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Parallel Memory Chapter 240 Devils

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Chapter 240 Devils


Throughout the Ace Academy, multiple explosions were taking place. Along with the explosion, there were appearances of Devils and also Devil Contractors.

The Devil came out of the portal while the Devil Contractor seemed to have been hiding in Ace Academy all along.

"Hehe… Kill All of them!"

Devils ordered the Devil Contractors like their servants which were true. Devil Contractor only exists as a servant of the Devil and they need to obey the commands of the Devils.

The Devil Contractors immediately followed the Devil's orders and started attacking every person that they could spot.


However, they were immediately stopped in their tracks by the professors of Ace Academy.

"Take the students and go away!"

One of the professors anxiously said.

The professors immediately went to intercept the Devil Contractor when they felt that there was an attack on Ace Academy premises.

A group of Professors was standing in front of Devil Contractors showing their resolve to fight with them until the end.

The number of Devil Contractors was more than the professors, not to mention, there was also the Devil who was just flying in the sky and looking at them.

Professors were able to respond to their attacks quickly and there was no death yet. The explosion seemed to be done by the Devil Contractor to destroy the protection seal that was used to protect the school.

With the protection seal, portals and spatial distortion were impossible on the school campus. Therefore, it seems that the aim of the explosion was to destroy the seal and let the Devils in, rather than killing the students.

But the bigger question was how the Devil Contractors got inside their academy with such explosives. With their security, they were confident that no matter how sneaky Devil Contractors acted, they would not be able to get in.

However, they didn't have time to think about such things as they had to deal with enemies first.

"Have you asked for assistance from other professors"

One of the professors asked.

'Yes, however, they are also in the same situation! Looks like we need to hold on until we get the reinforcement from The Authority."

The professor replied.

This time the range of their attack was very large and there were hundreds of Devil Contractors who got inside the campus. Now, all the professors of Ace Academy were currently busy taking care of the enemies which appeared near them.

The professors present in Ace Academy were mostly Rank-A with some being in Rank-B . And on the enemies' side, Devil Contractors were of mixed rank.

The lowest Rank was C while the highest was Rank-A. And as for the rank of the Devil who was ordering them, professors could not tell his rank. It was probably due to the difference in rank and also because the Devil was not releasing his mana aura.

The Professor's side had higher quality but the Devil Contractor had quantity. Moreover, it didn't seem that the Devil would be attacking them anytime soon which was good news.

Only Rank-S Heroes could fight against those Devil according to the feeling that they were getting from the Devil. They were sure that a Rank-A professor like them would not stand a chance.

"Let's get rid of the loser!"

"Attack them together!"

"Let those elites know who really is more powerful."

The Devil Contractors bellowed and started attacking the professors.

The Devil Contractors were mostly those humans without talents and backgrounds. So, of course, their resentment of Ace Academy which is the place for elites was very high.

"Block their attack!"

The professor quickly deployed their defensive skills.

Professors could not dodge their attacks and blocked them with their defensive skills instead. It was not that they were not fast enough but because if they dodge the attack, the attack could hit the students which were behind them.

Students were panicking and had already started running away. The rank of the average students was round Rank-D and in front of Rank-Bs and Rank-As devil Contractor, it would be even admirable to even stand.

Therefore, whether it was a courageous person or a cowardly person, the most logical decision here was to run away.

Even if they stayed behind, most of them would only add a burden to the professors just like what they are doing right now. They would be more helpful in running away.

"I am here to Help!"

However, this rule does not apply to everyone.

Lisanna came forward with a couple of strong students. With their strength, they would be able to at least help when dealing with Rank-Bs Devil Contractors.

"No! You all retreat with other students. You all are talented students and we appreciate your help but this level is different from what you are used to."

The professor immediately rejected their help.

Despite being talented and having the ability to help them, even they were a burden to the professors. Professors all understand that in order to close the difference in the numbers, having others to help would be helpful.

However, it was different when the help was from students. While they believe that their students are talented, everyone knows that they were too inexperienced, especially when dealing with human-type enemies.

Moreover, it was their job to protect the students. Having students fight with them was defeating the whole process of having them there.


"No buts! Listen to us and retreat with everyone. You are just a burden to us!"

Lisanna wanted to refute but was quickly shot down by the professor. The professor didn't hide his thoughts and harshly told them off.


Arrows and magic were blasting through the air everywhere. Whether in the sky or on land, there are huge explosions happening everywhere.

The once peaceful Ace Academy was immediately engulfed in the sea of flames. The once majestic buildings were destroyed into pieces.


The sound of battle and cries of some weaker students could be heard throughout the Ace Academy ground.

On the other side, where Hiro and Zero were taking their exam, A Devil appeared which seemed to recognize Professor Mia.

"Keke… What do we have here The most famous person on Edolas Ice Enchantress. It must be my lucky day to get this area. Hahaha…"

( Devil!!! )

Everyone thought that when they sensed the person coming out of the portal.

One of the Devils had come from an area around where there was a practical exam for Zero's exam. From the mana aura he was emitting, everyone could tell that the rank of the Devil was very high.

Hiro, even without using his Wild Sense could tell that the Devil that came out of the portal was out of the league for everyone out there except Professor Mia.

Many students started panicking and shuddered in fear. They had never been exposed to such a strong mana aura and the bloodlust that he was emitting was off the roof. From the perspective of weak students or those students who had never encountered Rank-S, his very presence was enough to bring despair.

Professor Mia had also started to worry after sensing the power of the Devil. Unlike others, she could gauge the Devil's strength and could tell that he was around Rank-S Explorer or in terms of Devil Rank, A Marquis.

However, it was not that she was afraid of fighting him but the fact that she would need to protect the students while fighting him which would be very difficult.

"Oh, we even have Hiro and other targets here. Quite a lineup I had to deal with. Looks like this is really my lucky day.'

The devil continued talking.

This Devil seemed to be a very talkative person as he seemed to show no sign of stopping his talk and attacking the students or anyone.

Professor Mia signaled Professor Theo and the other professors.

And immediately after she signaled, the Professors started to retreat and shouted.

"Quickly move to the safe area!"

This voice managed to bring students back to reality. They immediately began running away. The professors led the student while surveying the area for any more danger.

Professor Mia and Professor Theo stayed behind to confront the Devil.

"EH! I was not even finished talking and you had all already started! Quite impatient I must say."

The Devil said. He was as calm as ever without even thinking about going after the students.

"Anyway, let's get started! I must finish this mission properly or else my superiors will be angry at me again."

The Devil raised his hand and shot fire in the sky.

"Servants, go capture those students!"

The Devil commanded.

Instantly many Devil Contractors started appearing and they released their mana aura which was around Rank-A and B and some in their Rank-Cs.


The Professors brandished their weapons while positioning themselves in a way that they can protect the students.

Most students had already fallen into despair, though some were getting ready to fight.

"Hehe… Let's start the party!"-

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