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Parallel Memory Chapter 73 Time To End My Nightmare! [2]

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Chapter 73 Time To End My Nightmare! [2]

Zero broke through Rank-D - and was feeling like he was invincible right now. I mean with his new power he could literally kill 5 Zero before his breakthrough.

The first thing he thought of was battling against Eleonore who is in Rank-C.

He thought that if he could take on Rank-D while he was Rank-E then he should be able to take care of Eleonore who is Rank-C after he became Rank-D -.

Adding to the feeling of invincibility he felt, he also needed to test his new power. Eleonore was perfect since he could defeat her and end his trauma and also because she was Rank-C.

Battling Eleonore, he could test his new profound power and end his trauma, it was killing two birds with one stone.

He tried to run around and move his body and noticed the difference in speed and control of his mana.

His skill was more smoothly executed and his strength increased by a lot. He spends the rest of his day trying to figure out his new strength.

The next day, he went to visit Eleonore at her home which was just 3 minutes away from his house if you go by car.

I had gone to Eleonore's house a couple of times so I knew where the house was. Their house was a little bit bigger than ours and had a look of a traditional European style house.


I rang the bell and waited for Eleonore to open the door.


"Who is it"

A couple of seconds after I rang the bell, a sweet and pleasant voice echoed from the house. It was clear that the one who talked was not Eleonore.

Her voice is not pleasant and it was more of a domineering voice than a sweet voice.

"It's Zero."


"Zero! "

Opening the door, there was a girl with eyes similar to Eleonore but with a different demeanor. It was Misha who opened the door.

"Come inside!"

I went inside and looked around the house. It was similar to what I remember when I last visited this place.

The same old vase that had been put near the door. It might be some kind of artifact because that same flower is what I saw when I first visited this house.

"So What brings you here"

Misha turned around and asked Zero. She was curious as it was the first time that Zero visited their house alone.

He would only come here when his parents visited this place.

"I am here to meet Eleonore."

"Big Sis"

"Yes, I have some things to do with her."

Misha fell in thought. She did think that her sister and Zero were close. Her sister also went to take care of Zero during the time when he was injured.

( But wait! Isn't Zero going out with Professor Mia Frostine. Then it is a sister's one-sided feeling. How can I tell her without hurting her )

Misha was diving deeper and deeper into her misunderstanding. Her misunderstanding of Zero going out with Professor Mia and then her sister being in love with Zero.

"Can you tell me where she is"

Zero asked impatiently after seeing Misha silent.

"If you are looking for my sister then you can go to her room. She had been in her room for hours."

"Thank you!"

Zero quickly made his way to Eleonore's room. This was not his first time being in Misha's house, so he had already visited Eleonore's room before and knows the way.

Zero was becoming impatient as he really wanted to test out his new power and end his lifelong trauma.


Standing in front of a door, Zero took a deep breath to relax his tense muscles. He was quite excited to finally end his nightmare and beat Eleonore who had made him suffer.


"Misha! Please wait I'm…"

Zero knocked just to check whether Eleonore was present or not. With him already excited and impatient, he didn't wait to listen to Eleonore's answer and directly opened the door.


The door opened smoothly without any interruption. Then, the field of view to the room was now wide open, which allowed Zero to see a person standing there in the back.

She was only wearing her black lingerie showing off her pure white skin. There was no dullness to that perfectly smooth skin, be it the nape of her neck, her shoulders, or her legs, they were all blessed with a dazzling smoothness.

It was captivating. Even to someone like me who is scared of her.


Only after some time did he realize the situation he was in. He clearly intruded the room when Eleonore was changing her clothes.

Having sensed that the door had been opened, Eleonore, who had her back facing the door, turned around.

"Oh Come on, Misha! I told you to wai…"

Eleonore's sentence came to a halt after knowing that the one who was standing there was not Misha but Zero.

Her eyes met with Zero. Zero at that time solidified and had turned into a living statue.

After a short pause, and having seemingly understood the situation, Eleonore's face started to turn red, and also her neck had turned tart red in the blink of an eye.

"E-Excuse m…"


Eleonore suddenly screamed at the top of her lungs and startled Zero.


Eleonore yelled.

Eleonore enhances her hand and feet strength with her mana. She quickly kicked Zero in his guts.


Before Zero could react to her punch, Eleonore was already preparing herself to beat Zero more.

Mountain of punches and kicks were landed on his body. Eleonore didn't spare Zero or give him time to explain.

The last time when she was taking care of Zero, Zero made some snarky comments about her. But she didn't beat him not because he was injured but because she thought that Zero was a masochist.

Zero would only be glad to be beaten by her, so she didn't beat him. She thought it was his plan to agitate her so that she can beat him.

However, this time she forgot about his quirk and started to beat him. She was sure that Zero was peeping on her while she was changing.


Zero's excitement and his overflowing overconfidence in his strength were instantly gone.

He tried to defend himself from the onslaught of Eleonore's attacks but he couldn't. It was too damn powerful and fierce.

"Zero, I have brought some tea and…"

Just when Zero thought he could not get out of this situation, Misha came into the room with tea and some snacks.

"SISTER What are you doing to Zero."

Misha immediately grabbed Eleonore by her shoulder and dragged her away from Zero.

"Sister Eleonore, what are you doing. You want to kill Zero"

Misha asked Eleonore angrily. She doesn't know what happened but Zero was seriously getting beaten by Eleonore. She was also surprised to see Eleonore on top of Zero in her lingerie.

She expected to see Zero and her sister flirting or getting along but instead, she found her sister beating the crap out of Zero that also while her sister was half-naked.

she could not process what has happened between the two but she knew needed to stop Eleonore before she hurt Zero more.

"Humph! This pervert, if he dies, it will be a blessing for all the girls."

Eleonore snorted.

Misha quickly went to Zero side and helped him stand up. She noticed that while it seemed that Eleonore was seriously injuring Zero, it had not done that much damage to Zero.

Either Eleonore held back or Zero's defense was that strong. Either way, she was relieved to see Zero okay and not that injured.

"What happened Why was my sister beating you"

Misha asked Zero.

"Hahaha… Nothing. Just an accident."

Zero said while awkwardly laughing. It was his own fault to have barged into her room without him listening to her answer.

He was so excited and eager to test his new strength against Eleonore that he forgot his manners.

"Humph! An accident Last time also you said that was an accident. This time also was an accident What a bullsh*t."

Eleonore commented. She didn't believe Zero saying it was an accident. How can he have two accidents and see her naked each time This was clearly Zero's intention.

"Eleonore, it is really an accident. I had no desire to see your body."

"No desire Y-You! After seeing my naked body twice, you say you have no desire. Zero, look me in the eye and tell me that again."

Eleonore bellowed. Zero's answer was kind of an insult to Eleonore. It was like saying your body is unappealing to my eyes and I don't want to see it again though Zero didn't mean that.

Eleonore asked Zero to look in her eyes because eyes will always tell the truth. But Zero had his head turned to the ceiling.

" Humph! Admitting you are guilty. You can't even look me in the eyes and tell me the truth."

Eleonore grunted.

Zero pointed his finger at Eleonore and said.

"You, You are still in lingerie. Are you offering me to look at your body again"


Eleonore looked down at her body to find herself in lingerie.

She was so furious that her mind was occupied with beating Zero and forgot to wear her clothes.

She was basically showing off all her body parts to Zero the entire time she was beating him.

"I really have no desire to see yo.."


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