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Parallel Memory Chapter 46 Fan Club! [2]

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Chapter 46 Fan Club! [2]

Ice Enchantress Fan Club membership card!

That was the card given to me by Morgans. The card contained the contact number and address of Professor Mia's Fan Club.

I didn't know something like this existed. Though I knew that many students admired and worshipped Professor Mia.

I put the card into the storage ring. Even if the card is not that useful, since Morgans have given it to me with goodwill or I believe he gave it to me with good intention, I had to accept it.

The lecture was finished and Morgan approached me once again.

[ "Let me show you our club room." ]

Morgan said with a smile. I wanted to refuse but seeing that he was doing something for me and it seems kind of rude to decline, I accepted and went with him.

The club room was spacious and looked normal except that poster of Professor Mia was displayed in the entire room and they even had her toy model.

There was a banner and all the items that a typical Fan Club of an idol has. Professor Mia is really treated as an idol by these people. Though it would be an understatement to call her idol as she was even more beautiful than an idol.

[ "How is the place Great right." ]

Morgan then went and brought a book or an album, I think.

[ "Look at the photos of Professor Mia captured by our seniors. It has all the photos of Professor Mia from when the fan club was first established. This album contains the hard work of our seniors." ]

( Hey, stop trying to say like our senior has done something great. It was just some seniors stalking Professor Mia. )

Though I wanted to criticize the seniors for secretly taking photos, however, I can't help but be interested in the photo of younger Mia.

I looked at the younger version of Professor Mia. She still looked beautiful, however, in the photo, she still had her childlike charm.

[ "Pretty, right" ]

[ "Yeah!" ]

I honestly admitted. Even if I don't agree with them taking her photos secretly, I had to admit that they had captured a pretty good shot of Professor Mia.

[ "Haah! If only we could recruit the people from outside the academy." ]

[ "Huh" ]

[ "We want more people to side with our quest to spread the charm of our goddess." ]

[ "Don't you know TwitFlick" ]

[ "No!" ]

[ "You know, there you can make a page for Fan Club and share your photos and video. You will be able to get many members that way." ]

The idea I was sharing was for making pages for a fan club which is done by many on Earth. Morgan has given me an idea to increase TwitFlick users.

With some beautiful girl and idol pages, I can entice people to download the app. Heck, I will let Glenn make a page of his guild and post it on TwitFlick.

No one is more popular than a Hero. Glenn can be addressed as hero as he ascended to S-Rank.

That way, the previously bad reputation due to Justin's sabotages will be gone and many people may download the app.

I decided to implement that thing after I go to the NightShade guild. I helped Morgans to install TwitFlick and establish a fan page with the most beautiful image of Mia( My personal opinion) kept as a cover photo.

[ "And done! You can let the club member join in later and recruit a new member from TwitFlick. Then you can post on the page to instantly share your photo and video with other users." ]

The plan that I got from there was pretty solid. I also decided to tell Glenn to record the video of them fighting the monster and uploading the video on TwitFlick. From there, I guess new users will come flocking.

After training in the afternoon, I went to see Glenn at the NightShade guild. I called in to check whether Glenn was free since he was busy with interviews and new investors due to his rise in rank.

Luckily, he was free that day. So, I went to discuss the plan. As guild under my control as per the contract, he had to do what I ask but I don't what them to do something they don't want if it is not necessary.

[ "So, what is the benefit" ]

Glenn asked confusedly. He didn't understand why Zero want to do that. To him conquering dungeons and Obelisk Tower was the only thing worthwhile.

[ "First of all, it is similar to attracting people to guild using powerful figures. I am using your name to attract new users to TwitFlick. Secondly, according to the number of people that will install TwitFlick due to your guilds promotion, I will give your guild a share of the money. Of course, I will also give the money according to the views on the video. No disadvantages and only advantages of doing this. So, will you do it" ]

[ "I will do it and from the looks of it, it is nothing difficult and our guild can even earn money." ]

Glenn called upon his newly appointed secretary. Glenn needed someone who can manage paperwork due to the increased workload in the past few days.

His name is Max and can be considered capable since he got the job here. I showed him how and what to do.

I also went to the company to discuss promoting TwitFlick and WorldCraft.Suppression of TwitFlick has stopped after the party.

Since Justin's plan to gift the company to Sophia as a birthday present has failed, he stopped wasting resources in sabotaging our company.

The reputation of TwitFlick was getting worse due to Justin's action. I planned to hire idols and advertise our apps on TV to overturn that bad image. Also advertise the pages of the idol as a feature of TwitFlick.

And for WorldCraft, I want it to reach more users. The thing about advertisement is the more you see the product appearing, the more you trust that company.

Kyle, who is responsible for marketing in our company accepted the plan.

The next day, Morgans came running to me happily. I was freaked out by his bizarre expression.

[ "Haha... Zero, your idea was absolutely terrifying. I got thousand people already joining our fan club. I got a message asking me to share more photos of Professor Mia." ]

Morgan cheerfully dragged me to the fan club room. The member's head turned towards me when I entered the room.

Suddenly they all bowed their head and shouted,

[ "THANK YOU! For showing us the way." ]

[ "What What the hell is this" ]

Zero yelled in surprise. He didn't understand why they were thanking him, also in such a weird way.

[ "Zero, it is all due to you that our fan club was able to grow. The other member wanted to thank you, so I brought you here." ]

Zero was happy to receive their appreciation but also creep out by their eccentric way to say thank you.

[ "With this, we have suppressed Lisa and Sylvia Fan Club. We will become the biggest fan club ever!" ]

Morgan encouragingly raised his hand and the members present supported him.

[ "Absolutely!" ]

[ "Lisa and Sylvia Fan club has only a hundred members. We already have one thousand members on TwitFlick. They are nothing in front of us." ]

[ "It's the era of Ice Enchantress Fan club!" ]

[ "Friends! We should not let our guard down. We should take this opportunity to recruit more members and give no chance to other fan clubs. Victory will be ours!" ]


If a normal person were to see the scene, they might think Morgan and his friends are preparing to go to war with demons.

Good thing that I have seen far worse things on Earth. The fans on earth takes their love for idol to next level and their dedication to their idol is no less than a shopkeeper's dedication to their profit.

I went back to the class after such a bizarre event in the morning. But I didn't expect that rest of my days will also turn absurd.

After Professor Mia completed taking attendance and her announcement, she went back to her office.

I thought I will spend the rest of the day training alone when a girl approach me.

[ "Hello, Zero!" ]

Yesterday was weird enough but today also someone came to talk to me. I just hope that it doesn't turn out like yesterday.

[ "Hello, ... " ]

Who is she again

[ "Audrey, Audrey Garland. That's my name" ]

[ "Audrey, so what is it." ]

[ "I heard you helped Professor Mia Fan Club." ]

Audrey said while showing her menacing smile.

[ "Ah! Yes, I helped them to set up their Fan Club page in the TwitFlick." ]

[ "I thought you were in with us, Lisa Goddess club. You have betrayed Goddess Lisa for an old hag." ]

Audrey said angrily.

[ "No, no, I didn't join them. I just help them to establish a page in TwitFlick." ]

It was no good arguing with a fan member. The more you say something to them, the more unreasonable they become.

[ "Hey, can you help us to establish a page as you did with Ice Enchantress Fan Club." ]

Someone interrupted before I got Audrey to respond.

[ "I am president of Princess Sylvia Fan Club. I heard you were the one to make a page for Morgan." ]

[ "I w..." ]

[ "We also want it!" ]

This time, it was Audrey who interrupted the conversation.

Both girls were looking at me which gave me quite a pressure. I had no choice but to accept their request. And it was also good as it increases the popularity of TwitFlick.

I was in a good mood seeing that TwitFlick was once again on its road to becoming the greatest social media app.

Unaware of the Danger!-

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