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Parallel Memory Chapter 47 Mid-Term Exam

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Chapter 47 Mid-Term Exam

I helped both the girls to establish a page in TwitFlick. It was in my interest that users for TwitFlick were increasing.

Lisa and Sylvia are both beautiful girls and could attract lots of people if they had a fan page. And it was not easy to decline these girls as I have already helped Morgan establish a page for his Fan Club.

Doing so will make me look like I support Mia's Fan Club. Which in itself is not bad if the girls in front of me were not from their rival Fan Club.

Since then, the popularity of TwitFlick soared. After the advertisement on the TV and NightShade guild supporting TwitFlick came to the news, the number of users installing the apps has drastically increased.

The income for the past few days was astronomical, earning millions of Ethan Coins. The fan page of Mia, Lisa, and Sylvia was also becoming popular with tens of thousands of followers.

They have become popular on the level of national heroes. They became so well known that there was also news debating on who is more beautiful.

Some news claimed Professor Mia is more pretty while others supported Lisa and Sylvia.

And of course, our classmate has also seen the page of Lisa and Sylvia. The class was also murmuring about the popularity of Lisa and Sylvia.

[ "Sylvia, your Fan page has tens of thousands of followers. I wish I also have this many followers." ]

The girl had installed TwitFlick way back when it was only a few weeks after the launch. She has also uploaded photos and videos of herself but the views were not that great.

She was truly jealous of Sylvia, her friend who had her page made by a fan and received lots of attention from people around the world. The photo of her had tens of thousands of like which is something far beyond her.

[ "You are super popular on TwitFlick. People everywhere are talking about you." ]

[ "Really Ahahaha... " ]

( Who made that Don't let me find out or else you are in for a hard time. )

Sylvia for the past few days had been receiving a lot of stares from strangers, far more than her normal days. As a gorgeous girl, many people will stare at her but in her recent days that stares have doubled.

After a few investigations, she found out the cause of this situation. On the app called TwitFlick, her photos had gone viral and many people had seen her photo.

This caused her to have grudge against the person who had made that page. Her normal life had turned bizarre due to the page on the TwitFlick.

Many people were congratulating and talking about her popularity.

However, not everyone was happy about her rise in fame. Sylvia and Lisa come from a prominent family who can't be offended directly.

Though it still didn't stop people from talking behind their back.

[ "That b*tch. She must have used her parent's money to bring people to like their page." ]

[ "Rich people showing off their fame. They don't get tired of playing dirty." ]

[ "Lisa that s**t. She acts all innocent but sends her photos for the world to see. I can't stand those hypocrites." ]

[ "They must be thinking they are the most beautiful girls in the world. Always seducing men, absolutely no good girls." ] ...

Behind their back, girls who didn't like them and those who were jealous of them gossip about them.

Since the popularity of Sylvia and Lisa rose, the number of girls who talked badly about them also increased. This led to Sylvia increasing her hatred towards the one who made that page.

She couldn't find the person right now but she was eager to teach him a lesson after finding him.

[ "Those pages... Lisa, did you find out who made them. " ]

Sylvia asked Lisa. Lisa has a Platinum guild backing her, which had more human resources than her. It will be easier to find the owner of the pages using her guilds member.

[ "I don't know. I think it is the fan clubs in our academy that made them. Most photos were of us in school uniform. It must be one of the students of the school." ]

Lisa though not as angry as Sylvia, didn't like the situation she was in. To gain hatred from another girl just because of some random people uploading her photo.

Zero didn't know what Lisa or Sylvia was thinking. Zero not knowing that he made an enemy with two of the most dangerous girls in the world, was delighted after seeing the number in the bank account.


Name: Zero Elea

Account No: 19****7894

Balance: 13,243,450 E


The NightShade announced many things during the interview revealing many things about them. One of them was that Tech Genesis, the company behind the development of TwitFlick is under their protection.

Tech Genesis is recognized as the company under the protection of NightShade which not only increased the fame and reputation of TwitFlick and WorldCraft but also deterred other guilds from interrupting their business.

Thinking that everything is going well, I didn't expect to be confronted by Professor Mia.

On one of the mornings, Professor Mia dragged me and took me to her office.

[ "I want you to remove the page of me on TwitFlick." ]

[ "Huh Wh-What are you talking about" ]

I tried to pretend to not understand what she asked. I don't know whether it is speculation or she knows that I own TwitFlick which has photos of her.

[ "Don't try to act like you don't know. I know you own the TwitFlick, and I want you to remove the page containing my photos." ]

[ "This..." ]

Professor Mia was confident that I am the owner. I don't know when she knew it but I guess she really knows that I am the owner of Tech Genesis.

[ "That I can't." ]

[ "Why" ]

[ "Because they are not breaking the law and I can't just remove it." ]

[ "Do it or else I will not let you off." ]

[ "This... Give me a break. I will owe you one if you forget about it." ]

( He can ask Morgan to delete the page but it might lead to a backlash on TwitFlick. )

[ "Hmmm... Then I want you to participate in the Tournament of academies." ]

[ "Tournament of Academies Why Isn't it always third-year students that participate in the Tournament of academies" ]

[ "Usually only third years will participate but I fear they can't win. Not against the Arcane Academy." ]

Professor said disappointingly. The strength of third-years was not that great compared to previous years.

The tournament will be hopeless if only third-years participated. Professor Mia discussed this issue with other professors and came up with this solution.

They will select some people from a second and first-year student who has great potential. They will train them until the tournament and make them ready for participation.

[ "Neither can I." ]

Zero answered. Third-year strongest was at Rank-D and if he didn't stand a chance then there is no way I stand a chance.

Even Hiro in the novel fails to get the win. The other academies' genius was also strong especially third-year compared to our Ace Academy third-year.

[ "That is true for now but I can't be sure after 6 months. I am betting on your potential. If you promise to participate in the selection, I can consider letting you off for that page." ]

I pondered. The tournament of Academies will be watched by millions of people. While you can become famous with it but the trouble will also follow you with fame.

The disadvantage was too great for simply letting me off for establishing a fan page.

[ "I ref..." ]

Before I finished my sentence, Professor Mia interrupted me.

[ "You know, if you win the Tournament, the Academy administration has decided to allow the winner to take any treasure from the treasurer" ]

[ "Really" ]

Now, this is enticing. The treasurer of the Academy holds a lot of treasure, ranging from Rank-E to Rank-A. However, this is not why I am excited. According to the novel, 'that' item is also there.

[ "I will do it." ]

[ "Good! I know you are strong but that doesn't mean you will be selected. There are lots of seniors that are more powerful than you. You need to be able to get in Top 10 in the entire school to qualify for the Tournament." ]

Professor Mia showed a worried expression. Professor Mia knows that Zero is talented but from what she has seen, Zero likes to fool around too much.

From chasing Lisa to managing a company, Zero was wasting too much time that could have been invested in training.

From Professor Mia's perspective, if Zero decided to focus entirely on training, he might have been even stronger.


The next thing that I need to handle before the Tournament is the mid-term exam. Due to Parallel Memory, I do know the detail of the practical exam. The practical exam will be a 5-days survival training at a place created by SS-Rank Artifact.

The artifact's name is Staff of Illusion. It is not a piece of equipment for humans, it is an artifact used for creating a 50 by 50 km artificial environment.

It is like creating a dungeon where the owner of the artifact can set the rank of the monster and the type of environment.

The number of monsters that we defeat will be the point of the exam. The practical exam is easy since I know most of the detail about it.

The written test was what was worrying me. I was only an average student in theories.

However, this time I was a little more confident that I would be able to do better than before.

History and mana theories were not hard for me. However, mathematics was the subject that I was poor in. My alternative self is a computer science student and his math is far better than my past self.

So, I hope that my marks in written exams will increase, as I was good at math on Earth.

Even so, I could not let my guard down. Recently, I have been too busy with company and training that I didn't revise any studying material. For me to rank in the Top 10, I needed to score high in both written and practical exams.

The mid-term will be held in less than one month, and I had to study the exam material during that period.

The things at the company have stabilized and the company is doing well. I didn't need to be present there all the time.

From that day I focused on studying and training. I also purchased lots of herbs for increasing ranks. With tens of millions of Ethan coins in my pocket, I didn't need to worry about the money.

I will be exhausted every time after studying and training day and night. I always had to drag my exhausted body to bed. I also dozed off multiple times during the class.

I could take potions to recover my stamina but unless you desperately needed, it is always good to let your body recover naturally. The effectiveness of the potion could decrease if you use it constantly.

Anyway, the preparation for the exam was going well and even my Rank has been increasing steadily. I was confident of making it into the top-10 in the mid-term.-

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