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Chapter 45 Fan Club!

I woke up late the next morning feeling dizzy and tired. I forced myself to get up from the bed and took a shower.

Yesterday was a long tiring night. The party continued till midnight. Professor Mia dropped me off at the house after the party.

[ "Thank God, today is the weekend!" ]

The time was already 11:00 am by the time I woke up. Today, I didn't plan to work or train. It was time to rest after a long period of hard work.

The school work, company work, recruiting Nightshade, and having to deal with other greedy guilds who were after the company.

I had to work day and night and finally, there is no work today. It was my long-lost rest time.

The day went by as I lie down on the bed. I constantly checked my phone for any interesting news. The news didn't have anything unusual happening.

The news was all common like some guilds conquering the dungeons, some guilds preparing to go to the Obelisk Tower, and newly discovered dungeons.

The night was becoming warmer and warmer. I opened the window to allow cool air to enter the room and fell asleep.

Waking up in the morning I felt refreshed after having rested well. That day I went to train at NightShade guild. This time I trained with their guild members.


I lost the battle one after another.

Even after they had gone easy on me, I was beaten easily. The members of the NightShade guild were all Rank-C and above.

Below that rank was considered apprentice or trainee of the guild. They were not the official guild member of NightShade and weren't allowed to come with them for raids.

The power of Rank-C was too strong for a Rank-E. I didn't use my Dual Art which is my trump card. However, even with that, I don't think I would have won. The difference in Rank was too much for me to take advantage of their weakness.

The combat, however, did help me to gain experience with fighting people. I realized that fighting with people is more complex than fighting monsters.

While between the same rank of human and monster, monsters may have greater physical power but humans were more tricky to deal with.

Monsters used power to solve everything while humans will find and attack your weakness. They would try to understand your fighting style and countered them.

The battle was productive and I felt that this was the thing that I was missing. The experience to fight people.

In the future, the enemy I fight would not only be monsters, but it would also most likely be humans.

The next day was school again. While walking towards my class I noticed some students glancing my way.

The battle with Lucas and Rowan did make me a little famous among other classes. I would be recognized even by some seniors.

I reached the entrance of the class and was about to enter when a loud sound was coming from the class.

[ "EEEHHHH How can that be How can Professor Mia go out with that playboy I refuse to believe it." ]

[ "Believe it. I saw it with my own eyes when Professor Mia came with Zero holding hands. I was too shocked to move after looking at what was before my eyes." ]

[ "IT CAN'T BE!" ]

[ "You know, Professor William is chasing after Professor Mia, right." ]

[ "Humph! Tha a**hole!" ]

Morgans gritted his teeth. As the admirer and fanboy of Professor Mia, Professor William was not someone he or anybody of the fan member liked. They know that Professor William has been pestering her for a long time but they can't do anything about it.

[ "He was making trouble with Zero, only to get himself kicked out of the party by Zero" ]

[ "Deserved!" ]

Morgan replied delightfully.

[ "So when a commotion was taking place I got a closer look at him. He changed his hairstyle but I am pretty sure he was Zero." ]


[ "Look!" ]

Francis points his finger at Zero.

[ "He did change his hairstyle. He was indeed the partner of Professor Mia that night." ]

Francis confirmed after seeing Zero enter the class. If Zero had the same hairstyle as before then it could only mean Francis saw wrong but since Zero had indeed changed his hairstyle, Francis was sure it was Zero that was with Professor Mia that night.

[ "I left him alone because he was chasing Lisa. I didn't expect him to go after our goddess. I need to teach him a lesson." ]

Morgan told Francis angrily.

[ "Haha, You can't! Don't you remember him beating Lucas and Rowan Are you stronger than them" ]

[ "..." ]

Morgan didn't answer. He wasn't serious about fighting with Zero. And he did watch Zero beat the hell out of Lucas and Rowan that he doubted that he was the same person chasing after Lisa stupidly.

The reason he thought Zero was stupid was that Morgan belongs to the Mia Frostine fan club. Girls other than Professor Mia were not considered beautiful by their members and the boys who chase other girls are considered stupid and blind by their club members.

The fan club of Lisa, Slyvia, and Professor Mia was always at odds with each other. Their own members considered their goddess to be the number one beauty which led to the conflict with each other.

Similar to how fans of Messi and Ronaldo dislike each other. It has nothing to do with Lisa or Professor Mia's relationship. Nevertheless, their fans will be at each other's throats.

Morgan considered Zero to be a member of Lisa's fan club seeing that he was chasing after her like crazy.

[ "He is... Zero" ]

[ "Really He looks completely different." ]

[ "Oh my god! He is totally my type. How come I didn't see notice it before." ]

[ "He looks cool in his new hairstyle." ]

The girls shouted excitedly.

The name of Zero was changed from how it was at the start of the school to now. Zero at first became famous due to him nonchalantly chasing after Lisa. He was also nicknamed Romeo.

After that, he again became the object of gossip when he mercilessly beat Lucas and Rowan. He changed from a playboy to a strong playboy.

Previously, everything about Zero was negative, however, after the fight, some people changed their opinion of Zero. How bad a person you are doesn't matter, if you are strong, you will be respected by others. It is this kind of society.

To be able to beat Lucas is not an ordinary feat for First-year students. Zero gained some respect from the students after that incident.

Now, he changed his looks which made him more likable, especially in the girl's eyes. Previously, Zero was not ugly but definitely not someone you would consider handsome. Now, he looked handsome though not as much as Hiro and Zion.

However, Zero appearance was of a different type than Hiro and Zion's. Hiro has a cute and pretty face while Zion has a cold and handsome face.

Zero looks were more charming and easy-going type than cute and handsome. While many girls preferred Hiro's appearance, there were still some girls who were more attracted to the looks of the current Zero.

Zero ignoring the commotion sat on his seat at the back of the class. He got used to getting attention and stares from his classmate.

Professor Mia entered the class and took attendance as usual.

[ "The exam is only one month away. I hope you all are preparing well for it. If you have any questions, please ask." ]

[ 'Is Zero your lover' ]

is something that most students wanted to ask right now. However, no one is brave or stupid enough to ask that question to Professor Mia. They just kept that question in their heart.

It's funny how they could have asked Zero but they couldn't because they were not familiar with him.

Previously, Zero in their perception was a clown who was pestering their class goddess. He never accepted challenges and refused to fight like a coward. They didn't want to make friends with a coward.

But from the fight between Zero and Lucas, they know that it is not that he is a coward that he refuse the fight. The brutality that he showed was contrary to their image of him being the clown.

Morgan couldn't take it anymore. He wanted to confirm the thing said by Francis.

Morgan stood up and made his way to Zero. Francis tried to stop him.

[ "Hey, where are you going Don't tell me you are going to fight Zero. Stop!" ]

Francis tried to drag him back but failed. Morgan was physically stronger due to him being an ax user and Francis being a Mage.

However, Francis didn't leave Morgan to go on his own. Francis has to come along in case Morgan does something too stupid.

[ "Hey!" ]

Morgan told Zero. Morgan was standing tall and asked him in a serious tone.

[ "Yes" ]

Zero was taken aback by Morgan. It was not every day that someone comes to talk to Zero. Zero in a sense was a loner in this class.

Zero didn't mind being a loner, rather he liked being alone. Maybe due to that, Morgan's action surprised him.

[ "I heard you went to a party with Professor Mia. Is it true" ]

Zero then figured out why Morgans was here. Zero thought Morgan had heard some rumor and came to ascertain whether the rumor was true or false.

[ "Yes, I was with Professor Mia." ]

The party had a lot of students and Zero knows that many have seen him with Professor Mia. Even if he is denied, the truth will be known sooner or later. And it was not like he did something wrong, so he had no problem admitting it.

[ "Urgggh! Are you going out with her" ]

Morgan uttered while bending down and holding his hand to his chest. Morgan was acting like he had been stabbed in his heart and is on his last leg.

Zero was surprised by his sudden reaction. He almost thought something happened to his body, if not for Morgan asking a question, Zero would have called a healer.

[ "Eek. No, no I am not going out with her. I went with her because she needed my help for something." ]

Zero denied.

[ "Ahh Really I knew it. Haha..." ]

Morgan exclaimed in joy. He instantly stood up and started laughing. This action made Zero think Morgan's brain has some problem.

[ "Haha! How can the Ice Enchantress go out with you She is the youngest Rank-A person in history. She had rejected many proposals till date, it will be weird for her to finally go out with somebody especially one of her students." ]

[ "Absolutely! How can I deserve to go out with such a great person Somebody must be spreading fake rumors." ]

[ "Yes, you are right! I thought you were in Lisa Fan club but I can see that you are Professor Mia's fan. I will give you this." ]

Morgan happily took out a card from his pocket. The card was brightly colored and looked like an invitation card.

[ "Zero, we will talk again next time." ]

Morgan left the place along with Francis. Zero looked down to see what was that card.

[ "What the hell is this" ]

Zero shouted. He was surprised by the card given by Morgan. The card that Morgan gave was ...-

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