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Parallel Memory Chapter 67 Solomons Mission

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Chapter 67 Solomon's Mission

" IvoryBow guildmaster, I suggest that you surrender, or else I will kill your son. "

" Y-You! Humph! I can spare you if you let my son go. "

" Who would believe in you I want you to surrender if you want to see your son alive. "

I put some force on my sword making a small cut on Tristan's neck to show I am serious. Blood started dripping from Tristan's neck. I guess it was not that small of a cut.

Anyways, Demon and Devil Contractors are known for their sturdiness. He won't die just because of some small cut, or will he I honestly couldn't care.

" Dad, save me! "

Tristan shouted at top of his lungs but he didn't resist much because his neck would only cut deeper if he moved.

" Little Bastard, let him go, or else you will all suffer. "

Solomon's negotiations failed. He couldn't fail at this mission since he was sent by 'that' person.

Surrender That is the same as forbidding his life. He had to get that item or else he would not be alive to see the sunrise.

His son's life was important but this mission was even more so as his life was on the line. Failure was not an option.

Solomon released his skill that is compressing the devil's energy and making it into a big ball.

" Little Bastard, this is my final warning. Let my son go or I will blow up this whole place. "

Solomon threatened Zero.

Zero ignored Solomon and stabbed Tristan on his shoulder.


Tristan started to cry. Zero was embedding Ice energy into his body along with each stab, slowly making his limb unfunctional.

" STOP! Stop it, you little bastard. "

Solomon shouted. Diego and Warren took this chance to approach Solomon and uses their skill.

[ "Shadow Style: Shadow Crescent" ]

[ "Shattering Flower Style: Belladonna Dance" ]

Two of them managed to get a direct hit at Solomon causing his attack to fail.

" ARGHH! How dare you sneak attack on me. "

Solomon was a little injured by their attack. His Rank-B defensive artifact was the reason why he managed to survive their attack.

" IvoryBow Guildmaster, I guess you don't need your son anymore. "

Zero held Tristan by his hair in one hand and raised his sword in another hand. Tristan has lost all his energy to even scream anymore. He was only a hairbreadth away from death.

" Nooooooooo! "

Soloman bellowed.

Zero didn't show any mercy to Tristan and beheaded him. Zero did not feel any pity when kill him.

He didn't work as a hostage, which was his only value. If so, he was just another enemy that needed to be killed.


Solomon released a huge amount of mana and pushed back Warren and Diego. His eyes were full of bloodthirst.

" Little bastard, regardless of the price I have to pay, I will rip you to shreds today! "

Solomon's eyes were malicious and filled with a deep hatred. He didn't expect Zero to ignore his warnings and directly kill his son.

Even though his son was a loser, Solomon has poured lots of resources into him to become strong.

He didn't expect that his son would meet his end at this little guild. There was no way that he could let Zero get away with this.

" Listen, all of you. Attack him and whoever kills him will get three Rank-B Devil fruits from me. "

Solomon yelled. He wanted to kill Zero personally but due to being restricted by Warren and Diego, he had to let others do it for him.

Rank-B Devil Contractors were busy with Executives of Shadow Genesis.

While Rank-C and below were targeting other guests of Shadow Genesis. Most guests were Rank-C and they could defend themselves though they were on the losing side.

They were all planning to kill them when they heard Solomon's voice.

" Three Rank-B Devil fruits For one kid "

" Kekekeke. Branch leader is indeed rich. Offering three Rank-B Devil fruits. "

" With it, I will definitely reach Rank-B. "

All the Devil Contractors turned their heads in Zero direction. Devil fruits were all rare and to get three Devil Fruit at the same time also for one kid was too generous.

The Devil Contractor stopped attacking other people and went to kill Zero. Instead of wasting the opportunity by killing some random people, it was better to get benefits from killing Zero.

The Devil Contractors were mostly Rank-D and some were in Rank-C and there was a good amount of Rank-E as well.

Rank-B Devil Contractors were busy with Shadow Genesis Executive. One wrong move and they will be dead.

Though they were also enticed by the reward for killing Zero. But they could not and Shadow Genesis guild members would not allow them to go to Zero.

The Shadow Genesis Guild member want to dash towards Zero and help him but they were also preoccupied with other Devil Contractors.

They can only hope that Zero survives until they can finish off their enemy and come to help him.

" I will kill him. He is my prey. "

" Your prey, my a**. How about you kill him but I take the Devil Fruits "

" You slowpokes. Go back, I am more than enough to finish him. " …

It was first come, first serve to them. Whoever gets the first kill will get all the Devil Fruits. To them, it was not Zero vs them but them vs them.

They had never considered Zero a threat. First of all, Zero was just in Rank-E and secondly, there were many Devil Contractors.

However, even when encountering all those Devil Contractors, Zero didn't panic. Instead, he welcomed them.

While all of them were in approximate ranges, he activated his skill.

[ "Dual Art: Dark Ice Embodiment" ]

[ "Dual Art: Dark Icy Surface" ]

All the Devil Contractors in the vicinity of me were caught in my skill.

With Dark Ice Embodiment the Ice and Shadow energy that Zero released became stronger. And with Dark Icy Surface, not only was it stronger than Ground Freeze but with the spikes made of Shadow, the enemy caught in ice were injured.

Some Devil Contractors were impaled in their head and other vital areas instantly killing them. The skill not only immobilizes the enemy but also kills them.

While lucky ones had their shoulders and thighs pierced. Blood didn't appear as blood was also turned into ice.

" What "

Solomon was surprised to find that his subordinates all failed in their task. There were even Rank-C in the mix.

Diego and Warren took the opportunity to strike at Solomon when he was distracted.


" kuekkkk! "

Solomon was beaten black and blue. Solomon's mana was running low as the battle procrastinated.

Solomon who had the upper hand before was on the losing side now. He wasted much of his mana trying to intimidate Zero with his skill.

Zero was still busy keeping the enemies trapped in the Ice. There were some who survived his attack.

He looked around to see whether any allies were there to help him finish off the enemies.

He looked around but there was no one except Eleonore. Many took the chance to run away from the place when Devil Contractors moved towards Zero.

They were not the guild members and they didn't care about Zero. Also, they were losing previously but Solomon's announcement made them go towards Zero.

It was the opportunity for guests who were fighting them to make an escape. The alliance and cooperation can only amount to this much.

When life is in danger, nothing becomes more important than your own life. They were lucky to have Devil Contractors go away and took that chance to escape.

They were mostly of low rank and were only able to keep their lives due to others helping them. Even if they stayed to help, they could only become a burden.

Zero had no choice but to ask for help from Eleonore. He was not sure whether she would help or not but only she was there.

Eleonore was there to help Zero but she was shocked by what she saw. Zero had killed almost all the low-rank Devil Contractors by himself.

She says low ranked because high-rank Devil Contractors were Rank-B and Rank-A were present there.

But Zero himself was the lowest of low rank when compared to Rank-D and Rank-C. She didn't think Zero would survive the onslaught of Devil Contractor's attack but unexpectedly it was Devil Contractors who met their end in the hand of Zero.

" Hey, Big Sis Eleonore. Can you please help me! "

Snapping out of her thoughts was Zero's voice. Zero tried to address Eleonore as Big sis and tried to use his cute voice to get help from Eleonore.

Zero was trying as much as he could to get the help of Eleonore. In Zero's eye, Eleonore was just staring at him without helping.

He thought Eleonore was taking revenge on him for the earlier remark, not knowing she was just surprised by Zero's strength. He thought she would not help him unless he tried to act pitiful which he splendidly failed.

" Big Sis Eleonore, I am really in a pinch. Can you kill them while they are trapped "

Zero's voice seemed like he was mocking her. She wanted to argue with Zero but considering the situation they were in, she decided to leave it for later.

The enemies were practically all living targets for her. Most were dead or seriously injured, and only some needed to be handled by her.

Eleonore used her sword to behead enemies one by one.

" Phew! Thanks for your help, Big Sis Eleonore! "

Zero said happily. Eleonore was disgusted by Zero's voice. She felt mocked by him.

" Stop it! You are disgusting me! "-

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