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Parallel Memory Chapter 5 Ace Academy

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Chapter 5 Ace Academy

( Beginner - Alpha )

I stared at the door of the classroom, making sure that this was my classroom. I was excited and nervous at the same time; not only is this my first day at school but beyond the door are the main character of the novel.

My classroom was for beginners or for first years, the class was named Alpha. This was the classroom of the main characters and his friend in the novel.

Not only does the main character need to deal with challenges from other students of this class but also suffer jealousy and unfairness from some teacher. In short, this class is nothing but trouble.

I entered the classroom slowly and I could see lots of students sitting in groups and chatting with each other.

The most noticeable group was Hiro Ernest and his future companion group. They were surrounded by at least 15 students and they seem to be trying to have a friendly conversation with the main characters.

Most girls in the class were staring at Hiro Ernest and they seems to blush and giggle while glancing at him.

( That's MC for sure. Stealing girls heart by just sitting. )

The MC Hiro Ernest has a very attractive face with black hair and a black eye. He gives a vibe of an innocent person with his friendly smile, attracting lots of people with his approachable aura. He is also very strong, so naturally, people want to be friends with him.

I could also see Zion Maxwell, MC rival sitting near the MC. He is mostly surrounded by his lackey who seems to be protecting him or something.

Anyways, with his cold demeanor, I don't think any normal student would approach him. He gives off an aura that seems to look down on other people. He has red hair combined with his red eye which makes him look wild and dangerous.

Then we have another group which is full of girls. Right next to MC is Lisa Kyelpas and Sylvia Mavis who are both female main characters in the novel.

They seem to have a friendly conversation with other girls. Sylvia is speaking while Lisa is just listening and smiling.

Sylvia was an extrovert character who was friendly and talkative in the novel; From the four main characters, she was the most social person and if we exclude her strength then everything about her seems like a normal student except her beauty.

Her face seems to be radiating light and whenever she smiles, boys seem to be in a daze. With her blue hair and similarly colored eye, she looks dazzling even in a normal school uniform.

With her is the goddess, Lisa Kyelpas who seem quite shy and is reserved with her word; Opposite of Sylvia who is talkative.

With long black hair and goldeneye, she truly resembles a goddess. She seems like someone you can't help but want to protect except she doesn't need others' protection.

With rank being E and ranked 3rd among the first year in the entrance exam, you don't need to worry about her strength.

My heart skipped a beat when I look at Lisa. She looks absolutely beautiful but from the novel I know she isn't someone you can have, only someone you can yearn for.

Even Hiro Ernest and Zion Maxwell were unable to earn affection from her. Zion Maxwell uses everything to impress her: be it wealth, power, or fame, she doesn't seem to care even about his love for her.

Though Hiro Ernest doesn't actively pursue her, being MC it is weird that she doesn't show affection to him like other girls in the novel.

I walked nervously and sat on the chair which was far opposite from MC's place. I continue to look around. After some time, I felt sleepy until I heard some student exclaim loudly.

[ "Wow! It's the Ice Enchantress" ]

[ "I didn't know we are going to get her as our classroom teacher" ]

[ "I believe in Love Again!" ]

[ "Please don't wake me up" ]

I can see lots of students making noise with faces filled with excitement especially boys. Though I can understand their excitement, the Classroom teacher of Alpha class was Mia Frostine also known as Ice Enchantress who is the youngest to reach rank A.

Becoming rank A at the age of 20, she is also believed to have rank SSS potential. Her strength in Ice magic coupled with her beauty has earned her the title of Ice Enchantress. Her hair is as white as show and her eye as black as coal. Her cold expression is as cold as Ice Magic.

- Clap! Clap!

[ "Attention! I am your homeroom teacher and for the rest of the year, I will be in charge of you all. Today is the first day of your school, so let me introduce myself. I am Mia Frostine. My rank is A and I hope you all will work hard and make a great contribution to humanity." ]

She said with a stern expression.

[ "We don't entertain slackers and everything in this academy will be based on the result. Your talent and background don't matter, only when you show results will you be appreciated by the academy. With this, we will have attendance. Rank 1 Hiro Ernest" ]

[ "Present" ]

She took a look at the student info book and back at the boy, she seem to be content with the information shown in the book. She nodded and continued

[ "Rank 2 Zion Maxwell" ]

[ "Present" ]

[ "Rank 3 Lisa Kyelpas" ]

[ "Present" ]

[ "Rank 4 Sylvia Mavis" ]

[ "Here! Here!" ]

[ "Rank 8 Flash Ervin" ]...

[ "Rank 970 Zero Elea" ]

[ "Present" ]

[ "Good. Everybody is present. Now let us proceed as scheduled; Today you be choosing weapons as well as practical class. For practical class, you all will be assigned with a teacher that is good at using that weapon. Having to choose a compatible weapon is very important, the Skill and Art that you need to be compatible with your choice of weapon. Stat should also be taken into consideration, especially if you are thinking of taking a Magic Art class. You need to have a high stat for mana to be able to enroll there." ]

She took us to a venue where there was lots of weapon of a different type. Choosing a weapon is not only choosing the tool but along with it, we are choosing which practical class to go.

If I choose a sword then I will be assigned to sword class for the practical period where we will teach by the teacher who learned Sword Art.

I was honestly struggling with which weapon to use; I can use Sword Type weapon or Magic Type weapon. My sword Art proficiency is high and sword training was something I was taught from a young age. On other hand, I have is LVL 9 Magic Art Cryomancy which is high-level Art.

After thinking, I choose to take a magic wand as a weapon. I already have received training from the guild on Sword Art and I can already use it well in battle. But Magic Art was acquired recently only and I have only trained to control the Ice magic.

Besides having high control, I really don't know how to efficiently fight using this Art. So, I decided to take a Magic wand instead of Sword as a weapon.

I noticed that the weapons chosen by the main character are the same as in the novel; Hiro Ernest chooses the sword, Zion Maxwell chooses the spear, Sylvia Mavis chooses the bow and Lisa Kyelpas chooses Magic wand as a weapon.

Most students choose swords and bow as weapons. Barely anyone has chosen Magic Weapon though it is understandable as Magic Art is very rare and expensive compared to normal Art and the mana required is also high.

[ "Attention! If you are done choosing, go and register yourself with the respective teacher. Those who chose Magic weapon, follow me." ]

I followed Miss Mia Frostine along with 12 other students. After 6 minute walk, we reached another venue filled with target dummies.

[ "This venue is for Magic Department. You all will be training here during practical class. I will teach you everything I know and make you not regret choosing this path though if you disturb my class and slack off you are instantly expelled." ]

She told everyone with a serious tone. Then she started writing down the name of the student and my turn came.

[ "Name" ]

[ "Zero Elea" ]

She checked her student book.

[ "You seem to practice Sword Art previously with no usage of any magic Art. Your mana is also not up to standard. Are you sure you want to join the Magic department" ]

[ "Yes!" ]

[ "Okay then If you are sure about it then I shall not pursue further." ]

She registered my name before moving to the next student. After she finished the registration, she told us to tour the school and make ourselves familiar with the place. After saying that she went to her office.

We, students, were left alone. Some students started chatting with one another while some started to train in the venue. However, I had done neither because I have an important mission to accomplish. I quickly approach Lisa who is talking with her friends.

[ "Goddess Lisa" ]

[ "yes" ]

She turned around to see who called her name.

[ "I ... I" ]-

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