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Parallel Memory Chapter 63 Eleonore [2]

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Chapter 63 Eleonore [2]

[Eleonore POV]

******Two days before the banquet******

We got the news that Uncle Warren had broken through the Rank-A and they had invited us for the banquet.

[ "Zero had become very powerful and had even defeated two seniors who were in Top-10." ]

[ "Oh. Really!"]

Misha was talking about how Zero had saved her and how he seems to have changed. She also told Eleonore a lot of things that Zero had done.

( Hmph! Changed That guy. Impossible! He will always be the pervert and an annoying guy. As for saving Misha, I am grateful but I don't believe that he has become that powerful. )

I was excited to meet Zero who is said to be changed by my sister. Nobody knows him better than I do. I don't believe that people can change their personalities in such a short period of time.

We will see how much he has changed in two days.


I wore the new dress that I bought from the famous designer shop weeks ago. The dress was stiff with embroidery, strewn with pearls, encrusted with gemstones, and they were brilliantly colored.

The dress was very elegant and wearing it further increased my elegance.

[ "Good!" ]

Looking in the mirror she was satisfied with the dress she has bought. It complements her style and enhanced her beauty.

The family of four made their way to Shadow Genesis guild which is a long-time partner of their guild.

Eleonore's father, Diego started happily talking about their time in the academy with Zero's father and mother.

He would also mention some of the events of when Eleonore and Misha were young.

[ "Haha... Misha, you know, one-time Zero accidentally entered the bathroom when Eleonore was bathing. She beat him so hard that his face has turned into a duck. Luckily Zero's mother was there to heal him." ]

Diego shared the story with Misha who had no idea about that incident. Diego laughed while remembering that funny incident.

[ "Eleonore cried for days telling us that her innocence was taken. She demanded Zero to marry her and take responsibility for making her pregnant. Haha..." ]

[ "Wh-What I never said that. Dad, you are lying." ]

[ "Haha. You were young and that must be why you forgot. You told him to marry you but he refused by saying he doesn't want to marry a gorilla-women." ]

[ "Humph!" ]

Eleonore didn't say anything more. But her father has reminded her again of why she is allowed to bully Zero.

Zero might have told them it was an accident but I will never believe his lies. Not only did he peep on me while bathing but also assaulted me.

He jumped on top of me and groped my breast. It was fortunate that I was quick enough to protect myself.

Zero took advantage of me and he refused to take responsibility for it. He also insulted me by saying I am too violent.

'An injury is much sooner forgotten than insult'. He insulted me, so in return, I have to bully him.

They soon arrived at the banquet hall. Many people including the Kanon family were surprised by the decoration of the hall which was made very beautiful.

It might have cost a hundred thousand Ethan coins to be decorated this much. Not only that some food was also made using mana plants.

The first thing we did after entering the banquet was greet Uncle Warren. Father continued to talk to Uncle Warren

After she congratulated uncle Warren, she looked around the hall and saw the boy whom she was eager to meet.

It had been about 5-6 months since she last saw Zero.

He was standing there with his usual stupid expression. He might have changed his hairstyle, but he can't change his stupid face.

I went there to meet him.

[ "Hey! If it isn't Mr. pervert Zero. How's it going!" ]

To me, he is the very definition of a pervert. He is the only one who saw my naked body but also groped me and he didn't even apologize for it.

[ "I am doing fine! Miss Eleonore." ]

Unlike his usual behavior, he greeted me back as he would to others. If it was before, he might have tried to run away or not answered at all.

( Ohhh. You did change a little. Maybe he matured a little when he was at school or did he find some girl... )

If it was the former then it was okay but if it was the latter then it is not good at all.

( Do you think you can date girls now I don't know which innocent girl he is going to harm next. )

[ "Your hair looks like a duck. Don't tell me you trying to attract girls now. It would be a miracle if you can get a girl with your face. Haha..." ]

I tried to verify whether he got a girlfriend or not. If he gets angry then it will mean he still does not have any girlfriend.

[ "None of your business! The boys would not even give you a glance with your gorilla personality. First, look at yourself before talking about me." ]

Zero angrily replied.

Though the answer I got was what I expected but I didn't expect him to insult me.

[ "Ohhhh. I wonder who gave you the guts to say something like that to me. It had been months since I last saw you and It seems like you forgot about me during that time." ]

I thought I have intimidated him but instead of keeping quiet, he has started to insult me again.

[ "Your breast is still the same. Do you want to get a grade A for that too I feel that it had not grown since the last time I felt it." ]

(I gave you an inch and now you trying to take a mile.)

Now, this was it. How dare he say that to me. He said my breast is not big enough. He not only has the audacity to look at my chest but also says that it is flat.

I knew that you were a pervert since you were young. And now you want to flex about it.

What Misha said was all bull**. He changed, yes he might have changed, changed into a bigger pervert

I feel bad for Uncle Warren and Aunty Madison. They are such nice people but they had a pervert as their son.

I need to teach him a lesson or else he will never become a decent person.


[Zero's POV]

The strength of her hand that was holding my shoulder increased. I bet my bones are breaking right now. Even when she is not using her full power, she made me unable to retaliate.

Eleonore stared at me with killing intent.

( I am dead!)

I thought I am going to die. This gorilla woman would not spare me once she starts beating me.

[ "Haha. You two do get along well. Eleonore, you went to see Zero as soon as we arrive." ]

Uncle Diego has once again saved me. He arrived just in time before Eleonore started beating me.

Looks like I was not destined to die today. The conversation between Uncle Diego and my dad had finished and they had made their way to me.

Since the parents were all present, she had no choice but to stand there without beating me. Or else I don't want to imagine my fate.

( Whew! )

I am saved today because of Uncle Diego. Looks like I need to tone down my mouth in front of Eleonore. I am still weaker than her, and I need to control my anger.

Control and endure until I am strong enough to say what I want. I don't really want to push my luck and anger Eleonore again.

Today, I was saved but what about tomorrow. If she really decided to kill me, I would not even know how I died.

From then on, for the rest of the party, I tried to stick to my dad or Uncle Diego. I can feel Eleonore looking in my direction constantly.

If I am alone even for a second, I feel like she will assassinate me. I was safe as long as I stayed with other people.

[ "Zero, did you do something to my Onee-chan again." ]

Misha came to talk to me.

[ "No-No. I didn't do anything. What can I do to her She will kill me I do something to her." ]

[ "Haha. But I heard from my father that you molested my sister. She must be holding a grudge against you for that." ]

[ "Misha, It was an accident and I don't think she will remember such an old incident." ]

[ "Haha... Maybe. Zero, I owe you one for saving me from Devil Contractors. If you need my help, you can just ask me." ]

[ "Really! Then I want you to stay with me for the rest of the party." ]

( Eleonore will not beat me as long as I am with Misha. )

Feeling relieved to have someone with him. Zero relaxed his nerve.

But Eleonore glared at Zero more intensely. She doesn't know what Zero said but she didn't like the fact that Zero is with her sister.

( I need to deal with Zero before he harms my little sister. )

Not knowing what Eleonore was thinking, Zero continued to stick with Misha.-

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