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Parallel Memory Chapter 60 Trouble Brewing [2]

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Chapter 60 Trouble Brewing [2]

For the first half of the second volume, most of the things that will happen is to do with Hiro's training. In other words, it was a training arc where Hiro trains and breakthrough into the Rank-D.

However, Hiro Ernest has already reached that rank in this world. I don't know what led to it but it was a good change.

MC being strong is always good. I have to worry less about him dying if he was strong. I will feel kind of bad if Hiro dies when he is not supposed to according to the novel.

Anyways, there are not many problems in the first half of the second volume of the novel because it was all about training.

At least not for the MC. Though it was different for me. In my case, my parents' guild seem to be already in some kind of trouble.

Though the problem was not that serious or something that the current me can't handle. However, problems nonetheless were annoying.

I decided to collect some intel on IvoryBow guild and what their motivation of doing this is. It was always good to know the motives of your enemies. Previously, I assumed other guilds were sabotaging my company because they were my enemies.

But unexpectedly it was nothing to do with me and Justin was just messing with us for Sophia.

I decided to go to the IvoryBow guild to see whether I can find some clues or not. Just a casual stroll to see the enemy headquarters.

It would not necessarily change the method that I am going to use to solve the problem that is making the Shadow Genesis guild stronger but I wanted to know more about my enemies.

Like there is a saying, 'Know your enemy and know yourself and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster'. I will never do something half-assed when it concerns my parents.

The IvoryBow guild headquarters is a couple of blocks away from the Shadow Genesis.

I walked for 17 minutes and the IvoryBow guild building was in my eyesight. But before I entered the building, I heard a loud voice.


[ "Please! You will see the potential of it if you just see our prototype. Just give me a chance." ]

[ "GO AWAY! Our guild doesn't need your stupid inventions. We are plenty busy as it is." ]

An angry man threw a man outside the building. The angry man must be the guard of IvoryBow guild as he was wearing black sunglasses and a black suit.

The man fell to the ground and all the paper in his bag was flying out. The man on the ground seem to be in his thirties judging by his appearance and his rank was also low.

I went to help the poor guy who is being ignored by passers-by.

[ "Let me help." ]

I helped him stand up and picked up the paper that was thrown on the street.

[ "Thank You!" ]

He thanked me and he also started picking up his paper.

As I was picking up the papers, I saw something unbelievable in paper.

I looked at the paper carefully once again before handing it to the guy. The paper contained the design of something that greatly intrigued me.

[ "Hey friend, if you have no problem, can you talk to me about what happened." ]

[ "... OK" ]

[ "My name is Zero Elea and you are" ]

[ "My name is Seth Howard. " ]

After we finished picking up the papers, we went to a cafe near the street. Nothing fancy, just a regular cafe for your normal humans.

Why do I say regular cafes for normal people Well, because in this world, there are also Expensive cafes for high profile people. The ingredients used in that cafe are from dungeons and other mana fields.

That means that herbs and those ingredients used for making tea are filled with mana which makes those things valuable. These types of food made with mana-filled plants are extremely good for health and some food also increases strength.

But only the rich could afford those and only people with a good background can enter such cafes.

Anyway, the cafe we entered was nothing like that. It was an everyday cafe like you see on Earth.

[ "So, how did you end up in that situation." ]

I asked taking a sip of hot coffee. It was on the bitter side which I prefer over sweet coffee.

Seth Howard was quite dejected after getting kicked out of the IvoryBow guild. He shook his head to stop thinking about the negative things and answered.

[ "The purpose of my visit to IvoryBow guild was to have our research group work under their guild. ManaElemist, my team is making a battery using the monsters mana core. We thought the demand for it will be high but..." ]

Seth Howard showed a disappointed face and continued.

[ "They rejected the idea immediately after knowing that we are going to use monster core to make a battery. We thought it was a good idea but I guess the price of the monster core is too much to use on a battery invention." ]

Seth tried to smile but the sadness that he felt was not able to give him a genuine smile.

He already spent lots of personal money and also his friends in the hope to be able to complete the product.

However, with a limited budget, they could only procure a limited monster core to experiment with. They have no more money to experiment and hoped that other guilds can take them under their guild and provide them with resources for continuing the research.

[ "And I begged them to give us a chance and you know the rest. I was kicked out of the building by their guards. I guess this is it for my invention. Thank you for listening, I felt better after telling this to someone." ]

Seth stood up and was about to leave the cafe.

[ "Wait!" ]

I stood up and put my hand on his shoulder.

[ "Listen to me. How about this, I own a company and I can invest in your project if you want." ]

[ "Really!" ]

Seth Howard became cheerful but then looked at me suspiciously. I can get why he will get suspicious of me. I am a teenager and teenagers like me could hardly have that kind of money to invest.

[ ".... Ummm... What is your company's name" ]

[ "Tech Genesis" ]

[ "TECH GENESIS!!! " ]

Seth yelled so loud that all the other customers looked at us. I tried to calm him down and made him sit.

[ "You have heard of Tech Genesis" ]

[ "Who doesn't know about Tech Genesis nowadays. It is the company that has been on the rise ever since they released WorldCraft. It is especially well known among us business entrepreneur who is trying to learn from Tech Genesis." ]

Seth Howard explained excitedly. The is no businessman who does not know the company, Tech Genesis.

The company rose to the top in just a matter of months. It had a good reputation and its products were new and innovative.

There is also a rumor of Tech Genesis employee salaries being very high. It is said that the top employee of Tech Genesis receives as much as a Rank-A human in the guild.

Therefore, the company had become the most popular working option for non-fighting people. They didn't need to have a high rank nor risk their life to earn a huge amount. It was a dream come true place for them.

[ "Anyway, I want your team to work with our company. Do you agree I can promise you that I will provide you with every resource you might need." ]

[ "Yes, Yes, Yes I agree. But I will first need some time to explain it to my other teammates. Can you wait for a few days" ]

For Seth, nothing is better than being an employee at Tech Genesis. He might have failed to get the support of the IvoryBow guild but unexpectedly he could get to join Tech Genesis.

It is true that there is a fortune in every misfortune. If he was not kicked out from IvoryBow he might have never got to work with Tech Genesis.

And if Zero parents were not troubled by IvoryBow guild, he would never be able to find Seth who could help him develop mana battery.

[ "Okay. You can have three days before giving me the answer. This is my phone number. Call me when you are ready." ]

Zero was genuinely interested in the project that Seth Howard have. People might not see the potential of this product just yet because monster cores are very expensive and making it into a battery is a waste of monster core.

However, in the novel, it becomes one of the greatest products in the market after the launch. Why you may ask

Battery made up of monster core can last up to 10 years depending on the rank of the monster core you use. Rank-F monster core cost up to 1000 Ethan coins and battery that are made up of those monster core might last for 3 years.

So, what is the advantage of such an expensive battery For one, you can have a battery that lasts for years. With it, you don't need a charger for charging your phones and laptops.

The second and the most important thing is in the dungeons. When raiding a dungeon or going to explore new lands filled with danger, drones might come in handy.

Right now, with a single charge, a drone might be able to fly for 30 minutes which is not very useful. Now, if we replace that battery with a mana battery, the drone would last for years without charge.

With it, it is possible to first surveil the dangerous area before sending in the explorers to investigate the unexplored land. This is also true for other technologies in the dungeon.

The phones and other technology can be used in the dungeon or Obelisk Tower but due to limited power, they are not usually used. The technology which used to be unproductive in the dungeon can be used due to mana battery.

This technology has lots of benefits to a guild. In the novel, when it was launched, only a high-grade guild used to get it due to short supply and huge demand.

Those who used technology with mana batteries could see their guilds' failure and death going down. It was an ultra-popular product.

With technology, you could prevent lots of unwanted death in the dungeon. The company that sold those batteries was very successful with each of their product becoming popular.

I don't know the actual person who made those in the novel. It might be Seth or it might be someone else but the fact that I met someone who is researching this could mean I am going to make a lot of money.

( Idiots! Kicking out the goldmine. If you don't want it then I will take it for myself.)-

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