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Parallel Memory Chapter 61 Celebration!

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Chapter 61 Celebration!

Feeling happy that I managed to get Seth Howard to my company, I forgot to go to the IvoryBow guild.

But who would care about a stick when you got the gold bar. The matter of Seth Howard's was much more important than IvoryBow. Seth Howard's invention could turn any guild into a Top guild in that grade.

As the matter with IvoryBow guild, as mentioned before, the solution was to get the guild to become stronger.

I went back to the guild and was lost in thoughts about the plan to manufacture the mana battery. I am not an expert in this field so I decided to consult with Aiden and Seth Howard.

Seth probably has an idea about it seeing that he is a business entrepreneur. I might hire an expert but for now, let's not count the chicken before they hatch.

I still need Seth to pursue his friends and join my company formally. Then I can start thinking about acquiring the material and increasing the production.

I arrived before the door of my father's office and stood there for a minute. I still had no idea how to explain to them about me getting the potions.

I just decided to say anything that comes to my mind. It is not like I used anything illegal to earn the money.


[ "Come In!" ]

I slowly entered the room which was filled with more paper than usual. Mother was also busy browsing through papers and signing them.

[ "What happened, son Do you need something" ]

[ "Ummm... Dad, Mom I have a gift for you." ]

I sat on the chair in front of the desk. Dad and mom stopped their work and started listening to me.

Even with so much work, my mom and dad never forget to give me their attention when needed. They treat everything that I do as something important. I am really fortunate to have them as my parents.

[ "You know when I was at Ace Academy, I establish a company. and it has kind of grown big now. And I earned some money. So, I decided to buy you something." ]

Taking out the two Rank-A breakthrough potions from the spatial ring, I put them on the top of the table.

[ "I bought Rank-A breakthrough potions with the money I earned from my company." ]

It took some time for my parents to show a reaction.

[ "What What did say, son You bought two Rank-A potions How is this possible It would cost at least one million Ethan coins." ]

[ "Baby, are you okay Did you hit your head somewhere" ]

My mother quickly appeared before me and gently placed her hands on my head to check. She was relieved after finding nothing unusual happened to my head.

My mother is a healer who specialist in healing. She can check for any abnormalities in others and that is exactly what she did when she placed her hands on my head.

[ "No, I am not joking. Take a look at the potions." ]

I placed the potions in front of them. They can at least feel the rank of the items from their senses. The items with higher rank will have a special aura like different ranked humans have different mana aura.

Dad took the potion in his hand and looked at the potion and after a few seconds, he had a disbelief expression on his face. He looked careful again and his hand trembled as he placed the potion back on the desk.

[ "Th-This is... This is really Rank-A breakthrough potion" ]

[ "Yes, it is real." ]

[ "Seriously How did you get it, son" ]

[ "As I said, I have established a company and I accidentally earned a few extra Ethan coins. With that money, I bought this potion." ]

[ "Your Company In four months, you earned millions of Ethan coins How is this possible" ]

[ "I was just lucky and my company product sold very well." ]

[ "..." ]

( Son, how can you be so lucky to get millions of Ethan coins just like that. I never won a coin playing cards, and you got millions )

Warren Elea doesn't know whether to cry or laugh, he worked day and night and never made this much money. On other hand, his son says he was lucky and made millions.

If luck was what is needed to become rich, then what is the use of hard work. Earning just enough even after years of hard work while other people just earn million like that.

And It was not just one million but probably ten million Ethan coins. The potion that he received was not a low-quality Rank-A breakthrough potion but the high-quality Rank-A breakthrough potion which is more expensive and has more probability of breaking through.

Warren Elea and Medison Elea asked more about the company and Zero tried his best to answer. He would, however, lie during situations like,

[ "Zero, how did you know how to code" ]

Zero would be like,

[ "I studied a little bit about it and tried it. I didn't expect it to become so popular. I was just lucky." ]

Just let them think he is a lucky boy. Where did you get that kind of idea Just lucky. How did you increase your rank so much Just lucky. What a good sentence.

Zero would try to hide the fact that he has a memory of another world. It was difficult to explain and also very difficult to believe.

It was better for him to tell lie than say the truth. Even if they know it, it was not beneficial to either party and it was not a good idea to tell them the world is a novel.

I mean if somebody tells someone that your fate is already written somewhere then who would want to believe that. It meant that whatever you do, whatever you achieve in the future is all written by someone.

[ "Father, take the potion and try to break through to Rank-A. With Father's new power, IvoryBow would not blatantly try to shallow our guild." ]

[ "You are right son. I have to get to Rank-A as soon as possible. Our guild is not in the best position to respond to their attacks right now." ]

Dad left the office to go to the training room. My mother also went with him, probably as a guard.

I had nothing to do, so I left the office and went to look around the guild. It has only been four months but the guild already looks different than what I remember.

I met some of the guild members which I met previously. I talked with them for a moment and went around looking at the building and looking at the new changes.

I waited for my father after getting bored and tired of walking around. It was also because I was worried about my father that I was unable to go to train.

No use in training if your mind is focused on something else. Only when you concentrate and train seriously would the result be good.

It was in the evening when there was the fluctuation of mana in the air and an outburst of mana from the training room.


Father came out looking sweaty and tired but the mana aura that he was emitting was of Rank-A. Dad successfully broke through to A-Rank.

[ "Dear, you are in Rank-A. My god, you did it! You finally did it." ]

[ "Haha... God blessed our family. To bestow us with such a talented son. I finally broke through with our son potion." ]

Dad took a deep breath and felt his power. He also probably opened his status screen. The status screen can only be seen by the user unless you use some different way to show your status to others.

[ "Honey, call all the executives present in the guild. We need to inform them of my breakthrough and also we need to discuss a new plan to counter IvoryBow." ]

My mother went out and called the employee to call all the executives to come to the office for a meeting. It was to announce the dad's new rank and to discuss the problem that the Shadow Genesis guild was facing.

Finally, relieved to see that my father is doing okay, I went to one of the training rooms numbered 3-C. It was made to handle the power of Rank-D.

I am currently at Rank-E but my power has already exceeded that of Rank-E . If I train in the number 2 training room, I might destroy the whole room in a single attack.

I continued to train while I waited for my parents to finish their meeting.


[ "Guildmaster, why did you call us suddenly We are pretty busy with handling the business that is being snatched by IvoryBow." ]

[ "Sorry for calling you all so suddenly and I am grateful for your hard work. Firstly, I am here to inform you that I have reached Rank-A." ]

[ [ [ [ [ "Rank-A!!!" ] ] ] ] ]

The executive all shouted so loudly that people outside the guild thought that they were having an intense debate.

[ "Yes, Today I broke through A-Rank." ]

Warren Elea released his mana aura, not like fully releasing all his power to suppress others but just to show that the mana aura that he is emitting is of Rank-A.

The executive was shocked to find that their guildmaster have really broken through the Rank-A.

[ "Congratulation!" ]

Osian Mitchell was the first one to calm down and congratulate Warren. The mana aura released by Warren was indeed that of Rank-A.

[ [ [ [ "Congratulation to guild master!" ] ] ] ]

The other executives soon followed and they all congratulated their guild master. Amid their trouble, their guildmaster has broken through and has eased their worries.

Previously they didn't have A-Rank among them which let them not opt for an aggressive move against IvoryBow.

Even when the dungeon spawn near the Shadow Genesis area, IvoryBow claims it by saying we are too weak to clear.

Between IvoryBow and Shadow Genesis, The Authority had to give to IvoryBow because stronger guilds have more privileges.

However, they would also have almost similar privileges, now that their guildmaster is also Rank-A.

The executive and my parents discussed how they should proceed from now on. Now that they had a Rank-A among them, it would be difficult for IvoryBow to swallow their businesses.

The news of my father's breakthrough to Rank-A was quickly spread throughout the guild. The guild member celebrated and shouted happily.

Their guild master was finally in Rank-A. Their guild will have new privileges and being in the same guild, they would also have a higher standing in society.

They happily talked and also forgot about the IvoryBow making trouble. The problem with IvoryBow has become a thing of the past.

The executive first decided to hold a celebration in three days for dad achievement in breaking through the Rank-A.

This was to showcase power to other guilds and also to make new allies. When somebody becomes powerful, it is in your and guilds interest to befriend that guy.

The guild member went from trying to stop the IvoryBow guild to making preparation for their guild master. But unlike when they were busy with IvoryBow, they wore a smile when preparing for the celebration.

They know that the rise of their guild is here!-

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