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Parallel Memory Chapter 24 Learning A Life Lesson

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Chapter 24 Learning A Life Lesson

I soon exited the dungeon. It had been 4 hours since I entered the dungeon. If I speed run this dungeon, I reckon it will only take 3 hours to conquer this dungeon.

I quickly went to Agora town, it was the best place to sell my items. Except for the Galanthus Nivalis flower, I intend to sell all the other items.

Though it is something that might be useful to me in the future, however, what I needed right now was money. I searched for a decent shop to sell my items.

When I got the money I couldn't help but grin. From today onwards, I am no longer poor. In total, I got around 40000 Ethan coins. The majority of it was from Boss monster core and Silver Lavender. I sold Boss monster core at 15,000 Ethan coins and Silver Lavender flower at 17,000 Ethan coins.

After that, I looked around the shops trying to buy the storage ring but I realize the money I had was nothing. The cheapest price of the storage ring that I came across was 20,000 Ethan coins. That was half the wealth that I currently possess.

I had lots of things I needed to buy. I couldn't use half of my fund on a storage ring, I just wanted to buy a storage ring for my convenience and it wouldn't increase my strength in any way. I was about to postpone buying the storage ring when I heard a voice.

[ "Pssst… Hey, you." ]

I turned around at the voice and pointed my finger at myself.

[ "Me" ]

[ "Yes, you." ]

I walked closer to the stranger. It was an old man who seems to have one foot in the Grave; No, what I meant to say is he looked really old.

[ "Why did you call me" ]

[ "Hehehe… Boy, I saw you searching for something to buy. Maybe I have that thing." ]

[ "No Thanks, I can't afford it." ]

[ "Boy, I am an honest seller. I sell lots of things cheaper than on the market price. I could tell you are a good boy, I would you a big discount." ]

[ "Really" ]

I smiled. If the storage ring was on discount, I could buy it, if it was 15000 Ethan coins or lower I can purchase it without breaking my bank. Maybe my luck is increasing, from getting rare items in the dungeon to meeting this seller.

[ "Sir, do you have a Storage ring" ]

[ "Storage ring! Boy, you are in luck I just got a storage ring and its price is very affordable. Only 10000 Ethan coins." ]

[ "Really I want it." ]

Only 10,000 Ethan coins It is half the price of the cheapest storage ring I saw in the other shops.

He took out the storage ring from his bag. He showed that the storage ring was an authentic one by storing the bottle and retrieving it back.

[ "I will take it." ]

[ "Ho ho ho. Okay, but do you also want to purchase this" ]

The old man took out one piece of silver earring.

[ "What is this" ]

[ "Since you are buying the storage ring, If you buy this then the total price is at 15000 Ethan coin. Though the price of the earring is higher than 5000 Ethan coins, I would give it to you at that price considering you are also buying a storage ring." ]

[ "5,000 For an earring It's too expensive." ]

[ "Boy, this is no ordinary earring. This is a D-Rank Artifact that increases the wearer's magic attack by 20%." ]

[ "Increase Magic attack by 20%" ]

What an artifact. With it, I might have easily won against that Giant Orge. This is a great deal.

I took out my money and paid him happily.

[ "Happy trading. Hope to see you again." ]

The old man walked away.

I was pretty happy to be able to buy a storage ring at such a low price. Not only that, I scored an amazing artifact that could be my strength.

I went around the shop buying items, obviously stocking up the low-rank health potion and mana potion. At last, the item that I bought was Exp increasing potion for Rank-E -.

I was nowhere at the peak of Rank-E -. I need to reach that stage before I could use the Galanthus Nivalis to break through to Rank-E. The Exp potion can make the process faster. I took the potion and tried to put it inside the storage ring.

[ "Huh The item is not going inside the storage ring." ]

The item would not go in at all, what's the problem

I took some items from the storage ring and put them back and it was working. Once again I tried to put Exp potion but no it was not going inside the ring at all. I tried multiple times but it was not going inside the storage ring.

After a while, I realize I have been scammed. I clenched my hand so hard that it would have broken if not for my strength.

[ "Dammit, I got a defective storage ring. " ]

This storage ring does store the item but its storage space was only 3 square meters. Normally, a storage ring would be of 10 square meters.

( Then the earring I got should be also a defective item. )

I ran to an artifact appraisal shop and had my earring checked. It was 100 Ethan coins for appraisal.

[ "This is a Magic strengthening item. It would be able to increase Magic attack by about 5%." ]

[ "What about price" ]

[ "It would usually cost around 2000 Ethan coin." ]

All the happiness went down the drain. I paid 3000 Ethan coins more and including the loss from the storage ring, I lost about 8000 Ethan coins. Just thinking about that makes my heart ache.


If I see that old man again, I will definitely beat him.

After a while, I calm down. This was a lesson I will remember for a long time. I was too naive. I didn't expect to be scammed by an old man.

This is my first time in the town and I don't know about the items and their price. This is what happens when one lets their guard down.

I was not careful and trusted a stranger, how can he sell an item for a loss. But due to me being excited to get a storage ring at such a price I was not careful and let him deceive me.

I really want to vent my anger out. It was 8000 Ethan coins, not 800 though even 800 Ethan coin loss will be enough to pain my heart.

I was no longer in the mood to continue my shopping. Before acquiring information about the place and price of items here, I should not buy things.

They may be selling an item at a higher price than the market price and I would not know.

I should learn the price of the items and learn business skills. I don't want to be scammed again. I thought of only increasing my strength but today I realize that there are other things that are also important.

Another thing I learned today is that with money you can get everything you desire, including becoming strong. There were lots of herbs and potions that helps in increasing the rank. If I have all that resources reaching Rank-D would also be possible within a month.

Also with artifacts, I can increase my strength. They sold necklaces that increase mana capacity, gloves that can increase strength by 50 %, and also a rare sword artifact that uses less mana for attacks but increases the attack power by at least 70 %.

With this all artifact I may even be able to defeat Hiro who has system help.

That's why I have realized that money was important. No hard work could make up for the strength increased by money.

You can be talented and work very hard but without resources, you may never reach the peak.

With enough resources, even a pig will reach Rank-S.-

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