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Parallel Memory Chapter 42 The Birthday Party [3]

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Chapter 42 The Birthday Party [3]

[ "Who do we have here Isn't this our school belle. How have you been Mia" ]

A mature woman wrapped in a tight, red dress that thoroughly hugged her exquisite body asked Mia in a friendly way.

[ "Good! How is your work going on" ]

Professor Mia answered. Even if she usually has an aloof expression, when meeting friends after such a long time, she can't help but smile.

[ "It is going in a good direction. Being in The Authority is not easy, I have to regularly fight with Devil Contractors and go on long expeditions." ]

She thought about the hardship under The Authority and sighed.

[ "Who was the boy with you I have never seen him before." ]

The one who asked her was a girl who seem to come from an aristocratic family. Waving her fan around elegantly.

[ "Of course, he is my partner." ]

[ [ [ "Partner" ] ] ]

[ "I didn't expect the Ice Enchantress who fearless killed thousands of monsters to have this kind of taste in men. Many men must be bleeding in their heart." ]

[ "Aren't you worried about your partner being killed by your admirers. As I can see, he seems to be less than age 20." ]

[ "They can try if they have the power. Don't underestimate him just because he is young, I estimate he will reach A-Rank in less than 5 years." ]

[ "A-Rank in 5 years What is his age right now" ]

[ "15." ]

[ "15 5 years from now on means 20 years. You mean he is more talented than you. Is he Hiro, the one who is recognized as having more potential than you But I remember him having black eyes." ]

She has seen the information about Hiro at the headquarters of The Authority. However, the physical description of Hiro doesn't match Mia's partner.

[ "He is not Hiro. His name is Zero Elea, a fairly unknown student but I believe his name will shine sooner or later." ]

Professor Mia answered calmly. She truly believed in what she said.

[ "Mmm. Seriously I can't believe that there is someone more talented than you. I think even that Hiro is less talented than you, not to mention this unknown boy. Well, we could always know their limit in the future." ]

While the girls were having a happy conversation, somebody was not delighted. That somebody is Professor William.

The moment Zero came with Professor Mia holding her hand, Professor William's mood was filled with rage.

He didn't only lose the chance to become the partner of Mia but the student who he despises was holding hand with his woman.

His friends also knows that William has been chasing Mia for years. They can see that he is not happy at the moment. So, they refrain from making any comment about Mia, in case William gets agitated by their words.

Justin Scott, a friend of William, wanted to take this chance to suck up to William.

Although William is not that powerful but his father was an executive of The Authority. Just having Williams owe him means that he could use William's influence in the future.

Justin Scott went over to William while holding a glass of wine.

[ "Lord William, do you know the boy that came with Ice Enchantress" ]

Justin first inquired about the boy, to get intel about him. He wouldn't mess with him if he had powerful backing.

[ "Hmph! Just a nobody." ]

Justin was reassured by William's reply. Justin didn't see him in any other influential party and William said he was a nobody. So, Justin proceeded with his plan.

[ "Lord William, Do you want me to chase him away from this party" ]

[ "Mmm" ]

Professor William thought for a second. He had understood Justin Scott's objective that is to gain his favor.

He could effortlessly make Zero go away but he was already been warned for neglecting rules by Ace Academy. If there was news that he beat students then he would surely be fired from his job.

Although his father was an executive of The Authority, however, Ace Academy principal was also of the same rank as his father.

And Ace Academy also has the backing of The Authority, so he can't just use the power of his father recklessly.

[ "All right!" ]

( Getting me to owe him nothing compared to him wanting to see Zero suffer. )

He had previously failed to teach Zero a lesson but he didn't think much of it.

Now, Zero is taking his woman. He didn't care much about other things, as long as Zero disappears from this party.


[ "Who are you" ]

[ "I am Justin Scott. I have never seen you before. How did you get invited to this party." ]

[ "" ]

Justin Scott Who is this guy I have never heard his name but from the way he speaks, I don't think he came with good intention.

[ "I came with Mia Frostine." ]

I replied. With Mia Frostine's power, most people wouldn't dare to mess with her associates, or so I thought.

[ "With Ms. Mia. Heh... Boy, I don't think you have the qualification to be with Ms. Mia. Can you show me your Invitation card or else I will need you to leave the party." ]

(Huh What is this guy blabbering Do you think you own this place I can tell just by looking at his attitude that he is William's lackey, coming to make trouble with me. )

Anyway, I decided to ignore this guy. Just looking at him, I know that this guy is nothing important.

I continued drinking juice without saying anything to him. Even if I explain, he would not listen to me.

[ "Yo-You... How dare you not take this young master seriously" ]

Zero has unknowingly touched the nerve of Justin Scott. Justin Scott is the son of a Gold-graded guild, however, he didn't have the talent of his father.

His age is 30 and he is still in rank-D. It is quite average and many of his same age is also in Rank-D.

This would be considered normal for others but he was the son of Rank-A . With the resources provided to him by his parents, he could have at least reached Rank-C by now.

But sadly, his talent was below average. Without resources provided by his father, he would be just a normal human with Rank-F power.

As a kid, when he entered school. Many people would not take him seriously, because of his weak talent. Unlike servants of his family, other students would not listen to his order which greatly upset him.

He would use his father's influence to invite strong fighters to break the legs of those who he didn't like.

However, people of strong background and good talent would still ignore him. He would be treated as insignificant by people who had a more powerful background than him.

Therefore, fr getting ignored is the greatest humiliation to him. It means that he is seen as inferior by the other party.

[ "You will regret this" ]

Justin Scott unleashed his Mana Aura trying to suppress Zero. He felt that he could easily intimidate him easily with his mana aura given Zero was only at Rank-E.

However, no one in that group moved or felt uncomfortable by this aura. Sylvia, Lisa, Zion, Hiro, and Zero were all strongest among Rank-E. They would not be suppressed by merely Rank-D aura.

Justin tried increasing the intensity of his aura but it has no effect. The biggest humiliating thing about this situation was that Zero didn't even bother looking at him during this whole ordeal.

He was still nonchalantly drinking his drink. This made him angrier, and he even forgot why he was there.

Previously, it was to gain the favor of Professor William but now it had turned into a personal grudge.

[ "Good, Good! I tried to peaceful make you leave but you didn't take the opportunity. Guards!" ]

He knows that he can't recklessly make trouble in the event hosted by the Diamond-graded guild. However, it will not harm him if he makes Zero leave using their guards.

Two-man in black suits and sunglasses appeared quickly. Every guard of Silverblade at this party was Rank-C and above.

[ "What can we do for you, young master Justin Scott." ]

[ "This guy doesn't have an invitation card. I want you to throw him out." ]

[ "Th-This we can't do. We have seen him come with Ms. Mia. We can't offend the guest of the Ice Enchantress." ]

Though Justin Scott is someone that their guild wants to be on good terms. However, offending Ice Enchantress was not worth the favor of Justin whose only merit was his background.

Ice Enchantress; Not only an individual who is assessed with SSS-Rank potential but also her parent's guild is a Diamond-graded guild on par with Silverblade.

Offending Justin is nothing serious to Silverblade. Justin is not talented and even their guild is nothing in front of Silverblade.

However, offending the Ice Enchantress may lead to them losing their life.

[ "What You leave the unauthorized person to stay Did you not hear what I said Throw him out!" ]

Justin shouted angrily. Getting ignored by an unknown boy and getting refused by a mere guard was infuriating him.

[ "Younger master Justin, we suggest you leave him alone. He is the guest of Ice Enchantress, you need to seriously worry about your life if you offend her partner." ]

This time the guard seriously warned Justin. It was in their interest to have the conflict end here and now.

[ "Ice Enchantress..." ]

Justin though arrogant knows that he can't offend Mia. Even his father can't protect him if she decides to kill him.

He forgot about her due to William saying that Zero was a nobody. Though he might not have any powerful background but he had the backing of Ice Enchantress. That was enough reason for many people to stop messing with Zero.

[ "Argh!" ]

Justin was panicking and thinking about withdrawing.

[ "Even if he came with Mia, so what This party is hosted by Silverblade and he needs an Invitation card to enter." ]

Professor William said. He thought that Justin would be able to handle Zero himself since Justin was very eager to help him.

But turns out he is incapable of everything except being humiliated.

[ "How can we let some unknown man stay with us. What if he had malicious intent towards us. As the guard, it is your duty to guarantee our safety." ]

[ "Th-This..." ]

It is easy to deal with Justin. Even if he is unsatisfied, it wouldn't matter to them. However, Professor William was different.

He is the son of one of the executives of The Authority. They would be blamed by the guildmaster if they upset William.

[ "Young master William. Sorry, but we can't really afford to offend Ms. Mia. Please, let the matter rest here." ]

[ "Huh You mere guard dare to defy my words." ]

William started releasing his B-Rank aura. He was not afraid of offending Silverblade. With his father's position, he would not be implicated.

[ [ "Urghh!" ] ]

The two guards were Rank-C and were struggling to stand on their feet.

Many sensed the mana aura released by Professor William and started looking at that place. A crowd slowly started to form around Zero and Professor William.

I didn't expect William to be so imprudent. Attacking the guards of Silverblade was similar to disrespecting them.

I wanted to help the guards because it only happened to them due to them defending me. But being only at Rank-E, I can't do anything to Rank-B.

Professor William glared at me and increase his intensity. He seems to be conveying a message to me; 'This is what happens when you cross me.'

Though I don't know why Professor William didn't directly attack me. Knowing what kind of character he is in the novel and from what I have seen till now, Professor William was a shameless and petty person.

He didn't care who his opponent is, he will use every kind of dirty trick to make his enemy suffer.

Suddenly, a protective barrier appeared in front of the two guards.

[ "William, don't treat this place as your home. Do you think you can do anything just because of your father" ]

A girl wearing a pink-colored dress came out from the crowd.

Both the guards excitedly shouted.

[ [ "Young Lady!" ] ]-

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