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Parallel Memory Chapter 44 How Can Someone Be This Beautiful!

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Chapter 44 How Can Someone Be This Beautiful!

I am pretty sure that none of my acquaintances knows I own Tech Genesis except my employees and NightShade guild.

If Justin was helping William to take revenge on me by sabotaging my company then it makes complete sense that they would spend so many resources.

But I am pretty sure that is not the case since I am confident William has no idea I own that company.

[ "Anyway, I heard the Fiery Fairy is addicted to some game. What was it called again, Worl-World... WorldCraft!" ]

So, Ms. Sophia is a fan of the game that our company made. No wonder she sends an invitation card to our company.

[ "Yep! The game made by Tech Genesis is always fun. The TwitFlick and Flying slime became my go-to app whenever I felt bored. Their latest game WorldCraft was even more fun than those two. From building things to playing with others, I spend hours on it. You should totally install it and we can play together. You will be thoroughly fascinated by the town that I have built." ]

Sophia responded excitedly. It sounded like she had become an obsessive gamer. I was also glad to find that my game is being loved by even High-Rank people.

[ "Yeah, yeah, yeah! I will see how good that game is. It better not disappoint me. Anyway, I heard Justin wanted to give you something special for your birthday." ]

[ "He is honestly a conceited person. He heard I love apps made by Tech Genesis and proclaimed that he will gift that company to me." ]

[ "Justin is a really snobbish person. Trying to impress you, only to fail. I don't know how this type of man had the gut to chase after you." ]

Julia blurted angrily.

( Sh*t! So that is the reason CunningSkull was desperately trying to get my company. I thought some of the people who hated me had done it to get back at me but to think he bothered my company for a woman. )

I was truly flabbergasted. I thought of many reasons why somebody would attack my company. I had to recruit a guild to protect it from so-called my enemies but turns out that it was nothing related to me, and Justin sabotaged my company for Sophia.

It was neither profit of the company nor the grudge that led to my company losing profit for so many days. It was because someone stupid want to impress the girl that my profit for the past few days has been gone.

[ "I send an invitation to their company. Though I don't know whether they will come or not." ]

Sophia continued. She was eager to meet the owner of Tech Genesis but the registration list showed that no one entered using the Tech Genesis invitation card.

If only had she calmly thought and paid more attention to the Invitation card of Zero when he showed it to William. She might have been able to notice that Zero is the one with the Tech Genesis invitation card but considering the situation, she didn't have time to pay attention to such details.

She still thinks that the company owner refused to come to her party which made her a little depressed.

While Sophia was unable to see through this simple thing, Mia was able to know that Zero is the owner of Tech Genesis.

She remembered Zero mentioning that he got the invitation card from his company. She concluded that Zero must be the owner of Tech Genesis whom Sophia send an invitation card.

However, unlike Sophia, she was not elated nor sad to know this information. Mia has always been someone who gives priority to training and she expects the same from Zero.

To her, managing the company is a waste of time and she would advise Zero to stop managing his company if he does badly in his exam.

For her, nothing is more important than improving one's strength. No amount of money could save you when facing monsters.

The Music didn't stop until the guildmaster of Silverblade, Crazy Sword made his presence.

[ "I believe everyone knows me. Then also let me introduce myself, I am Chris Flores, also known as Crazy Sword. I am happy that you all took your precious time to attend the birthday party of my daughter, Sophia Flores. This party is not only to celebrate her birthday but also commemorate her for reaching the A-Rank." ]


The crowd immediately became noisy. Some were too shocked that they stood still, while others were clapping and cheering for Sophia.

[ "Wow! Did I hear it right Ms. Sophia has finally reached A-Rank. She is as talented as the Ice Enchantress." ]

[ "The only one capable of keeping up with Ice Enchantress, The Fiery Fairy. The title is truly deserved." ]

[ "No-no, Ice Enchantress has already broken through Rank-A long ago. She must be at the peak of Rank-A. Sophia doesn't stand a chance against Ice Enchantress." ]

[ "Sigh! If not for Ice Enchantress, Ms. Sophia would have surely been the most talented woman of our generation. It is pity that she has been born in the same year as Ice Enchantress." ] ...

Being able to reach Rank-A at the age of 23 was an incredible feat. However, it was pale compared to Mia Frostine who broke through A-Rank at the age of 20.

[ "I hope you enjoy as much as you can. The party is just getting started!" ]

Chris Flores raised his cup and the classical music started rolling. The guest started to dance to the tune of the music.

[ "Haha. If it isn't the Ice Enchantress. The number 1 talented girl in the entire Humalia Domain." ]

A sarcastic voice bellowed. The voice belonged to a girl and she slowly made her way towards us.

I was stunned when I saw the owner of the voice.

The women could be considered as a beauty. Her chestnut hair was bundled up in a dignified fashion, but her silky smooth forehead along with thin long eyes made her look even more enchanting.

Her eyebrows were slightly raised, with her eyes clearly filled with evil intentions. One look would let one know that she had a fiercely scary aura around her.

However, the reason for Zero shocks was neither her beauty nor her powerful aura. It was by fact that this woman was one of the leaders or at least the future leader of the Dark guild.

Her name is Frey Everton, also known as Slaughter Witch. Right now, her identity is Professor of Arcane Academy.

The Arcane Academy is considered the second strongest Academy after Ace Academy and the competition between the two is fierce.

The Arcane Academy which stood at second for decades had led it to develop a grudge against Ace Academy. To say the least, Ace Academy and Arcane Academy's relationship is not good.

[ "What do you want, Professor Frey! " ]

Mia asked Frey. Mia and Frey's relationship was not good, mainly due to the animosity shown by Frey.

Before Mia became A-Rank, Frey was considered one of the most talented girls, becoming Rank-A at the age of 26 but she was soon forgotten by the public due to Mia.

The girl who was in the limelight for years has been stopped by a little girl. Mia became the new idol for the young and many would compare how talented Mia is compared to Frey.

Despite Mia being at just age 23, her Rank was the same as Frey. Frey having frustrations due to being struck in Rank-A and her junior who is 10 years younger being able to catch up to her, had made her salty towards Mia.

In the novel, she would break through the Rank-S by the time Hiro confront and go to war with the Dark guild. However, despite the support from The Authority and other guilds, they failed to eradicate the Dark guild.

The MC party suffers a bitter defeat against Frey who was two ranks above them at that time. She is a major villain in the novel with unlimited potential.

[ "~Eh. Come on! I came to meet you. We have not seen each other for a long time. I heard from others that you came here with your little lover. I am eager to know what type of boy he is" ]

She turned towards me and stared at me. I felt an inconceivable pressure on my body similar to how a prey feels in the presence of their predator.

I felt that if she wanted to, she can make me disappear before I could even blink.

I gulped and sweat started to appear on my face. Frey didn't use her aura or any kind of skill but I felt more pressure on me from her gaze than I felt from William's unleashed aura.

I tried to move my body but it wouldn't listen to my commands. It has become paralyzed from fear.

Her gaze contained heavy bloodthirst that one who stared at her eyes could see their death. The Slaughter Witch title that she achieved through killing thousands of her enemies in cold blood was indeed befitting her.


Mia stepped in front of me. The pressure from Frey's stare was gone and I was able to breathe normally again.


I breathed out heavily as my body was released from the restraint. The major villain in the novel is indeed in a league of its own. She even without moving an inch, was able to make me unconscious.

I would rather face 100 William than her. She was truly strong and could be considered one of the strongest people that I have ever met in my lifetime.

[ "Frey, what are you doing" ]

[ "No need to be so protective. I was just assessing your little lover. Don't worry, I will not take him." ]

Mia was angry. She knows that Frey had directed her bloodthirst to Zero. The bloodthirst of Rank-A peak could easily make a low-rank person crazy.

[ "Anyways, I will meet you again at the Tournament of Academies. I hope your geniuses could entertain our academy students. Haha..." ]

[ "Last year, our academy won! This year will be the same." ]

Mia commented.

[ "Last year, Omar Noel was just second year. Now he is in his third year and even your last year's best student Harvey Morin has graduated. Is there anyone else besides Harvey Morin that can win against Omar This year Arcane Academy will surely win the first place and replace Ace Academy as the best Academy." ]

Frey declared confidently. In the novel, The Ace Academy indeed loses to Arcane Academy, Omar is the genius of Arcane Academy who was already the strongest student while he was in his second year.

He is being nurtured carefully by Arcane Academy and brings in the first place with his overwhelming power.

However, the next year after that defeat, Hiro overwhelming wins First place, making Ace academy number 1 again.

Frey left the place after having said her words.

[ "Frey is the teacher of Arcane Academy and someone with SS-Rank potential. Omar Noel must have grown strong after the last tournament. Honestly, the current best students of the third year don't stand much chance against him." ]

Mia whispered. Mia then got lost in her thought. Mia was pondering about the tournament and how to make their academy win. Currently, the chances were low and she needs to find a way.

However, she alone could only do so much. She decided to discuss with other professors in the Academy.

[ "Zero, today you came due to my selfishness and suffered. As compensation, I will dance with you." ]

[ "Are you sure this is compensation and not a punishment " ]

Zero joked. Mia glared at Zero causing Zero to avert his eyes.

[ "Haha. Just joking. It will my honor to be able to dance with the most beautiful woman." ]

Zero bowed and took Mia's hand.

The music changed from one song to another, and Zero kept dancing with Mia. She was indeed the Enchantress, just that right now she was more of a Dance Enchantress than ice.

The fields were glade-green. The sound of soothing music filled the air. The moon was like the phantom blue orb illuminating the place.

The staff of light spilled from the sky. But the brightest person was held in my hand.

Mia's dance instantly mesmerized all the men including me. Mia smiled while looking at my nervous face. Looking at her smiling face, I thought,

How can someone be this beautiful!-

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