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Parallel Memory Chapter 237 Preparation Before Leaving

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Chapter 237 Preparation Before Leaving

Day by day, Zero was preparing to leave the school. During class hours, he would come to attend the class.

After the class, he would go back to his company to handle much of his preparation.

The Tech genesis was his main source of income and could be regarded as his biggest backup.

Using the money accumulated by the company, Zero could buy all the things he needed easily.

He would always be reminded of the benefit of his company whenever he saw the price tag of some of the things he bought.

For example, the Lvl 6 defense Steel body costs around 10 million Ethans which could bankrupt many Gold graded guilds and could be easily bought.

Though it was not a big deal considering that it would strengthen many Shadow Genesis members.

The Potions and Mana herb for his parents were similarly priced in total.

Then there were also artifacts for Shadow Genesis and NightShade. Most artifacts were ranked at B while for his parents, at minimum, the rank was A.

With all those types of resources, it would be hard for even some Diamond Graded guilds to eliminate the combined force of Shadow Genesis and NightShadow.

Even the Diamond-graded guild would not want to fight with them unless there is a deep grudge between the two.

Anyway, after they had consumed the potions and herbal medicine, they might even be able to compete with them.

In total, Zero had spent more than 100 million Ethans to strengthen his allies. However, he was not upset by that.

His main reason for setting up a company was for him to earn money in this type of situation.

He was thankful for the fact that his company was bringing in so much money.

Therefore, Zero also pays great importance to the company. Zero was spending his time discussing future projects and how to go on about them.

Edolas Super Brawl was also released with the console.

As expected of the next-gen looks and game. The games bought on the first day had exceeded 10 million copies.

Nowadays, most people believe Tech Genesis products will be of high quality because of its reputation.

Therefore, as soon as the game and the new console were launched, there was no hesitation and many people bought it.

Their revenue from that alone has exceeded 100 million Ethans which offset the money used to buy the artifact and resources.

The Megaplex that was established has also become one of the most used apps. Many companies and shopkeepers have decided to work with our company and sell their products through our website.

It was because of the success that our company had with it. Many of the mana stone-powered items are sold through it and users become familiar with this type of shopping after a while.

Anyway, Megaplex was no longer a project that was not generating any income.

Initially, Megaplex didn't have many users which caused serious concern for many employees of Tech Genesis. Nevertheless, it is now one of the platforms that generates one of the highest incomes for the company.

Sometimes, the monthly income from Megaplex would exceed 50 Million Ethans.

There were also many projects that started under Tech Genesis. Major projects were those which were ordered by Zero to make.

Besides that, Tech Genesis had started another project which was also successful but not at the level of Zero's idea.

Because of that, many employees held a great opinion. Every project led by Zero had turned into a great success. To them, it seemed like every idea that Zero tried to implement would generate enormous money.

Every project Zero had started ended up becoming extremely popular and many users would flock to use them.

All of the income generated by other projects of Tech Genesis combined would not tally up to one of his projects.

Though there were many innovations and good products, they were not on the level of Zeros.

Anyway, Zero is considered a great boss, and many employees admire him. Not only was he smart (at least in their eyes), he treated them well.

The average salary of Tech Genesis was on par with Rank-C Explorer and Top-executive had an even salary which was comparable to Rank-A, that was also not counting the bonuses.

In addition, they weren't at risk of losing their lives like them, and they were only Rank-F humans. If they were working in any other company, they reckon that they would have a hard time even meeting the daily necessity.

But now, they could even afford luxury items and artifacts to protect themselves.

For them, this job was a dream come true for those who would be discriminated against by explorers and other high-ranking humans.

They also don't have to worry much about being bullied because the company was protected by people from NightShade, and most trouble makers would be beaten before they get the chance to do anything to the employees.

The next group of employees were the information gatherers, who are dispersed throughout many places collecting information.

This group was also very important to Zero who could do many things with information as long as he got it.

Because Zero knows much about the future and who will play major roles, whether on Hiros's side or on the enemy's side.

Zero had many of them keep their eyes on them and collect information on them.

Zero was not planning to interfere as long as they kept quiet and didn't find trouble with him or his loved one.

There was also a ManaElemist group whose products are increasing in popularity. A lot of things were made with Mana stone and they were all of high quality.

Their product didn't need a power supply and the battery could last for years. Many people were reluctant at first due to the high price and unknown brand.

However, after spending millions of Ethan in endorsing popular people and having advertisements all over the place, now these products are seen as premium products similar to Apple on earth.

The price was high but was justified by its quality. They could also save on electricity bills.

They are now focusing on introducing cars with high-ranked mana stones. Zero also has his request to equip his car with many artifacts.

Well, this was just his personal product. Zero wants to build a car that is capable of launching Rank-A magic spells from his car.

Rather than for safety, it was more for his hobby. The idea of riding a robot and controlling that technology was always the dream of many children on Earth.

During that time period, Zero was able to seriously consider the project proposal and accept good ideas while modifying those with potential.

He has also given a couple of projects for Tech Genesis to make. Even if he was absent, Zero believes that the money would help his parents and the guild.

During this time, he also paid attention to Hiro and other members of MC. Zero didn't have any expectation of being saved by Hiro like many others.

And he wasn't really expecting him to save the world like in the novel. In spite of that, he hoped that as the MC he would become stronger by eliminating common enemies.

Hiro was also the thorn in the path of the Dark Guild which is marked as an enemy by Zero.

The day his parents were abducted by Ulv, the whole Dark Guild was on his target list. He didn't have evidence of Ulv working with everyone in the Dark Guild but it didn't really matter as Ulv was one of its members.

The fault of their members should also be accounted for by their boss. While I don't plan to kill every one of them which was impossible at the moment and even if I could, it would only make me a mass murderer.

However, that didn't mean I would let them off easily. To show mercy to your enemy is the same as harming yourself and it would not only be me but my family that would be endangered if I didn't deal with them.

I, at least, need to plant a spy in their group to know whether they are planning to harm me or not. If they are then there is another thing coming for them.

Most of their passwords and secret code are known to me and it would not be very difficult for me to send some people to go undercover.

I am also confident that I could even pretend to be some bigshot of Dark Guild and most Dark Guild members would not know.

Well, those things I can do if I want to play with them. I could sneak into their secret location and take their treasures, pretend to be the lackey of the Dark Guild leader and launch an attack on other organizations.

Sadly, I don't have the time, otherwise, I would have thrown their organization into a big mess.

For now, I have to focus on Tower Of Obelisk!-

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