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Parallel Memory Chapter 59 Trouble Brewing

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Chapter 59 Trouble Brewing

Morning came and I came down to have breakfast. Today, I planned to visit the Shadow Genesis guild.

After breakfast, I went to Shadow Genesis guild with my parents and entered the guild office.

The first thing that I noticed when I entered the guild was how the guild employee was running back and forth with a pile of paper in their hand.

They seem pretty busy even more so than at the busiest time of the day. You should know that in a guild, the morning is pretty lax without much work.

And even the usual happy aura in the guild was gone. They all wore a serious expressions and were working hard. I sensed something is wrong with the guild.

[ "Mom and I have a lot of work today. You can go around and train if you like. We meet again for the lunch." ]

With this, my parent quickly moved towards their office. I looked around and saw that the guild was really giving off an aura of seriousness.

[ "Yo Zero, you are back from the Ace Academy. You should have given a call if you were coming." ]

The one to call me from behind was Logan who is my cousin. He would occasionally come along with his parents to our house.

We are close in age and used to hang out together when we were kids. So we are pretty close with each other.

[ "Yes, I just came yesterday. How about you Everything fine in Saint Helena Academy" ]

The Saint Helena Academy is not as good as Ace Academy but it could still be considered a Top-5 Academy.

[ "Great! We have this guy who is really good at lightning magic. And also the ax guy with ridiculous strength. Even when they are the first year like me, they are the first choice for the Tournament of Academies. I really wish I had their talent." ]

Logan expressed his excitement. Logan never thought he could become the best considering his background and talent and therefore is not jealous of them.

Logan is only at Rank-F which can be considered good but our generation or the first year's students was stronger than other year students and naturally, Rank-F is the lowest rank you can have in Academies.

To find Rank-F students in Ace Academy was as rare as the students who were in Rank-E .

It might be average in Saint Helena Academy though. Saint Helena Academy students' talent was far below Ace Academy.

[ "Zero, do you know Hiro Ernest I have watched the news about him and I couldn't believe he is in Rank-E peak." ]

( Actually, It is Rank-D - and many students of our school have also reached Rank-E including me. )

I don't know how he would react if I said it to him like this. The rank of Hiro had not been made public for now, though the Ace Academy might soon do that.

You might think hiding that information is good but it is really not. There are many spies among professors and students and they will get the information sooner or later.

And showing the progress of Hiro will generate a good image in the eyes of The Authority and public and they might allocate more resources to Ace Academy.

The Authority's mission is to protect and cultivate the next generation of humanity. They have many rare items and they are willing to give these resources to students with good potential.

They might favor Hiro more after knowing that he became Rank-D and it was also good publicity for the Ace Academy.

[ "Yeah, I know him. We are classmates. Anyways, what is up with the guild today Why does everyone seem so busy" ]

[ "Huh You don't know" ]

[ "Know what" ]

He was asking me like it was the most known information like the world is round. Ah... wait some people believe it's flat.

Anyway, he was saying it like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

[ "Ah! Aunty and uncle must have not informed you because they didn't want you to be distracted. I also knew about it recently after coming back from Saint Helena Academy." ]

He continued to speak as we make our way to one of the sitting areas.

[ "Apparently IvoryBow, another silver-graded guild around this area had been shallowing other guilds. They started from the small Bronze guild and now they seem to be after our guild." ]

[ "..." ]

The IvoryBow guild has three A-Rank guild members which makes them more powerful than our guild. Our guild might be in the same grade as them but they were more powerful.

We are an average Silver graded guild with only 13 Rank-B guild members. Our guild didn't even have one Rank-A guild member. While the IvoryBow has three Rank-A members.

I thought for a moment. I have lots of ways to solve this problem.

For one, I can let NightShade guild destroy IvoryBow guild but it was a little difficult. They cannot just attack a guild that is stationed in another city.

If so it might be seen as the NightShade guild invading another city and it might even get the attention of Diamond graded guild or The Authority.

And it was not a long-term solution either. This time it might work but what about next time. If I bring in the NightShade guild this time, we might get away without any consequences but if I call NightShade again, then it might be seen as the NightShade guild invading and expanding their territory.

The only permanent solution to this problem was to make the guild strong. Counting on mom and dad, we might have two or three more guild member who is at Rank-B and above.

My dad is on Rank-B peak and only needs to take Rank-A breakthrough potion while we have to for mom and the other two to reach Rank-B peak before giving them Rank-A breakthrough potion.

But even with the addition of one Rank-A, the invasion from the IvoryBow guild would be greatly slowed down.

The only problem was explaining to my parents how I got the potions.

However, I thought I would just say I opened a company and it became bigger. It was something that I need to reveal sooner or later.

There are chances that they might not believe me but as long as they take the potion, I didn't care about that. I can only show them the bank account if they refuse to take the potion.

I spend some time chatting with Logan. He shared his experience in his first year at Saint Helena Academy.

[ "Look at the time, it is already 10 am. Zero, we will meet again next time. Today, I have an appointment with my dad to go to a dungeon." ]

[ "Okay, be careful" ]

We said our goodbyes and I fell into my thoughts. The guild was in trouble but it was not that dangerous conaidering the power that I currently have.

It might have been if I didn't own a company and have a Gold-graded guild working under me.

Even if the guild is taken away, I just need to help my parents establish another one.

Or my parents don't even need to work. We can live in luxury for another 10 years with the money that I made.

But I had to make my parents powerful. The future will be dangerous which I know for sure.

According to the novel, in five years there will a small war between the demon and the human. Not only that, there are many small events in the novel that is very dangerous to those who are weak.

I will try my best to keep my parents safe but nothing is more reassuring than making my parents powerful.

[ "The novel's second volume is starting!" ]-

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