little confused.

She and Hiro didn't see anything after that huge explosion. Her attack was weaker than Hiro's attack and she sustained heavy injuries due to Hiro's attack.

She slowly stood up and surveyed her surroundings, discovering that only she was on stage. She slowly realized that she had won.

She thought for sure that after this clash, she would lose against Hiro, but unexpectedly she managed to push Hiro off the stage.

It was her victory!

She clenched her fist and raised it in the air as if to show that she had won this match to everyone.

( I did it! )


"Lisanna Lockser!"

"Absolutely Fantastic!"

"This is what I was talking about!" ...

Even when she looked battered, right at that moment, no one looked more powerful than her. In this high-level fight, the one to come on the top was Lisanna. She proved once again why she is an Ace student at Ace Academy.

On the other side, Hiro looked dejected.

He was not that keen and was not really aiming for the championship but when he lost, he was more dejected than he initially expected. One reason could be because this was a match that he could have won if he had done things correctly.

Anyway, it was no use crying over the spilled milk. He acknowledged that Lisanna was more experienced and outwitted him in this match.

A healer soon came, but not for Hiro, it was actually for Lisanna who suffered severe injuries.

The next match was the final match and it will determine who will win the championship.

Because Lisanna just had a big fight with several injuries, the fight was postponed for one hour. Lots of high-ranking healers came to heal Lisanna and also to help her recover her mana. With so many healers working together, it was expected that Lisanna would be back to her prime state soon.

Hiro didn't need healing and he came back to where we were watching. His companions, Lisa and Sylvia, rushed over and consoled him shortly after. Cheering him on, they said he fought courageously and shouldn't take the loss to his heart.

Professors and other students also complimented him and said that he still had next year to try again. They were optimistic about next year's tournament which will yield better results than this year.

However, no one dares to utter a sentence such as 'You will surely win next time!'. With the presence of another monster like Zero, they don't assume anything of that sort.

With the fight postponed, to keep the audience engaged, on the big screen previous fights were shown. It was the highlight of the previous round.

From Lisanna fighting with Omar Noel to Zero dominating everyone in the first round, interesting videos were shown. Many people have already seen those but that doesn't mean that it was boring.

The video reminded people of the struggle that the two participants struggled through to reach this final moment.

Soon enough, the time was up and Adamscat and Lisanna went up the stage. They stared into each other's eyes.

They were both third-year students and Aces at their respective schools. They had also known each other since last year.

Previously, they worked with each other but this time it was a serious battle with their schools' honor on the line. A fight to decide who will win the tournament.

"This is what we have been waiting for! This fight will determine who will become the champion of this year's Tournament of Academies. On the left, we have Adamscat from Britelts Academy!"



"Britelts Academy!"

"I Love you!"

"Fight till the end." …

"And on the right, we have Lisanna Lockser of Ace Academy!"


"Championship is yours!"

"Give us a good show!" ...

The most anticipated fight was about to start but although it was the most anticipated fight, many already believed Lisanna to win. As seen previously, Lisanna was one league above Adamscat.


As soon as the referee signaled the match to begin, both participants immediately released their mana aura.

[ "Frost Arrow" ]

Adamscat fired her frost arrow. She had to execute her move faster and have to keep Lisanna occupied or else she would not be able to keep up with her speed.

She has already seen what Lisanna is capable of and she must admit that she would be immediately defeated if she gave her the chance to breathe.

When Lisanna was busy dodging her frost arrow, she immediately enchanted another spell.

[ "Poison Mist" ]

Lisanna was very fast, but she also had a few tricks up her sleeve. The only reason she thinks that Hiro lost was that he didn't have a way to counter Lisanna's speed but she was different.

By having poison mist surrounding her, she could make Lisanna unable to get close. If she attempted, she would be poisoned, which would be a big advantage for her.

After dodging the frost arrows, Lisanna tried to close the distance, only to have Adamscat's poison mist spread rapidly.

[ "Wind Spirit: WindStorm" ]

However, with all her abilities being wind-related, blowing away the poison mist was not very difficult.


All the poison mist was blown in another direction, leaving Adamscat completely exposed.

[ "Deception of Vision" ]

If that skill didn't work then she had to take away Lisanna's vision. However, she knows that the same thing will happen, so she added another skill.

[ "Conjure Clone" ]

With that, even Lisanna would have a hard time figuring out where her real body was. She planned to exhaust Lisanna like Jeremy and then overwhelm her.

[ "Thousand Wind Blades" ]

However, Lisanna was not gonna take her time to defeat each of her fake clones. She was planning to destroy everything, so she knew that she would naturally determine which was genuine and which was not.

Unlike when fighting with Hiro, her opponent, this time, was not stronger than her. Every stat she had was higher, except for mana, which should be a mage specialty.

She could overpower Adamscat with only her power and she didn't need to strategize much. She had to take advantage of her power as much as she did with her speed.


One by one, every fake clone that was conjured was destroyed, leaving only the real Adamscat. However, Adamscat was not going to give up either.

[ "Acid Arrow" ]


All her attacks were blocked by the wind blades and then it continued to move closer to Adamscat.

[ "Frost Arrow" ]


Even her other skill was useless in front of Lisanna's wind blade. Adamscat assumed that Lisanna's wind blades were weak because Hiro could break them with his sword, not knowing that it needed a very strong attack to do it.

Her low-level spell was not strong enough to do that. At most, it could break one or two which is nothing compared to hundreds of blades floating near Lisanna.

[ "Sunlight Explosion" ]

Adamscat was left with no choice but to use her strongest attack. The hundreds of incoming wind blades were instantly blasted away by Adamscat's spell and even Lisanna had to quickly move away to dodge her attack.

Even though Lisanna tried to clash with her skill, she could not because Sunlight Explosion was ridiculously strong. The best option was to avoid it instead of confronting it.

Anyway, it was not a big challenge for her to dodge Adamscat's attacks with her speed.

[ "Wind Spirit: Astral Movement" ]

Since her wind blades were all destroyed, she chose to deal with Adamscat herself. Using such a big move, Adamscat's stamina and mana would be low. Lisanna wanted to capitalize on that.


Adamscat immediately deployed her mana barrier. With how fast Lisanna was approaching, she didn't have much choice but to defend.


However, after withstanding tens of strikes from Lisanna, her mana barrier was unable to keep up and got destroyed.

Lisanna jumped at the chance when such an opening was made.


Lisanna held her sword against Adamscats' neck. It was Lisanna's victory.

Adamscat raised her hand in surrender.


"Lisanna! Lisanna!"

"Ace Academy! Ace Academy!

"Number 1!"


The audience roared. In the final match of the tournament, the one to come out as the winner from 50 academies was Ace Academy.

"Winner! Lisanna Lockser of Ace Academy!"-

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