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Parallel Memory Chapter 74 Second Semester!

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Chapter 74 Second Semester!


Waking up in the unfamiliar bed, I looked around to see where I was.

"Oh! You are awake"

A gentle voice came from the door and Misha came inside the room.

"Where am I What happened"

I touched my face which was feeling a sting. Not a small sting but such that it might have been stung by a green hornet.

"Hmmm… You got slapped by my sister and fainted."


I involuntarily made an awkward sound. I mean I am Rank-D - and being unconscious just because of a slap was like a joke to me.

I have remained conscious when I defended myself against the attack of Solomon, who is rank-A .

I tried to recall the last thing that I remember. Eleonore was telling something about me being guilty and I said or was about to say something.

I don't clearly remember after that. I might have been slapped around that time. She clearly didn't hold back and I was unprepared to boot.

"Where is Eleonore"

I don't feel safe about meeting her after this. I had understood her strength and I know that I will not be able to defeat her in my current state.

Using all trump cards, I might have a chance but I can't stress my body right after it has been recovered. She is not someone I should mess around with right now.

I decided to abandon my plan for now and keep it for later. 'A wise man never fights the losing battle.'

"If you're looking for my sister then she went to guild. She said she doesn't want to stay in the same place as the pervert."

( Perfect, I also don't want to stay in the same place as that gorilla woman. She didn't even let me explain the situation and continued to beat me. )

It was the same when we were kids. That time also I was misunderstood and got beaten by her. Luckily, similar to today's accident, Uncle Diego was there to save me.

I continued to rest for a little. Since she was not here, I didn't need to escape.

I realize Eleonore used her full strength to slap me as I was knocked unconscious. Else how could anyone easily make me faint with a slap

After resting for a bit, I decided to leave. I don't want to encounter Eleonore today. I don't know what she will do to me in anger.

"Misha, I will take my leave now."

"Okay. Bye! I will see you again next week in the academy."

( Oh! Come to think of it, School will resume next week or in about 5 days. )

I went back to my house and stayed there trying to get some more rest. I feel lazy after my objective was broken.

Not only did I not get to fight with Eleonore but the misunderstanding between us kept piling up. She has definitely labeled me as a Pervert after this situation.


Looks like I need to learn to keep my emotions calm. When you let your power get to your head then you make a lot of bad decisions.

My first bad decision was trying to fight with Eleonore, who is Rank-C. I should have first tried fighting with Rank-C - before going to confront Eleonore.

But feeling the new profound power, I decided to seek out Eleonore of all the people that I could have found.

The second bad decision was I should have run back quickly right after finding Eleonore in her black lingerie.

If I kept my lust in control and quickly left the room, Eleonore might not have even known that I entered her room.

Though I will admit that it was truly a feast for the eyes.

( No, Noooo, don't think like that. It makes me sound like I am really a pervert. )

Anyway, going to my another bad decision, it was to not wait for an answer for Eleonore after knocking.

Excitement and impatience had almost made me a cripple today.

That night my parents arrived late.

Apparently running many dungeons was a problem and our guild was lacking in number.

After taking the dungeon of IvoryBow guild, the total number of dungeons in control of Shadow Genesis increased from 17 to 23.

Right now, the guild was able to clean up the monster due to the kids being back home. The kids were on holiday and they had added some force to the guild.

For example, Zero, who was clearing lots of dungeons by himself. But after they left, some forces will be gone making it much harder for the current guild to suppress the dungeon monster.

They had started recruiting lots of more guild members. It was not a problem since the guild was currently very popular, so many applicants applied for Shadow Genesis.

The family of three started talking and eating around the dining hall. The progress of growth of the Shadow Genesis guild was too insane.

Zero's father, Warren had predicted that they will become a gold-graded guild in no time. His wife, Madison, and some other executives were on the verge of reaching Rank-B .

During the conservation, Zero's mother mentioned going on a trip as a family. They had spent less time together due to all the events and Zero will be returning soon, so they decided to go on a trip.

The last few days, Zero spent most of his time with his family, and Zero's parents also made time for him. The guild affairs are now handled by Zero's uncle, Fred Elea, who is the father of Logan and Warren's brother.

He recently came back from his dungeon raid and started helping in the office. Which made less work for Zero's parents in the office.

Zero also made time to visit the mana battery factory. He wanted to check on them before leaving for school and also because his item was sent to Seth Howard.

"Seth, how is the progress"

"Boss! We were able to make a prototype of a mana battery. We just need to test it before we sell it on the market."

Seth showed a red rectangular object, the size of a bottle cap.

"This is the mana battery made from F-rank goblin. It could theoretically last for three years."

This was the resource that Earth didn't have. A monster's core energy was equivalent to 1000 batteries. That too because it was a low-rank monster core.

This could potentially revolutionize Edolas and the usage of technology in dungeons.

After being satisfied with the progress of the Mana battery, I left the place.

I also took the package that was sent by the company. It was what I had ordered to search for last time, a sword artifact.

Opening the package was a black sword.

"The sword was won in the auction of Holy Oblivion, a gold graded guild. I have Nightshade go to the auction since those places needed an invitation from the guild."

The Holy Oblivion guild was below Nightshade in terms of power and getting an invitation was easy for the NightShade guild.

"Let me see the stats of one million weapons."

That's right. This weapon's price shot up to one million in the auction. One reason was the rich bidders and another was because the sword is a popular weapon.

Much of Edolas' population uses swords as a weapon. It might be because we have a lot of Sword art compared to other weapons.

Either way, it was an astronomical figure for a weapon.


Name: Elucidator

Rank: B -

Description: The weapon for sword users was created by an elder dwarf, Barilgomli Grimsword. It increases the power of sword users and its sturdy body is said to be able to endure the attacks of dragons.

Attack: 25%


Elucidator is a completely dark blade with trims of dim. It has a black hilt connected to a handguard that drops down on the right side.

Attached to this elongated area of the hand-guard is part of the Elucidator's blade, to better aid the user in retaining their grip on the sword when it is being used.

The blade is completely black like the rest of the sword and the said blade is outlined in a light gray.

Zero inspected the rest of the sword. He ran his fingers across the runes filling the blade's fuller.

The balance of the weapon was impeccable. The metal of the carved guard, and leather-bound hilt, balanced the thick, heavy blade efficiently.

He gave it a few swings, adjusting his stance to compensate for the weight of the sword, which seemed to become lighter as he became accustomed to it.

"Not bad!"

He was satisfied with the weapon he got. It was light and sturdy which was good for his Shadow Art. He put the artifact in his spatial ring.

I walked around the place just to look at the scenery. Tomorrow I will be leaving this place. I don't know whether I will survive or not.

According to the novel, the second term is when the most death takes place in the academy. I don't know the motive of the attackers as it has never been revealed in the novel.

However, it is certainly dangerous for anyone who doesn't possess the luck of MC. Even Hiro Ernest might have been dead if he was not saved multiple times by other people.

I don't know the exact date but the enemies started to attack MC after the Academies tournament.

I still have time to prepare but who knows when they might strike. I need to get as strong as possible if I want to live.

"The second semester begins!"-

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