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Parallel Memory Chapter 43 The Birthday Party [4]

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Chapter 43 The Birthday Party [4]

Mia Frostine was talking to her friends when they felt someone releasing their aura.

[ "Huh Who dares to unleash their mana aura in Silverblade party" ]

They all looked in the direction of where the aura was coming from.

[ "Hey look, it is William. I think he is making trouble for your little lover~." ]

In the mind of Julia, Mia's lover should be talented enough to handle William. She didn't know anything about Zero but she very well knows Mia Frostine.

For the guy who could make Mia her partner would have to be extraordinary. She did hear Mia explain about the bet and how Zero ended up getting chosen as her paertner.

However, even if she had a bet with William. She would have never considered going out with a man if she didn't have a good opinion of him.

Therefore, Julia was not that anxious about William going against Zero. In her eyes, William was just a man who reached Rank-B by taking many elixirs.

He has nothing to show except his rank. He would easily be defeated by other Rank-B who has conquered dungeons and have fighting experiences.

[ "This no good man. He shamelessly claims Mia is his. If not for his father, I would have already incarnated that man." ]

The one to reply was Sophia. Whenever she attends a party with Mia, he will always pester her nonstop. He was arrogant and a narcissistic person.

He believes that no one is more suitable to be Mia's husband than him.

Sophia didn't like this kind of man because she too had a similar man courting her.

she knows this kind of guy who doesn't take into the consideration of other party's feeling and continue pestering them.

Unlike most girls who would judge a man based on talent and background, she looks at their personality.

Sophia is one of the most talented people and there is hardly any man who could match her talent. And her father was the guildmaster of Diamond guild, so she also had a powerful background.

Therefore, she does not get impressed by a man who would flaunt his background and talent. It was just an annoyance to her.

Like somebody boasting about getting 90 points on a test to her again and again when she had gotten 100 points.

[ "This William really is imprudent. Attacking our guards. I let him regret this." ]

Sophia was furious and went to help her guards immediately.

Sophia created a mana aura around the guards to protect them from William's aura.

[ "William, don't treat this place as your home. Do you think you can do anything just because of your father's position" ]


I watched the scene as Sophia came forward and helped the guards.

[ "Ms. Sophia don't be angry. I was just helping you by teaching these treacherous guards a lesson." ]

William stopped releasing his aura.

[ "Treacherous guard William, you don't get to decide whether our guard is treacherous or not. Keep your lie to yourself. If you don't give me an explanation, you have to leave this place immediately." ]

[ "If your guards are not treacherous then how come they let an unauthorized person come in. I tried to ask them to kick him out but they refused." ]

William said as he points the finger at me.

I found the situation funny. The reason why William is called third-rated villain was pretty clear to me.

He is so narrow-minded that he thinks everything will go as he wished. He does not care about the consequences of his action, probably due to his father's power.

[ "William, he is the lover of Mia. I know you chase after Mia for many years and are trying to make things difficult for her little lover but don't expect me to help you." ]

Sophia said angrily. William was treating Sophia as a fool. They all know that Zero had come with Mia but William insists that he is an unauthorized person.

When they were arguing, Professor Mia came toward me and asked.

[ "Zero, are you okay Why is Professor William making trouble with you" ]

[ "Yes, I am fine. He is trying to shame me by having me thrown out of the party by accusing me of not having an invitation card." ]

I said nonchalantly as this was not my problem. And indeed it was not my problem as I do have the invitation card from the company.

[ "Ahh. I am sorry Zero, I forgot to give you the invitation card. Sophia is my best friend and she is okay with anyone I bring. I didn't expect Professor William to bother you for this reason." ]

[ "No need to apologize. He would have bothered me anyway." ]

( How could an arrogant and impulsive man like William hold his anger when the woman he likes is holding hands with another man. )

[ "Sophia just because Professor Mia invited him doesn't prove anything. If it is like that can I bring barbarians to the party We are people of high society, we cannot associate ourselves with a poor boy. If so, Aren't we degrading ourselves I think the guest here will agree with me." ]

William was trying to reel in other people. By telling them that Zero is a poor boy who doesn't deserve to be in the same place as them.

[ "Yes! What kind of qualification does he have to attend this party." ]

[ "We came to your party but you let some unknown boy enter the party. If you don't kick this boy out, I might have to leave the party." ] ...

Many people supported William's reason. The majority who supported him were looking to establish a good relationship with him, while others were jealous and angry that Zero was with Mia Frostine.

[ "This William! Zero I will go and explain the..." ]

I caught the hand of Mia while she was about to go and intervene.

[ "Mia, Let me go and handle the situation. Professor William has a problem with me." ]

The relationship between me and William has already been established. He hates me and I know he will continue to bother me from now on.

Rather than not responding to his taunt, I would like to get back at him. If I continue to keep quiet, he will take revenge. If I go against him, he will take revenge. If the end result is the same, I should at least do what I want.

[ "Professor William, why are making trouble like a little brat. Accusing me without any evidence. How do you know whether I have an invitation card or not." ]

I asked William mockingly.

[ "Huh Accusing you without any evidence YOU Does a son of a Silver-graded guild have an invitation card Don't make me laugh." ]

[ "And what if I have the invitation card." ]

[ "Hmph! If you do have the invitation card, I will leave this place." ]

I showed him the Invitation card. It was in my best interest that this problem be solved as fast as possible.

William silently looked at the card. The mocking smile from William's face was gone and was replaced with astonishment.

[ "Th-This... How can it be" ]

[ "Now that you know I have the invitation card, please stop annoying me any longer with your stupid antics. You are Professor, so stop acting like some idiot." ]

I left the area with Mia. The crowd stayed and stared at Professor William who was still standing without moving an inch.


[ "Now that the problem has been solved, let's continue with the party." ]

Sophia said. The crowd soon dispersed and Professor William left the party angrily.

[ "I didn't know you had the invitation card. How did you get it" ]

Mia asked curiously. As far as she knows, only influential people were invited here except Hiro who they want to recruit to their guild.

[ "It was sent to my company a few days ago." ]

[ "Company You have a company" ]

[ "Yes! A small company that I established not long ago." ]

[ "Small Company" ]

( How can a small company be invited by Diamond graded guild )

However, she didn't probe further since Zero seems to not want to reveal anything more.

Soon after, Sophia and others came to them.

[ "Hehe... Little Lover, I didn't expect you to be so sly. Humiliating William when you could have already shown your invitation card earlier." ]

[ "Th-This is" ]

[ "She is one of my classmates, Julia Robert. She is a law enforcer of The Authority." ]

[ "Nice to meet you. I am Zero Elea. William and his friend didn't give me a chance to show them my invitation card. I guess he wanted to attract everyone's attention and embarrass me in front of the crowd." ]

[ "Ohh. Seems like something Williams would do. However, you should be careful of them. William and Justin Scott may try to take revenge on you. " ]

[ "Justin Scott" ]

[ "The guy that was with William. He is nothing much compared to William but he is still the son of the guildmaster of CunningSkull. He might try to get help from his guild." ]

( Huh CunningSkull Did I just hear he is from CunningSkull )

Is it a coincidence or ...-

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