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Chapter 66 Tristan's True Power [2]

*****On the Audience place*****

When the battle begin...

Eleonore sat with Misha and her parents. Eleonore saw Misha making a worried face as she looked at Zero intensively.

Eleonore frowned because she didn't want Misha to be closed with that pervert. Even her parents were worried about his safety.

To their parents, Zero was similar to their child and they have seen him grow up from his childhood.

They also know that Zero is not that strong compared to Tristan. But they also knew why Zero chose to fight him.

The fight started as Tristan began to attack fiercely. At first glance, you might see Zero losing as he was only dodging and not attacking.

But Eleonore was surprised to see Zero easily dodge those attacks. You should know that you need to have Rank-D speed to dodge attacks from a Rank-D person.

Even then it might be difficult to dodge those arrows which were shot at a very high speed. But Zero easily dodged those but he couldn't reach near Tristan as Tristan kept on moving to different places while Zero was dodging.

After a few minutes into the battle, Zero stopped dodging and instead blocked the Tristan attacks.

Zero quickly approached Tristan as he kept on blocking Tristan's arrow.

And the next thing you know, Zero broke through Tristan's defense and attacked him.

To everyone's surprise, Zero was beating Tristan like he was beating up some random kids.

Eleonore couldn't believe her eyes. She knows Zero more than anyone and he didn't possess that kind of strength.

When she holds him down using her half-strength, Zero tries to get himself free but Zero didn't have enough strength to do so.

( Did he increase his strength to Rank-D or was he always that strong … Don't tell me he is a masochist. )

Eleonore had misunderstood Zero not resisting her attack previously as Zero being a masochist.

She didn't believe Zero had become this strong in just four months.

Rather she believed that Zero was always this strong but didn't resist Eleonore's attacks because he enjoys it.

On the stage, Zero continued to brutalize Tristan and the audience's face changed.

Their faces changed from surprise to sympathetic when they saw Zero showing no mercy to Tristan.

But they understood Zero, IvoryBow guild was the one looking for trouble. They came uninvited to the party and started making a mess there.

It was their own fault that Tristan is being beaten. They confidently thought that they will win the match and decided to provoke the Shadow Genesis guild.

Zero was not stopping and it continued for a while.

Suddenly a demonic aura started to emit from Tristan body and he send Zero flying back.

" Huh "

Eleonore became alert and came out of her thoughts when she felt a demonic aura from the battle ring.

" Th-This is Demonic aura Tristan is a Devil Contractor. "

" What We need to inform The Authority quickly. "

There was a massive panic and shock among the audience. They wanted to contact The Authority and tell them about Tristan being Devil Contractor but…

" Don't waste your energy trying to contact The Authority. "

One of the IvoryBow members said. He also started releasing his demonic aura indicating he is also a Devil Contractor.

In fact, all the guild members of IvoryBow guild were Devil Contractors.

The audience finally realized what he meant. Similar to the device used in BloodyWolf forest, they also came prepared and isolated that area.

No signal or noise can escape from that area.

The Devil Contractors started appearing one after another.

" Hahahah. I didn't expect we would need to reveal ourselves so soon. I thought we will wait until the match ends before killing you all. I didn't know your son was that capable. "

Solomon laughed as he emitted a strong dark aura. Solomon seemed to have already made the plan to kill everyone present there and Tristan only helped him to hasten his plan.

The IvoryBow guild came prepared to eliminate all their enemy in one place. They already set up the device to isolate the people and they bought in lots of Devil Contractors to help Solomon kill them all.

The fighters started to take their defensive position and Zero's dad and Misha's dad was also preparing to fight with Solomon, the strongest person here.

Eleonore also tried to protect Misha from any Devil Contractor that might be after her.

The place immediately turned into chaos.

*****On the Stage*****

"Devil Contractor!"

" Indeed! I am a Devil Contractor. I didn't think I would need to reveal my power so soon. "

Tristan said as he fully showed what his real power is. He was in Rank-D peak.

" You are going to pay for what you did to me earlier! "

Tristan said angrily as he released his mana aura. He had never been as humiliated as he did earlier.

" Really! Do it if you can. "

" Still with your arrogant tone. I will show what happens when you truly anger me. "

Tristan dashed towards Zero. He used his bow to shoot arrows.

[ " Multiple Shot: Poison Arrow " ]

Zero was already anticipating his attack and quickly dodged the attack. Tristan took this chance to go for Zero's head with his claw but Zero quickly blocked his attack.

Tristan was definitely more powerful than before but he was still not able to produce enough strength that could knock down Zero.

Zero went after Tristan after he had just finished blocking. Tristan was more alert this time and didn't forget to put on the mana barrier after he landed.

First, Zero swords came in contact with Tristan's mana barrier which eventually broke down. Zero swung his blade aimed at Tristan's neck.

Tristan quickly caught the attack in his hand. Zero kicked him in his gut and sent Tristan flying out of the stage.

" ARGG! "

Tristan collide with the wall and the wall broke down, and Tristan was buried under the debris.

Tristan quickly came out of the rubbles and his smirk had vanished.

He didn't expect to lose even after releasing his limit and using demonic power. Zero was easily beating him even now.

Tristan could not accept this reality. He even hastens the plan that his father made just so he can have his revenge.

" I will kill you. "

Tristan tried to dash towards Zero and attack him again. But he was unable to move from his position.

He looked at his leg which was stuck in the ice. He tried to break it but it won't budge at all.

Ground Freeze, Zero used this skill after Tristan came out of the rubbles. Tristan was trapped in his position and Zero approached Tristan slowly.

" Tristan, where is your kill I thought you wanted to kill me. Don't tell me you can't do it. Is this the true power you were speaking of "

Zero took this opportunity to mock Tristan.

Tristan could once again feel like he is in trouble but this time he had no trump card. He has already released his skill and all his power. Even that was not enough to beat Zero.

Zero slowly approached Tristan like he didn't care whether he was trapped in his ice or not. Even if Tristan escaped from the ice, Zero would have easily killed him before he ran away.

Tristan tried to break the ice but his body was all frozen and he could move a muscle of his feet.

" Looks like there will be no more genius present in IvoryBow after today. "

" Spare me! If you do, I promise to keep you alive. My father will kill you if you kill me. "

" Let us see whether your dad is willing to save you. "

Zero punched him a few times before dragging him onto the battle stage again.

*****On the audience's places*****

A powerful aura enveloped the area. Solomon and Warren & Diego were fighting with each other.

They were so powerful that their punch impact might be enough to reduce rock to dust.

Others were also busy with their opponents. Eleonore managed to kill the Devil Contractor one after another.

[ " Shattering Flower Style: Lotus Explosion " ]

All three Devil Contractors ended up becoming dust due to Eleonore's powerful attack.

Most Devil Contractors were in Rank-E and only a handful of them was in Rank-C which made it easier for Eleonore who is in Rank-C.

The executives of Shadow Genesis were busy protecting their weaker members from being killed by Devil Contractors.

The most concerning battle was of course between Solomon and Warren and Diego. Solomon is in Rank-A which made it difficult for Rank-A and Rank-A - to fight.

Slowly Warren and Diego were losing against Solomon.

" Hahaha. Surrender your guild to us. If you plead your loyalty to our masters, we will let you live. "

" Hah… Hah. You traitor of humans, you will not get away with this. "

" Hahaha. As matter of fact, sure I can. When you all die here. Nobody will be there in my way to becoming the overlord of this city.

[" Cryo Bomb "]


" Huh "

Suddenly an attack hit Solomon. Though he was not damage from that attack.

" Who Who dare interrupt me "

" Here, Here "

Zero waved his hand as he indicated Solomon of his presence.

" IvoryBow guildmaster, I suggest that you surrender, or else I will kill your son. "

Zero said in a cold voice as he pointed his sword at Tristan's neck. Zero wanted to use Tristan as a hostage to make Solomon surrender.-

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