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Parallel Memory Chapter 34 Invitation [2]

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Chapter 34 Invitation [2]

Professor Mia soon entered the class and as usual, took attendance. She started saying something but I couldn't focus because of sleepiness.

I leaned back, closed my eyes, and relaxed. I put my hands behind my head and crossed my legs. I was relaxed. Soon I dozed off.

I was so tired from skipping sleep the night before so I took a nap in class. I was comforted as if I were in heaven before a voice disturbed me.

The voice was beautiful and seemed like the call of heaven until it grew loud and dangerous.

[ "Zero. ZERO ELEA!" ]

[ "Huh" ]

I slowly opened my eyes to see that Professor Mia was standing in front of my eyes. She was smiling but I could feel the black aura surrounding that smile.

I realized I had accidentally dozed off after Professor Mia finished taking attendance.

[ "You sure are relaxed to be sleeping in my presence. After class, Immediately come to my office." ]

As she said, she left the class.

As she did, everyone got back to their own business. The lesson started and the teacher droned on about the lesson like always.

I focused on the lecture about the history of Edolas and the conflict between humans and other species. I found the lecture boring so I started to doze off again.

Unlike Professor Mia, Professor Emma would focus on delivering the lecture without caring whether students were paying attention.

The class finished in the afternoon.


To be sleeping when Professor Mia was there, what a blunder.

I gathered my belongings and left the classroom. I walked out of the classroom and headed to Professor Mia's office.


[ "Come in!" ]

The office was a tidy one. When I walked into the room, it felt so empty that it seemed like no one was there. The desks and chairs had been arranged neatly. The book box on the wall was filled with books and papers.

As I walked in, I saw Professor Mia reading a book.

[ "Good afternoon, miss" ]

She looked at me. She dropped her book on the table.

[ "Do you know why I brought you here" ]

[ "Because I was sleeping in the class. I do apologize for that." ]

[ "It is good that you are aware of your mistake. Anyway, that's not why I called you here. Do you listen to what I said in the morning" ]

[ "T-that …" ]

I scratched my head. I started to fall asleep before hearing what she was saying.

[ "Hah. Seriously. I was telling the class about the upcoming mid-term exam that is going to be held in one month." ]

[ "Ohh. So what do you want me to do" ]

[ "I know Professor William is making trouble for you. He had been arguing to become a referee of the duel even though it is always selected randomly. I realize why he wanted to become referee when he ignored the rule in that duel." ]

She paused and sighed.

[ "He doesn't like people without background to outdo his students. Hiro, I can understand but I don't know why he is making trouble for you too." ]

( Isn't it because of you. )

[ "Anyway, unlike Hiro, you don't have much recognition from the school. If you could get into the top 10 in the mid-term, you will be more valued by the school and William can't mess with you." ]

[ "Oh…" ]

I started thinking. It was an efficient way to keep Professor William away from me. He was already in trouble due to him ignoring the rules during the duel.

And if he makes trouble for me again, the school will not let him get away with it even if his father is an executive of The Authority.

But Top-10. It would have been impossible if it was two months ago but now I do think I have a chance at getting it. Heck, I might even be in Top-3 if I used all my trump cards.

[ "I will try my best. Whether I get into Top-10 will depend on my strength." ]

Professor Mia looked at me like she had seen through my intention.

If I downright said I would get into Top-10, then it would be like I am admitting that I am strong enough to get it. I don't want others to know my strength.

However, she already knows what happened at BloodyWolf forest and the duel. She knows I was at Rank-E - during the BloodyWolf incident.

She must be thinking that I am still trying to hide my strength. One part of the reason is that and the other part is I am not sure I could get into Top-10.

Power-wise I have a pretty decent chance of getting into Top-10 but I am not sure about the theory part. We need high marks in both to make it into high ranks. I don't want to be embarrassed by saying I will get into the Top-10 only to not achieve it later.

She smiled.

[ "Good. I will be expecting a good result from you." ]

[ "Yes!" ]

Just when I was about to go back, I heard a sound coming from the door.

[ "Professor Mia, I bought you some flo…" ]

It was professor William. He dropped the flowers and stared at me with a stupefied expression. Then he became angry.

[ "Y-You brat. What are you doing here alone with Mia Frostine"]

[ "Huh" ]

I tilted my head. What am I doing I am a student and Professor Mia is my teacher. Of course, I would sometime meet her.

In any case, what are you doing here with a bouquet of flowers It is still class time you know. Though I should be the last person to say that.

[ "Professor William, how dare you to come in without my permission" ]

Professor Mia said with total contempt.

Professor William kept glaring at me. I also returned his glare.

( You think I am afraid of you. )

[ "Hmph!" ]

Professor William started releasing his mana with the intent of pressurizing me.

I started to feel the pressure of the Rank-B aura. If you compare the strength of Rank-E and Rank-B, they will be like a pebble and a boulder.

The pressure started to increase and my legs were wobbling but I refused to kneel.

Professor Mia stood up and formed a shield around me. She looked at William and started releasing her aura.

Her mana aura was even stronger than William's. William's aura started to weaken. He was still glaring at me.

[ "Professor William, what do you think you are doing. Do you think school will let you off for attacking a student" ]

[ "Hmph! I was just trying to teach a rude person a lesson. Don't take it seriously." ]

[ "Humph! You don't have any shame, attacking a student. GET OUT of my office." ]

Professor Mia angrily shouted. She pointed her finger at the door, indicating Professor William to leave.

[ "Now, Now. Don't be so angry. I will not do it again. I have my reason to come here." ]

[ "Humph! I don't have free time like you. Tell me your reason quickly and leave." ]

[ "I want you to be my partner in the upcoming Sophia's Birthday party. I know you have no partner to go with." ]

[ "I decline. I already have a partner to go with." ]

[ "Huh Hehe… Don't lie. Everybody knows you are not close with any men." ]

( Or more like I have threatened every man who pursued you. )

[ "I am not lying. I already have a partner." ]

[ "Huh I don't believe you. If you really have a partner why don't you bring him here"

[ "I am not obliged to do what you say. He will there at the party." ]

[ "Hahaha... Okay. Then let's have a bet. If you really have a partner then I will not pester you anymore. But if you don't have a partner then you will have to go out with me." ]

[ "..." ]

[ "What If you really have a partner then it is no problem for you" ]

[ "Sure, I accept your bet." ]

[ "Then it's a deal. Don't forget to keep your promise." ]

Then Professor William left the office while laughing. He glared at me before he left.

[ "Arghhh…" ]

Professor Mia's grunt startled me. Does she not remember I am still here.

[ "Professor Mia, what happened" ]

[ "Huh" ]

She quickly corrects her posture. She changed into her teacher mode.

[ "Why are you still here" ]

[ "I was waiting for Professor William to leave. Anyway, why are you so aggravated" ]

[ "Didn't you listen to our conversation I have to go out with him if I lose the bet." ]

[ "What's the problem" ]

[ "I don't have a partner." ]

She said in a sulky mood.

[ "Huh Didn't you say you have a partner" ]

[ "I lied." ]

[ "Why If you want to refuse you could have just said you don't want to go with him. Why lie" ]

[ "Humph! What do you know I will be embarrassed If I admit I don't have any partner to go with." ]

[ "Embarrassed" ]

I don't understand what is embarrassing about that. Is going to a party alone embarrassing or having no boyfriend at that age.

[ "Anyway, how are you going to deal with this problem" ]

[ "I don't know." ]

[ "Don't you have any male friends" ]

[ "….."]

I guess not. She is named Ice Enchantress because she has an indifferent attitude towards everyone especially men.

I have not even seen her be friendly with other female teachers, much less seeing her with a male teacher.


Suddenly, she clapped her hands with a smile on her face.

[ "Don't we have this option." ]

As she said that, she held my hands. Her grip was firm, but the pressure of her fingers was so delicate that it felt like she wanted to tickle me. She stared at me with glistering eyes.

[ "EH" ]

( I have a bad feeling about this! )-

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