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Parallel Memory Chapter 58 This Is My Home!

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Chapter 58 This Is My Home!

[ "Welcome Home, Zero!" ]

Taking in the moment of warmth that I missed for four months, I hugged my mother back.

I stayed in that position until I felt suffocated by my mothers' hug. It was a long time before my mother stopped hugging me.

I thought it was truly the end of me. It would be funny if I managed to survive all those events just to die in the hands of my mother.

[ "Did you eat breakfast I am preparing your favorite dish, Stuffed Aubergines." ]

[ "Okay, I will eat after a bath." ]

I entered the house having a nostalgic feeling. It was the same old house where I stayed for more than 15 years. I would occasionally miss this place when I was in the dorm.

I entered the house but dad was not there, probably busy with the guild matter.

Mom must have stayed at home after I have called her previously that I was coming back today.

As the guild master and vice-guild master of Shadow Genesis, there is a need for the presence of a guild master constantly.

It might be to sign a document for cooperation with other guilds, it might be to get access to dungeons, or to deal with other guilds that might be after the guild.

I looked around for a minute before going to the bathroom to take a shower. Walking in the sun for 10 minutes had made my body sweaty and uncomfortable.

Summer in the Edolas can be really harsh. In some places, the temperature would increase to 70 degrees which is insane if it was on Earth.

However, since the people of this place are much stronger than the people of Earth, humans manage to stay alive even in those places.

After a refreshing bath, I went to the dining hall to see a variety of dishes with my favorite Stuffed Aubergines. I sat down and started wolf down the food.


The number one thing that you will miss when you are away from your home is definitely your mother's cooking.

Having tasted my mother's cooking again, I realized again the perk of staying alive. It was being able to eat your mother's cooking. I mean if you are dead you can't eat food.

After eating the food I lay on the sofa and switched on the TV to watch some news.

There was nothing too interesting, just some news about some heroes and a dungeon.

Though on one of the news channels I saw the reporter talk about the WorldCraft.

[ 'Today, we will talk about the game that has taken the world by the storm with its unique features and gameplay. The company TechGenesis which was recently established has launched the game called WorldCraft which is considered the greatest game in history.' ]

The news channel is called Edolas Time Now. And it was a fairly popular channel especially for getting unusual news.

Unlike the typical news channel of Edolas, where the news is all about monsters, heroes, and all those stuff. Edolas Times Now focused on the life of people, innovations, and all these things which made them popular among the audience.

I mean if you watch a news channel and all it does is cover dungeon and monster every time and it happens on multiple news channels, you would want something new which is being provided by Edolas Times Now.

[ 'Let us hear it from James who had been called the greatest player in WorldCraft. What are your thoughts about the game and the company that made them.' ]

I looked curiously at the guy which is called the greatest player of WorldCraft. He might be like 'Technoblade' of Minecraft.

The guy has the style of a gamer that you see on Youtube and Twitch. Wearing glasses and headphones which are designed in flashy colors and wearing a game character shirt.

Similar to gamers like Pewdiepie who stream playing video games.

WorldCraft is definitely becoming popular and the member of the WorldCraft page on TwitFlick has already surpassed 2 million, becoming the page with the highest follower on TwitFlick.

I thought I should also add a feature for streaming games in TwitFlick. Previously I didn't add that feature as I only included the basics feature of Facebook on TwitFlick. But with the creation of WorldCraft, it might be a good idea to implement game streaming features.

[ 'WorldCraft was a fresh game that people needed. Previously other games were all about using brains and no graphics. It became boring and no new ideas were there but WorldCraft is different. It is engaging and fun where users are given freedom in the game. You could play to survive in the WorldCraft or spend building things. You could also play it with friends which is a new feature in games. Tech Genesis is truly an innovative company, and I am grateful to them for making this game.' ]

The news channel talked more about how it had impacted the people. How it is growing and its potential revenues.

One of the reasons why WorldCraft might have turned big would be the NightShade guild which had announced Tech Genesis being under their protection.

I continued watching the TV until it was evening and finally my dad was home.

[ "I am home!" ]

The one that entered the house was a man who could be said to be an older version of me, my father Warren Elea. The only difference was the color of the eyes, my father had brown color while I had my mother's green eyes color.

[ "Dad, welcome back!" ]

[ "Oh! Son, you have grown more handsome. Wait for a minute, I will come down after I change my clothes." ]

Mother started to take out plates and mugs. I helped her to bring out the things for dinner.

After a while, my father came down and we had dinner together. The family which was incomplete yesterday was complete today.

This is what family is all about. We started to talk and I told them what I experienced in the Ace Academy.

[ "As for the Mid-Term result, I am ranked-7." ]


My dad and mom dropped their spoon and looked at me with their eyes wide open and their mouth half-open.

[ "Haha...That's my son. You are Rank-7 in the number one Academy. You made me proud son." ]

Father laughed as he patted my shoulder. I was also happy that my father was proud of me.

[ "Son, you have worked hard. We know that we can't provide you with many resources but you could even rank Top among those who have all the resources." ]

[ "No, No, the resource you gave was more than enough. It is because of you two that I was able to achieve this much." ]

The conversation continued and the father and mother asked all kinds of questions including whether I got a girlfriend or not to which I can only say no.

( Your son doesn't even have a proper friend in school. Not to mention a girlfriend. )

I went back to my room after dinner and saw that the room was kept clean without a speck of dust. The room that I had to stay in for 15 years and the same old bed that I slept in were all in the same position and the same state.

The room was filled with nostalgic feelings and I felt comfortable and at peace sleeping there.

This is My Home!-

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