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Parallel Memory Chapter 39 Ascension to S-Rank

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Chapter 39 Ascension to S-Rank

[ "Yes!" ]

Glenn stared at me for a while. I waited for his response. I am well aware of his feeling. Nobody can confidently say that they can make someone rank up to S- Rank.

There are some rare potions developed to help promote Rank-B to Rank-A but no method was developed for helping Rank-A ascend to the higher rank.

[ "A-are you sure you can help me" ]

[ "Well, I did promise you that I will ensure you will ascend to S-Rank, didn't I" ]

[ "Well, I ..." ]

( Can you help people promote to Rank-S just because you said you can )

[ "So, what do I have to do in order for me to Rank-up" ]

I took out the mixture from the spatial ring and gave it to Glenn.

[ "Drink this." ]

Glenn took the glass from my hand and stared at it for a while and asked.

[ "T-this is ... This is ..." ]

Glenn looked at it with a serious expression like he have seen gold.

( Wow! Did he feel the power of this mixture Humph! he must have felt this mixture is his ticket to Rank-S)

[ "This is What" ]


I almost ended up falling down listening to what Glenn said. Earlier he was looking at the mixture seriously like he knew what it was.

I had to regain my posture. I strengthen my back.

[ "Ahem! This is the potion that will help you ascend to Rank-S." ]

[ "This drink" ]

[ "Yes! Now, hurry up and go to a room and take this potion. You just need to wait for its effect." ]

He stared at the potion before leaving the office. I along with Vice-guildmaster went with Glenn.

We waited for Glenn outside the room.

After 2 hours.

[ "Will the guildmaster really succeed" ]

[ "Trust me. He will be a new person when he comes out of this room." ]


[ "Huh" ]

There was a sudden burst of mana from the room where Glenn was. The mana aura went from Rank-A to Rank-S.

[ "Looks like he did it." ]

Coming out of the room was the shirtless Glenn. His aura was unstable but it was definitely of Rank-S.

[ "Thank you! I didn't think I could ever reach this rank in my lifetime." ]

Glenn bowed before me. I could feel his sincerity in his word.

[ "That's what I promised." ]

I put my hand on his shoulder and smiled.

[ "Now that you have just been promoted to Rank-S. You need to consolidate your power. I will leave for now." ]

[ "Thank you for your help. Our guild will work hard to pay for this grace." ]

The Vice-guildmaster said to me. I nodded to him and left the guild.

Instead of going to the dorm, I went back to my company. The status of TwitFlick was still the same. Unexpectedly, the CunningSkull guild didn't give up, instead, they increased the way to disrupt our business.

From commenting negatively to slandering our app online and also posting it in news. I didn't expect them to be so persistent.

Though I was running at the loss, I didn't take serious action against them as I had WorldCraft. The WorldCraft prototype was ready and I went to check whether everything was working okay.

[ "Isla, Is the chat system working correctly." ]

I asked the team leader of the WorldCraft developer. She was one of the best programmers in Tech Genesis. Though she was Rank-F like many of my employees, however, she had Rank-E analytical skills which helps her be better at coding than other programmers.

[ "We have tested multiple times and it is working perfectly." ]

[ "Great!" ]

I played the game for an hour and it felt like I was playing the earliest version of Minecraft.

[ "Good! Everything is working perfectly!" ]

We discussed the deployment of the game to the developers. We decided Monday as the launch day of WorldCraft.

After that, I spend the rest of the day on training. I also used all my time on Sunday doing some intensive training.

On Monday.

The WorldCraft was to be launched at noon. We had advertised a lot on TwitFlick and made a wishlist for those who decided to buy the game in advance.

The users on TwitFlick had crossed millions and about 5 % of them had already decided to buy it. The price was only 10 Ethan coins.

I have already made about 500,000 Ethan coins even before releasing the game. This was the power of advertisement in social media.

[ "Hehe..." ]

Just thinking about all the money that I could earn, I can't help but grin. I already experienced the power boosted by having a good artifact. I need more money if I wished to purchase stronger artifacts in the future.


I woke up at 5:00 am and went to Nightshade training room to train and came back to the house at 7:00 am. I took a shower before having breakfast.

I left the room at 7:30 and went to the classroom. The day went by as usual.

I went home at 6:00 pm. I opened my laptop and checked how the sales of WorldCraft were going on. The WorldCraft was downloaded 200,000 times.

I was happy. The sales of WorldCraft were going well. I called Aiden.

[ "Hello! " ]

[ "Hello, Aiden. The sales of WorldCraft are going well. You can add bonuses to the WorldCraft developer and let them rest tomorrow.

[ "Okay, I understand." ]

[ " And also, I can see that CunningSkull has not stopped messing with TwitFlick." ]

[ "Sir, do we ask for assistance from NightShade. We might be able to stop them from disturbing us using NightShade's name." ]

[ "No need to fight back, just keep your focus on WorldCraft right now. Also right now, Guildmaster of NightShade is in the middle of consolidating his new power. We will wait for him to consolidate his power before confronting CunningSkull." ]

[ "Understood!" ]

I thought that CunningSkull would stop their attempt to disrupt our business after we had NightShade as our backer.

If the goal of CunningSkull is to make money, they would have stopped a long ago since they are losing money trying to slander our company.

They were also showing their intent to buy our company. They send some people to negotiate with us though I had declined all of the people.

( Looks like their goal is not money but to obtain my company. Though I still don't understand why they would want to. )

Most of the guild would rather focus on getting the right to dungeons and artifacts than getting a company. The profit generated from the dungeon far surpasses what a typical business can earn.

That is why I don't understand why they would spend so many resources on acquiring my company.

Thankfully, they didn't physically come to make trouble with the company. However, now we have the protection of NightShade. So I don't think they will try to attack my company.

Anyway, the WorldCraft launch was a great success. Even more than TwitFlick which is understandable as TwitFlick was entirely developed and released by me whereas WorldCraft was backed by the entire company.

Now that I have people who had to spend their time dealing with bugs, make more refinement and also have a team who were specialized in the advertisement.

I didn't advertise only on TwitFlick. We had newspaper and even TV ads to announce the release of WorldCraft. The cost has easily crossed 100,000 Ethan coins.

However, the greatest news that day was not about the launch of our game though. The hottest news was about NightShade's guildmaster breaking through S-Rank, making him enter the ranks of Heroes.

I clicked on the news of Edolas Newstime which is my preferred news channel.

[ 'Last night, we heard a piece of incredible news from our source stating that we have a new S-Rank. The person who had broken through is Glenn, the guildmaster of NightShade. Their guild was on collapse since their failure in Obelisk Tower but now looks like they will be rising. Let us ask the expert of his opinion on this sudden ascension of Glenn.' ]

[ 'Good evening! The ascension of Glenn was too sudden. Glenn is a talented individual but his potential was only limited to Rank-A. I didn't expect him to make a breakthrough. He must have gotten an opportunity in Obelisk Tower.' ] ...

The people who are in S- Rank are less than 200 in the entire Humalia Domain. Ascension of S-Rank was great news as it means that humans are becoming more powerful.

Looks like NightShade is going to be in limelight for quite a time. There must be many guilds and companies who would want to work with NightShade now that Glenn is in Rank-S.

Can you believe that the guild which was on the verge of bankruptcy a few days ago is rising This was the charm of S-Rank. The fame of guilds with S-Rank heroes was completely different than those guilds that didn't have S-Rank heroes.

NightShade is currently working under me. I can use them to advertise my apps. Glenn could say a few words about TwitFlick and all the attempts of CunningSkull to defame TwitFlick will all wash away.

While I was thinking about using the fame of Glenn, suddenly the doorbell rang.


I went to see who was at the door. I opened the door and it was an envelope with the sender as Aiden. I took the envelope and went back to the room.

I called Aiden.

[ "Hello, Aiden!" ]

[ "Hello, Sir!" ]

[ "Aiden, what is the envelope that you send me" ]

[ "Ah! I completely forgot to inform you. Sir, do you know the about Silverblade guild." ]

[ "Silverblade" ]

I pondered for a moment. I felt like I have heard this name but I can't remember it.

[ " Nothing rings a bell." ]

[ "It is a Diamond-graded guild who is headed by Crazy Sword, a Rank-S who is ranked 34th in heroes ranking." ]

[ "Oh! What about it" ]

[ "Apparently, the birthday of Sophia, the child of Crazy Sword is on Friday. They sent us their invitation card." ]

( Ah! The party that I need to attend. I didn't think they will send an invitation to my company. )

[ "Any reason that they sent this invitation to our company I don't think Diamond-graded guild will be interested in our little company." ]

[ "Sir, about that, I don't know. They just send their invitation card." ]

[ "Hmmm" ]

It was strange for them to send us an invitation card. We don't have any relation between us.

I opened up the envelope which had a black card. evidently the invitation card.

Even without Professor Mia, looks like I needed to attend this party inevitably. I can't exactly reject when a Diamond-graded guild has sent in their invitation.

I tried to remember the major events in the novel. But there was no mention of anything special happening on the birthday of Sophia.

Obviously, MC and others are also invited. Sylvia, Zion, and Lisa are all sons and daughters of important figures. Hiro Ernest was obviously invited because their guild is interested in recruiting him.

Even if recruitment fails, they still would like to form a friendship with Hiro because of his potential. Though in the novel, only them attending the party was mentioned.

No description about any accident or events happening. I can relax if it was like that. The less the novel mentions something, the less dangerous it is.

Since the novel only had MC and his friends attending the party. It means nothing happened there.


( Still, I would have liked to avoid attending the party. I don't like being with a huge crowd. )

[ "Aiden, order a suit for me." ]-

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