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Parallel Memory Chapter 238 Tower of Obelisk!

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Chapter 238 Tower of Obelisk!

Tower of Obelisk, a place where many treasures and dangers are hidden.

For as long as the dungeon existed, the Tower of Obelisk has also been there. That means that in this world, for as long as mankind has existed, the Tower of Obelisk has always been there.

However, no matter how long this thing existed, no one knows the actual depth of the tower. The highest floor that anyone had explored was 54 by a group of Rank-SS led by a Rank-SSS hundred of years ago.

Similar to the Dungeons, the Tower Of Obelisk has lots of monsters and a boss on each floor. One might even call each floor an independent dungeon.

To proceed to the next floor, the Explorers could either kill the boss monster or search for the teleportation circle which is randomly scattered across each floor.

However, unlike the dungeon, monsters do not come out of the tower no matter what. Even if the Tower is left untouched for years, nothing will change.

Monster numbers remain the same and the strength of the monster also remains the same. It is like those monsters are programmed to stay the same.

From the outside, the Tower of Obelisk does not look as big as it is described. Outside, the Tower of Obelisk is only 20 meters tall and could not really fit the mountains and all those humongous things in the tower.

However, the time and space inside the tower are quite different from the outside world.

1 cm space inside the tower might be equal to 1 km outside. No one knows the truth, but Tower Of Obelisk is considered a world unto itself. If we combined all the floors together it might be as big as our world but no one can estimate that as we still don't know how many floors there are.

Also, there are multiple restrictions when entering the Tower. First is the number of people one could have in a party.

The maximum number of people is 10 and if one exceeds that number, one of the members who came along will be teleported to a different place.

Strangely, the floor seemed to be different for different parties. Two parties of people might enter at the same time but they would never meet each other even if they searched the whole floor.

There are differences between the Tower of Obelisk that one entered and the Tower of Obelisk that the other party visited.

All in all, the experience they have, and the monsters they encounter, are generally similar. The same kind of monster is there on each floor.

The second restriction is the number of tries that one could enter. A person can only enter the Tower of Obelisk three times in their lifetime.

More than that, people who wished to be teleported would never be teleported anywhere.

Third, the treasure that you took previously will not be spawned again for the same person. You may enter the tower of Obelisk for the third time and decide to go through the first floor again in hope of getting the treasures again but those same treasures will never spawn again.

This is why people wishing to enter the Tower Of Obelisk will teleport directly to the floor they just left. There was no sense in going through the first floor again.

And the final restriction is just what I mentioned. You can directly teleport to the other floors of the Tower of Obelisk but the maximum floor that one could enter is the one that has been conquered by you.

These restrictions are very significant, as they directly impact when one enters the Tower. Most people who enter the Tower of Obelisk are aged 40 - 50 when they are at their peak.

Due to the chance of entering the Tower of Obelisk being three, most people try to maximize the treasure that they can get by only entering inside the Tower Of Obelisk when they are at their strongest.

This is a smart decision if one is planning to use those three opportunities to get more treasures.

However, it was better to divide the chance into three parts. One should enter the Tower of Obelisk in their twenties to gain treasure which will make one more powerful. In addition, the Tower of Obelisk is a convenient place to gain experience if you are a young person.

Number two would be when one meets a wall in advance. Tower Of Obelisk is actually a worthwhile place to cultivate one rank.

As one rises on the floor, the mana aura increases, meaning one will rank up faster if they stay there. That might be because of the high ranking monster found in those floors.

Though most people are entering the Tower Of Obelisk for treasures and not to train.

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Number three is like most people do. When at the strongest, enter the Tower Of Obelisk and try to get as much treasure as possible.

One could find lots of rare treasures inside the Tower of Obelisk with many objects that are unknown to the people of Edolas.

Many say that the Tower of Obelisk was built by ancient people to escape from the monster onslaught but had ended up being attacked by monsters.

There are many theories though no evidence backs them up. In any case, there are many mysteries surrounding the Tower, and even someone like me who had read the novel didn't know much about this aside from the fact that Hiro on his first try reached around twenty floors.

Having his Main Character's luck, he manages to take most of the rare treasures with one of the treasures being Rank-SS and later serving as his main weapon.

It was a case of insane luck for the protagonist. In normal cases, the Rank-SS only appears on Floor 40 and above but Hiro, who was on the 20 floors, gets it.

The Tower of Obelisk might seem like a place that could make anyone rich but it was not.

Since there are no other places to acquire rations and potions, one must get as many resources as possible to survive for months or even years inside the tower.

Equipment will also break and one needs to take many spare parts or include a blacksmith in their team.

This much preparation could take 100 million Ethan of one is preparing for a large-scale Guild raid.

If one could successfully do well, the guild might acquire lots of treasure that could increase the strength of the guild to a new level.

Not only that, the guild that performs well in the Tower of Obelisk gets recognition from the world and is an opportunity to get famous.

However, in most cases, such investment ends up in failure. For example, the NightShade guild tried to get on the 35 floors but ended up failing.

In addition to having been mocked by others for failing, the treasure they found did not compensate for the money spent on the equipment and potions.

This led to their guild being on the brink of bankruptcy or they were if not for me helping them.

And this was not a new thing as many guilds also became like this. With the hope of becoming powerful and famous very quickly, they take out loans to acquire resources and jump into the Tower without knowing the cost of their failure.

It is a good thing the NightShade guild was strong and they retreated or else they might have been like many other guilds who could not afford to retreat and had to fight till they died.

However, this is not the case for me. Not to mention that I have lots of money, and can buy all the resources I need to sustain myself for years. I was going alone which is a lot less expensive though it is also more dangerous.

Another reason why I am going to the Tower is that I am certain about obtaining the Dragon Heart that I want and because more than treasure, I want to train there.

Fame-wise, I had no good reason to gain attention right now, and I already acquired a lot of useless fame from the tournament.

It would not be a loss for me to enter the Tower in my current state. Moreover, I could use my Dark Energy and there would be no one to see that.

So, with Dark Energy, I think that in my current state, I would be able to reach quite a high floor and obtain many good things, though they are just my secondary aim.

Getting inside the tower can be viewed as training that will prepare me for the danger that will come in the future.

Not only that I would be a lot safer inside the Tower of Obelisk than in school. Many would consider me crazy if I said that it is safer in the Tower of Obelisk than in school but this was the truth.

The monsters were dangerous and it would be extremely dangerous to be careless in front of them but compared to human enemies, the monsters were a lot easier to handle.

Unlike humans, who would hide and use tricks, to deal with monsters only strength is needed.

Rather than endangering myself and my parents by being around Hiro, I think that fighting with monsters without any hidden danger is good.

However, when I came out of the Tower, the enemies better pray that they don't get on my wrong side.-

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