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Parallel Memory Chapter 27 The Second Incident

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Chapter 27 The Second Incident

The company registration took about a week. I had to rent an office and hire employees. The work I had to put in was very high.

At that time I was so busy that I forgot about the events in the novel.

The second incident in the novel began.

[ "You think you are a big deal now that you're famous."]

[ "You don't have respect for the senior. When seniors are speaking to you, you should stand up." ]

[ "Why don't you prove yourself in a duel Let's see whether you really deserve your fame or not" ] ...

The reason for this incident is, first the seniors' jealousy of Hiro due to the fame that Hiro got and second, professor William.

It was Professor William who initiated the incident to maintain the supremacy of the nobles. He used the students of second years which he is the homeroom teacher, to make trouble with Hiro.

The attention that a common boy got had gotten to the professor's Williams nerve and instructs them to harass Hiro.

Following their warning and some trash-talk with Hiro, Slyvia spoke.

[ "Why don't you senior leave Our class is about to start." ]

[ "Why the heck do I leave. Who are yo..." ]


The one who was the leader of the group slapped the one who responded to Sylvia.

[ "Haha. This guy doesn't know about you, Mrs. Sylvia. please don't mind him. We will listen to miss and leave. Hiro, I didn't think the one in the rumor who fought Rank-D Devil Contractor was someone who hide behind a girl." ]

Looks like the leader knows Sylvia and her background. The group left Hiro alone.

As I was watching them make an incident and leave, I thought it had nothing to do with me.

One of the seniors turned towards me and tapped on the shoulder of the senior in the middle who was the leader of the group.

[ "Oh. Who do we have here The Romeo of our school. I heard you have no respect for the seniors and teachers. I heard you quarreled with our teacher." ]

[ "I heard you are also a capable person. Why don't we exchange some moves on the duel ring." ]

I was stunned by their approach. I thought they only came to make trouble with Hiro like in the novel.

However, looks like professor William has kept the grudge from before. I had ignored him, denying him the opportunity to act cool in front of professor Mia last time.

They were provoking me into fighting them but I ignored them. They were at least E ranked, and I don't want to draw any more attention. And it is not like they can just start a fight. If they did attack me, they will be expelled.

This is the reason why they insulted Hiro and forced Hiro to accept their challenge. They can't beat me until I agree to their duel.

[ "Why don't you come out and fight us in the ring or is it that the student of this class is all cowards like Hiro." ]

Along with Hiro, William appears to have told these students to cause trouble for me. Not only that since I and Hiro are not accepting their challenges, they choose to mock everyone out here.

This is not only to create tension between the class and me & Hiro but also to create pressure on us to compel us to accept the challenge.

Their plan was indeed successful.

I remember that the students in our classroom would look at me with disdain in their eyes and whisper to each other, but come on, you know as well as I do that for us, this much noise can be heard with our ears.

[ "Dare to anger professor but doesn't dare to accept the challenge." ]

[ "Hmph. He has nothing but a pleasant mouth. Only knows how to pick up girls and fight but doesn't dare to accept the consequences." ]

They even went so far as to block my way and tell me I should accept the challenge and not shame our class. It was primarily Flash and his friend.

[ "One's a coward, always a coward. I heard he fought with Devil Contractors but guess that's just a rumor. He doesn't even have guts to accept the challenge from others." ]

[ "We were called cowards because of two chickens of our class. Even if you lose, you should have accepted the challenge." ]

The students can't vent their anger at the seniors. So they choose to condemn us for making our class look like cowards.

This happened daily from then onwards, the senior boys would come in groups and harass Hiro and me.

Afterward, they will insult the class and leave, but our classmates instead of helping us will blame us for the trouble seniors make.

It made my and Hiro's position in class lower. However, I don't care what they think and I was already pretty close to being the lowest person in our class hierarchy so it doesn't matter if my reputation becomes less favorable.

However, it was a different story for Hiro. He used to be flocked by other students but now no one comes close to him except Sylvia, Lisa, and Zion.

They are either afraid to offend the other party (professor William and senior student) or they don't want to be involved in his mess.

Sylvia and Lisa had the option to intervene in this matter but chose not to do so. This is because they know that these people are simply following orders from above, and intervening will only make matters more complicated.

The bullying continued but I didn't give a damn at all. I was busy purchasing more level-up potions and managing my company.

After drinking all those level-up potions, I feel I will reach Rank-E by the end of the week.

On the company side, I had one of the employees manage the worker and told him to report to me only when a problem arises.

The supervisor of the employees I appointed is a middle-aged man of 46 years old who used to be employed by one of the Diamond graded guilds.

Aiden always dreamed of creating something like my app TwitFlick, but his proposal was always rejected by the guild, which told him to focus on the software for attacking and defending the guild.

So, when I launched my app, he was very excited and was astonished at the features of my app. So, when he saw the ads saying that the TwitFlick founder was looking for an employee, he immediately joined the company.

I saw his plan and was impressed by his innovative mind. It was only through the memory of other worlds that I built TwitFlick. If not, I wouldn't have been able to come up with such an impressive app.

However, Aiden who doesn't have such a memory was able to think of such things is absolutely impressive. Not only did he help me in establishing the company office, but he also helped me to set up a bigger server, so I had no problem keeping him in charge of this company.

Not to mention he was the oldest among my employee. Others were all new graduates from the software engineer school.

Most senior developer won't leave their previous job for a completely new company. Aiden was a rare case and a lucky one at that for me.

After deducting the cost of hiring a new employee and setting up the company office, I still got 60,000 Ethan coins. Around 40,000 were kept as operating costs, and the rest to buy level-up potions.

Anyway, the incident is escalating day by day and Hiro could no longer hold himself back. Well, the reason he refused such challenges was that they were too weak to serve as challenges for Hiro.

However, since they were constantly disturbing him and the entire class, he accepted the challenge to stop them from disturbing him. The challenge was officially scheduled for next week.

The duel needed professor supervision and permission from the school. So, it takes time for it to be approved.

[ "Hehe so you finally accepted the duel. We will have a two on two fight. I and Rowan will fight you and Zero.]

He pointed his finger at me.

[ "What" ]

Me When did I agree to join in your little fight

[ "I didn't agree on that duel." ]

[ "Hehe. No need for your permission. Professor told us to let you experience fighting with your friend. Cooperation is effective when fighting a stronger enemy." ]

In other words, professor William agreed to give permission and also told you to beat me in the duel. Can you guys be any more reasonable

[ "I alone have agreed on your challenge, why are you dragging another student into this" ]

[ "We are doing this for junior's benefit. In the winter tournament, cooperation is vital in the battle and we want to teach you those skills earlier on." ]

Basically, you want to beat us both, and since we're just first-years, we can't really cooperate well with each other while you and your teammates can, which increases your chances of winning.

[ "But..." ]

Before Hiro could reply, I told them.

[ "No problem, I will participate. " ]

It would be difficult for one of them to even beat us in one on one battle, and it will be impossible for them to defeat us in team battles since it is where my skills truly shine.

I should beat them so hard that they don't mess with the other people in the future.-

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