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Parallel Memory Chapter 31 Result Of Your Action

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Chapter 31 Result Of Your Action

Hiro was getting beaten by Lucas and Rowan. Hiro tried to attack them with his sword but Lucas and Rowan were able to block his attacks. If it kept on like this, Hiro would lose.

[ "Hah… Hah… Hah…" ]

He was almost out of mana and he was in so much pain that his body was trembling. It was a miracle that he hadn't lost consciousness yet.

Suddenly, a huge ice wall came between him and Lucas & Rowan. They were shocked to see a giant wall appear.

[ "Ugh! What is this" ]

As a result of the Ice Wall, the two fell to the ground.


I saw Hiro get attacked by Lucas and Rowan.

[ "Ice Wall!" ]

I created an Ice Wall between Hiro and the seniors. I could have chosen to sneak attack but against them, there was no need.

You might think I am underestimating them but I am not.

The only reason why these two weaklings are winning is that Hiro doesn't want to accidentally kill them.

However, I will not be as lenient as Hiro. They were the ones looking for trouble. I won't show mercy.

I approached Hiro to help him, and I watched his trembling, exhausted body taking in deep breaths. His eyes were half-closed, and he was panting heavily.

[ "Hah… Hah. Sorry, I messed up." ]

[ "No, you did well. I show you how to deal with this trashes. The only way to sober up these guys is to beat them to death." ]

I glared at Lucas and Rowan who were rushing towards us. They were still in a berserk state, they were hell-bent on killing Hiro.

Lucas who was faster than Rowan was the one who reached first. I parried his attack and when he was pushed back, I used the sword hilt to strike on his head.

Lucas's body was blown away by my full-strike attack and his head was knocked to the ground. While Lucas was down, Rowan came to attack me with his sword.

I used my sword to block his attack and pushed him to the ground. I didn't have time to wait for Rowan to get up. I merely kicked him to the ground. It took just three hits to deal with them. They were not moving at all.

I know they were strong but they stood no chance against me. They were too exhausted from fighting with Hiro.

There was no way they could defeat someone who had full stamina. Their berserk state was also declining. Even if I stand here for a minute or two, they will still fall down on their own.

[ "Now, shall we continue our fun." ]


Just when everyone thought that Hiro was going to lose, a giant Ice wall appeared between them. The one who appeared was someone they ignored for the entire match.

Hiro's duel partner from the first year, Zero. They were surprised by his appearance and some who thought it was Two vs One was confused. They thought Zero was interfering with the duel.

[ "Who is he" ]

[ "He is the other participant in this duel. I thought he was too scared to fight, but he has proved me wrong. The first-year students are too strong." ]

[ "How could Lucas and Rowan both have been knocked out by him. It's unbelievable." ]

[ "That's unexpected. I thought he was a weakling." ]

[ "Maybe. I think that he is top 3 in the first year." ]

[ "First year's strength is no joke! How can a first-year beat two second-years! It's ridiculous!" ]

[ "You guys should not underestimate the first year. They are already as strong as us. They are after all The Golden Generation." ]…

There was an uproar among the crowd. They were surprised by the power of the first-year students. At first, Hiro overpowered two seniors and now, even a no-name first-year can instantly knock out two powerful second-year students.

Their views on first-year students changed. They have to give them proper respect. They thought the Golden Generation thing was overrated until they saw this match. The sense of superiority that they had when they looked at the first-year students has changed.

But it was not only second-year students who were surprised but also first-year students. Especially Lisa who is in the same class as Zero.

She knows that Zero is in Rank-F or E -. She didn't think he would be this strong. Even if the seniors were tired of fighting with Hiro, the strength and speed of Lucas and Rowan when attacking Zero suggest that they still had Rank E peak power.

However, Zero still easily knocked down Lucas and Rowan. It means that Zero is at least at Rank-E or above.

It was difficult to believe, but the scene in front of her eyes was undeniable.

[ "Zero! Go for it!" ]

One of the students yelled at Zero. Suddenly, the classmates who have been watching the duel started to root for Zero.

[ "Yeah! Zero! Show your strength!" ]

[ "Ahh! He is Rank-E !" ]

They had no idea who Zero was, but the first-years cheered for him. They were astonished and excited by the fact that a first-year student could beat two seniors who used berserk pills.

Earlier, Lucas and Rowan used the berserk pill to increase their power and beat Hiro. They were frustrated by the fact that the seniors were winning using unfair means. Zero knocking down Lucas and Rowan has appeased their frustration.


Hiro was still breathing heavily but he started to calm down. He was almost out of breath but when he saw Lucas and Rowan lying on the ground, he was surprised. Hiro turned around and looked at me.

[ "I see." ]

It was like he was talking to himself. He seemed to have realized something.

I was about to approach Lucas and Rowan to continue my "torture" when I felt a gaze on me.

Lucas and Rowan, who are lying on the ground, are watching me with blank eyes. This is no longer the gaze of an enemy. They were looking at me with pure fear and despair.

Looks like the effect of the berserk pill has worn off. The fact that they did not attack me as soon as they saw me and that they exhibited fear indicates that the effect has worn off.

I smiled at them. I was happy that they were regaining their rationality. It is more satisfying to beat a conscious individual than a mindless idiot.

[ "Seniors, let's have some fun!" ]

I walked towards them. Lucas and Rowan quickly got up and positioned themselves in fighting stances.

[ "If you tell me who incited you all to make trouble with me, I might forgive you." ]

Lucas or Rowan can't bring together so many second-years just to harass Hiro and me. It must be someone influential. I suspect professor William but it could also be another person.

I don't trust every piece of information in the novel. I should ask them to verify the information.

[ "Humph! Just because you landed a lucky punch, don't think you have already won." ]

[ "You should apologize to us and we may forgive you. Or else my father will not spare you." ]

[ "Oh. Not the answer I want." ]

I need to teach them a lesson they won't forget. During this time, they will feel the pain of getting killed. They need to know the fear of death. That way, they will think thrice before doing something stupid again.

I flashed towards Lucas and punched him in the abdomen. I knee strike him on the face. Then I elbowed him on the back.

Lucas fell to the ground and started to cry, holding his face as if he had a toothache. He held his face and continued to squirm.

[ "Ugh!" ]

Rowan stopped for a second but I didn't give him the chance to attack. I kicked the back of his knee, making him kneel on the ground. He couldn't move anymore.

[ "Hahhh… Hah… F-Ferk…" ]

Rowan was in pain, but I didn't give him a chance to rest. I struck him repeatedly with my sword hilt. He was shouting in agony.

[ "Noooo…." ]

I used my other hand to grab his hair and I lifted his head up. I pounded his face on my knee. And I kicked his head too. I kept pounding his face. Lucas was watching while laying on the floor.

Lucas was injured and could not move easily. I grabbed Lucas' collar and picked him up. I kicked Lucas' stomach and sent him flying.

Lucas flew a few meters away and landed on the ground. Lucas screamed and was holding his stomach. I ignored Lucas and turned my attention to Rowan.

[ "I will ask again who sent you to harass me." ]


The students were shocked and scared after watching Zero brutalize Lucas and Rowan. Lucas & Rowan's friends and admirers were angry at Zero.

[ "He beat Lucas and Rowan using unfair means." ]

[ "He is a coward! He attacked them when they were tired after fighting Hiro." ]

[ "Look what he did to Lucas's handsome face. I will never forgive him." ]

Those students started to yell at Zero.

[ "What unfair means Eating a berserk pill Only shameless seniors do that." ]

[ "Why don't you open your eyes and see who is cheating" ] …

Their shouts were met with the voice of other students. They were criticizing the seniors. Both sides were busy yelling at each other.


[ "Why did you come to harass us" ]

[ "I-I came with my own will." ]

I grabbed Rowan's head by his hair and pounded it at the ground.

[ "And you want me to believe it" ]

[ "I-It's the truth." ]

It's not like I can't believe him. It's just that I don't believe him.

[ "I repeat, why did you come to harass me" ]

[ "B-because you are a first-year. You shouldn't have messed with our professor." ]

[ "Such a petty reason. You really pissed me off." ]

I lifted Rowan's chin and looked at him straight in the eye. Rowan was shaking his head frantically.

[ "I beg you. Please don't kill me… I-I will do anything… Please don't kill me…" ]

[ "Humph" ]

I kicked him off the stage. I don't think he is going to give me any information. I still have to deal with another person.

Lucas is still moaning on the ground. I grabbed Lucas and lifted him up.

[ "Now, time for some question-answer session." ]

I smiled and said this in a friendly manner. Lucas's face turned pale. He was being tortured but he still doesn't want to die. Lucas was terrified.

I felt sorry for him. It's not like I am going to kill him. He should be grateful.

I beat him in the same manner as Rowan and asked the question again.

[ "It is because Hiro was acting too arrogant." ]

[ "I don't believe you." ]

[ "I-I'm telling the truth. Please let me go. I'll do anything." ]

[ "I'll show you the truth." ]

I grabbed Rowan's wrist and swung him like a piece of cloth while also banging him on the ground.

[ "Ah… Ah…" ]

[ "Ah! Ah! Ah!" ]

[ "Ah! Ah! Ah!" ]

Finally, I swung him out of the ring.


I coldly glared at Lucas and Rowan and said in a loud voice.

[ "This is the result of your action!" ]-

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