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Parallel Memory Chapter 50 Salamander

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Chapter 50 Salamander

On the second day, I hunted for quite a while in that spot but the number of monsters has started to decrease. The point that I earned was about 20 on the second day.

It was quite a good pace if you are aiming for Top-20 but it was a little low if you are trying to get into the Top-10.

In the novel, Hiro manages to get 163 points, Zion gets 155 points and Lisa and Sylvia get 140 points putting them in first, second, and third position respectively.

I decided to go kill one of the Rank-D boss monsters. A point of 120 would be enough for me to be pushed into the Top-10 rank.

Finding the Rank-D boss monsters' location was not a problem since I had a general idea of where they could be.

The only thing left to do was for me to go to that place and kill the boss monster. However, killing the Rank-D boss monster alone was very difficult. Heck, even a team of 10 students would get wiped out in an instant if they are not careful.

Even Hiro and Zion struggle a lot, only Lisa and Sylvia have an easier time because they team up to defeat the boss in the novel.

I decided to head towards the Lava area to battle the Salamander who is the Rank-D boss monster. It is a fire-type monster and its weakness is Ice and water-type attacks.

Having the best Ice Art in the entire world, I should be able to defeat Salamander.

As far I know, Hiro and other students keep the boss monster as their last prey.

It is because they would not be able to hunt for more monsters if they are injured or exhausted from fighting the Boss monster. Therefore, it was a good choice to keep hunting the boss monster last.

It was a better option to get injured and exhausted in the last fight than on the first day. At least, you will have some points from the four days hunt.

I will also start fighting with Salamander on the last day of the exam. If I am unable to defeat it, then I will run and hide until the exam is over.

I would still have some points to give me good rankings.

The dungeon is divided into 5 parts; three are mountains that are rocky, snowy, and lava, and there are two terrains of Forest and desert.

I started to travel to the location of Salamander on the third day.



As I was going through the mountain areas I heard the sound of swords clashing. I got closer to have a look.

[ "B*stard! How dare you steal our foods" ]

[ "Your food When did I ever." ]


[ "Clearly, the Red Bull was injured by our team, you took it when it ran away from us." ]


[ "Haha. You couldn't handle the monster by yourself and now you are blaming us for taking it. " ]

It was a dispute over the resources. The two teams were fighting over some monster meat.

I ignored their fight and continued to walk. I encountered another two teams fighting.

Most people had formed a group after they met with their acquaintance. After all, staying in a group increases the chance of survival.

Only a handful of people were alone, either they had no friend like me or they were too powerful like Hiro.

I reached the lava area in about 3 hours of traveling. During that period I met two Rank-D, Lava Golem, and 1 Basilisk.

Lava Golem is a Big guy that can take a lot of damage. He spews lava from his mouth and even creates a rock wall made of obsidian. He can also melt objects he touches.

Fighting this guy with a bare hand was a no-no. Just touching that guy would inflict damage to your body.

However, it was not that difficult for a Cryomancy user. It would have been a piece of cake if I was in the same rank as the monster.

The fight took some time, as I slowly damage the Lava Golem with Cryomancy Art. Similar to the fighting style I used for defeating Giant Orge in Labyrinth of Goblin.

His speed was on the level of a Rank-E monster which made it easier to dodge his attacks.

The only thing I needed to beware of was the Fire Ball that he spewed. It would have been difficult to handle that attack without the Ice Wall's skill.

The entrance to the Salamander was found after one more hour of searching. Salamander resides inside the cave.

I decided to fight the boss monster on the last day of the exam. Right now, was finding a spot to sleep and hunt monsters for two more days.


Two more days went by and the point that I collected was around 50 which was enough for me to land in Top-50.

Today was the last day of the exam and I got ready to finally face the Rank-D boss monster, Salamander. I walked up to the entrance of the Salamander's cave.

[ "Here I go!" ]

I entered the cave slowly, paying attention to my surroundings and heightening my senses.

At that moment...


I heard a loud scream from the cave. Two-person were running away from the cave and left. They were so scared that they didn't even notice me when running away.

I glanced at them but I didn't know who they were.

I continued going deeper inside the cave.


[ "Cowards!" ]

Misha shouted after two of her team member ran away in fear from the Salamander.

Misha was hunting alone when the four of the students has reach out to her. She wasn't interested in teaming up since Jareth was also with them.

Jareth like William was a snobbish person. His rank was high, probably from all the elixir that his rich parents gave him but he was lacking when it came to battle.

His Art was of Water Magic and he would never fight someone directly. He would only attack from the rear.

But five of them were classmates and she had a better chance of defeating the Rank-D boss monster with more people. Therefore, she decided to team up for the sake of defeating Rank-D's boss.

They came fully prepared to take on the Salamander. The battle was tough but they could still manage to endure until Jareth and Bonnie abandoned the team.

Bonnie was the support Mage while Jareth was a water mage responsible for attacking and defending the team. The two were supposed to stay behind and protect them from Salamander's attack.

However, the Salamander managed to penetrate their defense and hit the two mages behind. The Salamander came near the two fallen Mages and roared.


The Salamander roar was resembling an earthquake and had the effect of inducing fear in the opponent. The Salamander slammed its tail on Jareth and Bonnie.

But Misha was quick enough to defend them by blocking the attack with her sword.


The attack was blocked but the impact of the blow had injured Misha. Misha ended up splurting some blood from her mouth.

Not only that after hearing the roar, Jareth and Bonnie were so scared that they had fled from the battle leaving the three teammates behind.

The two was young master having been protected by others since young. They have never encountered a life-threatening situation and when Salamander got too close to them and roared.

They could see their dead flash before their eyes and they became so scared that they couldn't think of anything other than escaping from that place.

[ "Dodge!" ]

Jade warned Misha and Jenna when Salamander was about to attack with its fire breath. It was one of the terrifying attacks of Salamander that covered a large area and melts even the rock upon hit.

Though Misha and Jenna reacted quick enough to dodge the attack before too late, the Salamander was just getting started.

The Salamander opened its mouth wide and started pouring out a current of lava-like torrent. The lava covered the whole place and blocked the exit of the cave.

The three of them were attackers with Misha having a sword, Jade using a bow and arrow, and Jenna using a spear. They couldn't block the Salamander attacks.

If Jareth was present, he might have been able to do something about the lava with his water magic but since he has fled, the current team had no choice but to dodge Salamander's attacks.

The Salamander's first target was Misha, who was slowed down by her injuries.

After arriving in front of her in an instant, it brandishes its tail, slamming down and swinging sideways.

Misha focused completely on dodging the Salamander's attacks. Jade tried to distract the Salamander with her arrow but it was ignored by the Salamander.

The Salamander used its fire breath on Misha. Misha quickly sprang back but the Salamander was not done yet. Salamander used its lava around her.

Misha found herself trapped between the lava. In front of her, the Salamander opened its mouth wide and was about to breathe fire.

( Is this it I thought I improved a lot after the BloodyWolf Incident. I reached Rank E and my skill proficiency had also ranked up. Still, I am too weak. I don't want to die yet. )

Fear had taken over her mind. Though they know that they will not die for real but when death is in front of you, you can't help but be afraid of it.

She watched as the lava was about to be fired off from the mouth of Salamander.

[ [ "Misha!" ] ]

Jade and Jenna shouted. They were not able to come near them due to the lava surrounding Misha and Salamander.


just when the horrifying lava was about to be shot from Salamander's mouth. With its mouth open, the Salamander stopped moving.

Salamander had an enraged expression but it could not move as Ice started to appear on its body.

Someone entered the cave and asked.

[ "Need some help" ]-

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