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Parallel Memory Chapter 38 Fight With Rank-A [2]

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Chapter 38 Fight With Rank-A [2]


The Ice Wall started to shatter until a thin layer of Ice was all that was left. Even that seems to break.


And it did break. However, I was at least able to defend myself from his attack with Ice Wall.

Glenn didn't stop there, he attacked me fiercely, though not as powerful as the previous attack.


I continued defending against his attack with my sword. His attacks were heavy and precise. I got hit here and there while trying to defend but it was not enough to make me fall.

[ "Ice Shard" ]

I tried to counterattack and give myself some time to breathe. However, Glenn easily dodged the attack and gathered his mana on his fist.

He was preparing to launch the strong attack that he had done previously.

[ "Ice Wall" ]


The attack was once again stopped by the Ice Wall.

[ "I didn't think you would have a powerful Magic Art. Powerful Sword Art and Ice Magic, you are surely a talented person. However," ]

The battle barrier was activated once again. The yellow glow shrouded Glenn's body.

[ "You still don't have enough power to beat me." ]

Glenn said with a smirk on his face.

[ "You will see!" ]

Though I said that, I know I can't break his battle barrier with my Ice Magic. Shadow Slash was already my strongest attack and even that failed to break his defense.

However, I still had a trump card.

[ "Dual Art" ]

I continued training the Dual Art after I had recovered from my injuries. Now, I was quite proficient in using it. Though I can still only use it for one or two attacks without suffering from any backlashes.

More than that will make my mana unstable resulting in internal injuries.

[ "Glacial Shadow Slash" ]

This was currently the strongest attack I had in my arsenal. If this didn't work then I can only accept my defeat.


The attack hit his barrier and froze it.

[ "Huh" ]

The barrier was frozen completely. I punched the barrier with all my strength shattering the frozen barrier into pieces. I had managed to land a punch on his abdomen.

[ "Hah... Hah... Hah!" ]

I was exhausted after having to launch the Glacial Shadow Slash. Adding to it, I still had to run and attack him. It was very taxing on my body.

I raised my fist in the air and shouted.

[ "I won!" ]

The whole arena fell into silence. They were still processing what just happened.

A Rank-E broke the defense of the strongest man in their entire guild. It was unbelievable even when you actually saw it with your own eyes.


After a while, the sound of applause resounded the area.

[ "Did you see that He managed to get past the guildmasters defense."]

[ "Even with guildmaster using only Rank-E power, I didn't think he could break it."]

[ "The power at the end manages to exceed Rank-E. I have never thought a Rank-E kid could display such immense strength."] ...


On the Arena.

[ "I won!"]

It was truly a difficult fight. I was too arrogant to think that I could easily win against Rank-A if he limit his power to Rank-E. If this was a serious fight, I would have been dead.

I realize that in a fight; Power, Skill, Stats, and Art are not the only things that matter. Lots of things like experience, reaction speed, and luck also contribute to one's victory.

This time I won because I only had to hit his body with my attack to win and also because he was caught off guard by my last attack.

It is good to be confident in your power but always refrain from becoming overconfident. I was too arrogant in underestimating my opponent due to my insane growth in recent days.

I, now know why many talented young masters are always defeated by MC. It is because they are too overconfident in their abilities. They are not cautious while fighting others.

I feel that this fight has taught me too many things. Being modest, knowing my limit, and advantages of having experience.

( Looks like I need to battle others for the experience. They do say experience is the teacher of all things. )

[ "Winner of this duel, Zero Elea."]

The referee announced the result with a complicated expression.

[ "Haha... I didn't expect you could break my defense. Your last attack was the strongest that I have seen among Rank-E."]

Glenn said with a laugh. Looking at his face, you won't think he had lost. Instead, he seems happy after being defeated.

Maybe he is happy to find that the company owner who wants to invest in them is talented or maybe that the young generation who would lead humanity is strong. Either way, he doesn't seem a tad bit depressed from losing the duel.

[ "Thanks for your compliment. I still have many things to learn from you. This fight was truly an eye-opener."]

[ "Haha... As per the agreement, I am willing to let the guild work under you."]

[ "I will have Aiden send the contract to you. I hope for happy cooperation."]

Yes! I got one of the company problems solved. Now, I can leave the company alone without worrying about other guilds annexing it.

NightShade is one of the strongest Gold-graded guilds in the area after all. You don't want to mess with them just to get a small company like ours. Hopefully, those Silver-graded guilds will stay away from now on.

After going back to the company, we made a contract and signed it. Other than the mana contract, we also had to write a contract which states lots of conditions like helping the company when dealing with others and protection and other stuff which was all handled by Aiden.

After that stuff was done, I was busy preparing to go to the auction house. I still had to get Malus fruit to promote Glenn to S-Rank.

With Glenn's ascension in rank, even other Gold-graded guilds have to be careful before messing with them.


The auction was held the next day. I took Aiden as my assistant and went to the auction. The auction was completed after 4 hours.

My objective of going to auction was fulfilled, though I had to spend quite an enormous amount of Ethans coins.

[ "First on the items that I got was Malus Fruit. It cost me 1.4 million Ethan coins."]


Name: Malus Fruit

Rank: A

Description: Consume to increase the mana capacity of the user. The increased amount depends on the user's rank.

Requirement: Rank-A

Mana Capacity: 5%


[ "The second item was the Magic bracelet. It was around 200 thousand Ethan coins."]


Name: Enchanted Frost Bracelet

Rank: C

Description: The weapon for Ice user created by Enthir. It increases the Ice energy control and increases the power of Ice related attacks.

Magic Attack: 20%


The Magic Bracelet is a rare and unconventional weapon to use. Many Mage prefers staff and wand as they are better than a bracelet.

However, this was exactly the type of weapon that I need. Though it was not popular among the buyer as Magic Art was already rare, not to mention it was for Ice Magic.

Adding to that, Magic Bracelet was a good weapon but not the best. You could get better items at the same price. Like magic wand has better stats compared to the magic bracelet of the same rank.

However, why I bought this was because I could use the bracelet while also wielding my sword. That means I don't have to switch weapons while using different Art.

It was perfect for me. And it was more powerful than the Magic wand I got from school.

[ "Next item that I bought was a spatial ring. It cost me around 250 thousand Ethan coins. Though more expensive than normal storage ring but it has also more space." ]


Name: Spatial ring

Rank: B

Description: The items can store lots of things unless it is a living being. The store in here will also not rot since it is enchanted with magic

Capacity: 100 square meters


Looking at the description of the item, I felt satisfied but when I looked at the storage ring, I frowned.

Whenever I see a storage ring I can't help but remember being scammed.

( That old man, I will remember to take my revenge. )

[ "And the last item is an earring. The artifact was really good for increasing mana capacity. It cost me around 380 thousand Ethan coins, almost double the price of Enchanted Frost Bracelet." ]


Name: Amethyst Earring

Rank: C

Description: There is an increase in the mana capacity of the user. There is also the chance of increasing the charm of the wearer.

Mana Capacity: 15%


Though the Amethyst Earring was the same rank as the Enchanted Frost Bracelet, however, many bidders bid against me for this item.

Unlike Enchanted Frost Bracelet which had limited users, the Amethyst Earring can be used by every person. I finally got it after spending 380 thousand Ethan coins.

The items have all good effects that could drastically boost my strength. The items were all worth every penny.

I went to the training place of NightShade to test the effect of my artifact. Not only is it close to my company, but the training room I can access is also better than what I can get in other places.

I equipped the earring and the bracelet and tried to attack the dummy which could withstand a Rank-D attack.

[ "Dual Art: Ice Sword" ]

I want to know the current strength of me with artifacts equipped.


The head of the dummy was chopped off like a hot knife cutting through butter.

[ "..." ]

I didn't expect my attack power to increase by this much. The artifact was truly amazing, with it my attack power has reached that of typical Rank-D.

I was happy with the effect of the artifacts. With the Enchanted Frost Bracelet, my Ice Magic attacks were on another level and with Amethyst Earring, I could exert more mana.

I practice till midnight. The joy of increasing the power was incredible. However, I remind myself not to be conceit. I still had a long way to go before I can say that I am strong.

The next day, it was the weekend and I planned to help Glenn reach Rank-S. Aiden was able to procure Lilium Flower. Though expensive it was not that rare and is often found in Rank-A dungeons.

I just had to mix Malus fruit with Lilium flower at a ratio of 3:4. I put the mixture into a glass.

I went to see Glenn in NightShade Guild. The guildmaster's office was on the top floor and the receptionist led me the way.

[ "Hello guildmaster Glenn." ]

[ "Hello Zero. What brings you here" ]

[ "I am here to fulfill my contract condition." ]


[ "Contract condition You mean promoting me RANK-S" ]

Glenn stood up banging the table. He looked at me with astonishment and also with a little bit of excitement.

[ "Yes! " ]-

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