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Parallel Memory Chapter 55 Unexpected Situation [3]

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Chapter 55 Unexpected Situation [3]

[ [ "Lisa!" ] ]

Hiro and Zion shouted but they could do nothing but just stare at Lisa for a moment before dodging the attack of the Wyvern leader.

They continued to fight with the Wyvern leader. They both know that Lisa will not die for real and only be teleported out.

And it was only like they had time to worry about Lisa when they were the ones that could be eliminated next.

Without Lisa's support, the chance of them winning had lowered even more.


[ "Ice Embodiment: Ice Creation" ]

Zero used Ice Creation to make something like a slide for the falling Lisa.

Lisa expected a big collision but nothing of that sort happened after waiting for a few seconds. She slowly opened her eyes to see someone familiar standing in front of her.

[ "Lisa, Are you okay" ]

Lisa looked at the person in front of her with stupified expression. She thought she will definitely be eliminated.

She looked around to find an Ice slide and realized that Zero made an Ice Slide to save her.

She then looked at herself. The dress was torn a little and she had a messy appearance. Embarrassingly standing up, she thanked Zero.

[ "Thank you for your help, Zero. If not for your help, I would have been eliminated." ]

[ "Your welcome. Take this and heal your wounds. The battle is still not over." ]

Zero said as he threw a health and mana potion to Lisa. After waiting for a minute, Zero made his way toward the Wyvern leader.


[ "Dammit. How dare you do that to Lisa. I am going to kill you." ]

Zion threatened the Wyvern Leader by releasing his killing intent. But to Rank-C Wyvern it was nothing but child play to have this much killing intent.

The Wyvern's leader ignored Zion's threat and started attacking again. Zion dodged the wind slash and attacked Wyvern's leader.

[ "Imperial Spear Style: Obliterate Strike" ]

However, even if he was angry, his attack didn't even manage to break the Wyvern leader barrier.

Zion with the help of Lisa's spell was not able to break Wyvern's leader barrier, not to mention Zion who didn't have Lisa's support.

Hiro also followed Zion's charge and attacked.

[ "StarShatterer Style: Star Annihilation" ]

Even Hiro's attack was withstood by the wyvern leader barrier. Hiro and Zion continued fighting and slowly they were getting exhausted.

The Wyvern's leader took the chance to strike when Hiro and Zion showed signs of exhaustion.

The Wyvern leader first struck with his Wind Slash and while Hiro and Zion's attention was on the wind slash, the Wyvern leader flew towards Hiro and Zion at high speed and struck them with his claw.


Hiro and Zion after sensing that the Wyvern leader had come down to strike at them, had the only option of using their weapon to protect themselves.

They withstood the attack of Wyvern's leader only for a second before Wyvern's leader send them flying like Lisa.

[ "Is this the power of Rank-C." ]

Hiro muttered as he was flung back. It was his first time fighting against Rank-C. It has only been a few days since he became Rank-D - and he had to already fight with a Rank-C.

He thought he became strong after breaking through the Rank-D but even with the increased stats, he was still weaker than the Wyvern.

He could have taken care of the Devil Contractor leader easily even without the help of System if his rank was D. Lucas and Rowan wouldn't even withstand his one move.

Still, there were lots of enemies that were still stronger than him. He watched as the Wyvern leader prepared his skill to kill everyone present.

[ "Soteria Blessing: Goddess Protection" ]

Lisa cast her spell on Hiro and Zion. A protective shield appeared around them and it withstood the impact of them falling.

The Wyvern leader started charging his skill for the second time.

This was the moment Zero was waiting for. The Wyvern leader was vulnerable when he prepares this skill and other Wyverns were still busy with other students.

It was the perfect moment to strike.

[ "Dual Art: Dark Ice Embodiment" ]

Similar to Ice Embodiment, Zero's body was covered in Ice with the addition of shadow energy. It resembled black obsidian and along with Ice energy, it also increases the control over Shadow.

He quickly moved closer to the Wyvern leader and unleashed his full power attack.

[ "Dual Art: Glacier Shadow Slash" ]

Suddenly emerging below the Wyvern leader's body, Zero used the skill to attack.


The attack took the Wyvern leader by surprise and his left wings were cut off by Zero's attack. The Wyvern leader failed to charge his skill and due to him losing a wing, he fell on the Ice stair.



The Wyvern leader roared due to the pain and anger. Its receptacle grew in size, then it let out an ear-splitting cry.

The cry was one that could be heard by anyone within a radius of one kilometer.

The Wyverns that were previously fighting on the battleground were stunned by that cry. Some Wyvern, after they came back to their senses, crouched and shivered in fear while other Wyverns began to run.

How could they stay when their leader who is strongest among them is defeated.

Monsters were creatures that follows their instinct; when their lives is in danger they would instantly run away not like humans who would babble about revenge and whatnot, only to be killed later.

If they feel that they will die, they will run away not caring about loyalty and other nonsense.

The students were also stunned by the Wyvern's roar. When they saw Hiro and Zion flung back by the Wyvern leader, they thought they lost.

However, even before they had the time to feel despair, Zero had cut off Wyvern's leader's wing and made him grovel onto the Ice.

The students cried out in joy after they came back to their senses. Everyone was shouting in joy.

[ "Yes, Yes! We are winning!" ]

[ "The Wyvern's leader had its wing cut." ]

[ "We can win this. That person just needs to give him a finishing blow." ]

However, Zero used up all his mana and his body was not in any shape to move. Not to say finishing off the Wyvern's leader, it might be him who will be killed.

On other hand, the Wyvern leader was still not dead, only that he lost one of his wings.


Angered, the Wyvern Leader roared violently. The roar was like that of a dragon's, but at the same time, there was a freakish feeling about it that could make people's blood freeze.

Even genius like Hiro felt pressurized by the Wyvern leader's roar that was filled with strong killing intent.

Not to mention about the normal students who were just around Rank-E, and feeling such intense killing intent, they couldn't help but tremble.

Some students even lost the courage to stand and fell down on their butt. They could feel the power and cruelty in the roar of the Wyvern leader.

The angry Wyvern made its way to Zero who had made him suffer.

Zero couldn't do anything but watch as the Wyvern leader approached him. The Wyvern opened its mouth wide and was about to bite Zero.

( Haha. I put in so much effort only to be eaten in the end. Dammit! )-

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