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Parallel Memory Chapter 26 TwitFlick [2]

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Chapter 26 TwitFlick [2]


Good thing, I only tried to condense Ice energy 5% more. If I had condensed more Ice energy then my hand would have blown up.

The timing and control of the mana are very important when condensing the mana.

I tried to condense mana again and again but ended up failing every time.

It is not something that I can learn in a matter of a day. I trained my Sword Art and after that, I went back to my room. I wrote codes for making the app.

The training the next day was also on condensing mana. And the professor was present during our training, she would individually help students.

My turn came after a few minutes.

I tried to condense mana and attack using the Ice Shard but it failed.

[ "You need more control on your Ice energy. How about you train in the Ice room." ]

Professor Mia suggested.

The training room that professor Mia mentioned was the training room that we used when she first took me to train with her. That training room is beneficial for someone like me who uses Ice Magic Art.

[ "Again that punishment. I didn't even do anything wrong this time." ]

I tried to act like I was wrongly accused of something. Last time, because of an argument with professor Mia, she took me to train in that Ice room.

[ "What punishment That Ice room is a great training room for Ice Magic wielders like us. You should be thankful that I allowed you to use it."]

[ " Yes, yes. I know. Training in that room was not the punishment." ]

Yes, training in that room is not the punishment. Training with you is the punishment. Though I didn't directly say to her.

Professor Mia is someone who overdoes training, and her training is extremely difficult. Several students would cry after they went to train with her.

[ "It is okay if you understand. You should go train there for a few days." ]

Looks like she didn't get the hidden meaning behind my answer. If not, she wouldn't have let me go so easily.

Whatever, I left the Magic classroom and went to the Ice room.

The Ice-room was empty as expected. It is rare for people to train with this type of method. I set the temperature to -50 degrees and circulated my mana.

This type of routine continued for a week. In the practical class, I would train in the Ice room and after that, I would build the app.

Creating something that was already built is nothing too hard.

In other world, I have built similar apps so it was nothing too difficult to remake it. The only thing different was programming language though after learning the syntax it was fairly a smooth ride.

The app was called TwitFlick, I don't want to have a copyright strike on my app. Just kidding there is no Facebook is in this world.

I have launched TwitFlick the next day which is on Monday. I also advertise my app through the newspaper. The advertisement fee was 5000 Ethan coins. Ah… My heart, I am only left with 2000 Ethan coins.

If I don't make some money off this app then I would be back to the start line. I would become poor and I would need to spend more time going to the dungeon to earn money.

I had created a website for launching the app. There is no google play store in this world.

I have checked the app website on the first day after launching the app and only 100 people had downloaded it.

After that, I waited for three days and many people have reviewed my app.

[ 'There is nothing in this app. Where are the information and news I deleted this app after a minute. Guys don't download. Waste of money.' ]


[ 'I tried this app but it is just a messaging app. No need to waste money by downloading this app, we already have **S. I just thought it will be different after seeing it on Edolas Time.' ] …

The lack of content discouraged most of the people who used the app first. They were mostly users who thought this was news or information-giving app.

[ 'I don't know about other features in the app but I am enjoying this Flying Slime.' ]

[ 'Flying Slime is a frustrating game. I have only scored 20 points at most.' ]

[ 'Haha… 20 points I got 30 points in the first try.' ]

[ 'Who is this NoobMaster64 that is first in the leaderboard He must have cheated, how can he get 115 points I only have 40 points.' ] …

Oh, I remember I had also added a game in the app as an extra feature. I wanted to add something to keep the user engaged and games are a great way to do it.

[ "It was a copy. Ahem… I mean it is a game inspired by Flappy Bird game." ]

The game was simple to make but it was really fun. This world has little things to do to pass the time and playing Flying Slime is a great way to pass the time.

It is also because at the start, without some user posting the video and other content, there will be nothing to do in this app. So, I added this game to TwitFlick to keep the user engage.

[ 'Hello I am an expert in reviewing the apps. I had low expectations for this app, thinking it was your typical everyday app. The reason I install it was just because I saw this in the newspaper. But I couldn't be more wrong. This app is unlike every other app I have used. Not only can you message your friends but you can also post your video and news. I laughed for an hour after watching a video of some people. One video was also about some Explorer fighting the Wolf-type monster. It is an innovative app, not your bland app. Not to mention I am in 8th place on the leaderboard of Flying Slime. Low key bragging…' ]

[ 'I used this app and added my old classmate. I am fricking jealous of his house. He posted about his career and posted a photo of his mansion. Anyway, I had chatted with my friend for hours using this app. Thrilled to chat with him.' ]

In a matter of a week, the app became popular. I had expected it to make some money for me but I didn't expect it to make this much.

This world doesn't have the concept of ads in-app, so I can only put a price on my app. The price was 5 Ethan coins for the first thousand downloads and afterward; it was 10 Ethan coins. I earned around 50,000 Ethan coins in the first week.

It was much more than what I earned going through the dungeon. Not to mention that time I was lucky to get two rare items, if not I would have only gotten 8,000 Ethan coins.

I now understand why many billionaires on the Earth were from Tech companies. You just need to make one successful software to become fricking rich.

Anyway, with the increasing user, My 2000 Ethan coins server will not be able to take the load. I need to create a company with professional software engineers and have them keep things intact.

I also had the option of selling the software to a big company. These past few days, many companies have given me an offer to buy TwitFlick. The highest offer was 1 million Ethan coins.

F**K IT! One million for TwitFlick With this app, I am going to become a multi-Billionaire and you want it for one million. I would have been more tempted if it was one billion Ethan coin, however, one million NO WAY.

Though I wouldn't necessarily blame those guys. Who can expect this app to generate billions of Ethan coins It is only out for the first week and they don't know what is in store for the future of the app. It could very well become unpopular after some weeks.

But I know the potential of this app, so selling this app to another company was a no-go. I decided to create a company. I needed to do it now or in the future. I will not stop at TwitFlick.

I had to use the full potential of the Rank-SS Skill. There are lots of things I could introduce this in the world. Windows, Apple, Amazon, KFC, McDonald's, and Tesla.

Wait, wait, wait … let us not go in too deep. Having money is good but my priority should be increasing my strength. The apps are only for assisting that purpose.

But I also feel like I should continue developing technologies. Maybe because of my love of technology and dream of joining a Tech company in the other world. I was someone who is always immersed in tech stuff in the other world.

Maybe here, my alternative self dream would be fulfilled.-

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