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Parallel Memory Chapter 75 Second Semester! [2]

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Chapter 75 Second Semester! [2]

"You have to be careful, dear"

"I will, mom!"

I bid my farewell to mom and dad and got on the bus. Today I will be returning to Ace Academy.

It was a one-hour ride and I pretty much slept through the whole ride. I mean it is so boring on a bus that other than sleeping, you can only watch the scenery.

Looking at the same old school sign, I entered the school premises. You can see a couple of students but not that many.

Most students would arrive tomorrow and only those who stayed very far away from Star City would come earlier.

The reason I came back earlier is that I wanted to check on the new office and how my company is doing.

Looking at the growth of TwitFlick and WorldCraft, I can safely say that I don't need to worry about money for a long time unless I need to buy a Rank-S artifact.

They could make me bankrupt in a second with how much they cost. And there was a Rank-SS artifact that I can only dream about.

We had to change the company office since our company has become too large to fit in the old office.

We bought the new building with company money and the houses near the office were also bought. so that when we need to expand the office, we can freely do that.

We also made sure that the office location was near NightShade so that they can assist us when our employees are in danger. The current office was more near NightShade compared to our old office.

"Good Afternoon, Boss!"

Greeting me was my new adorable secretary, Elisa Crystella.

Aiden had been serving me as a secretary even though he was not really suited for that. But I didn't have anyone that I could depend on except him.

When I was injured Aiden call me to tell me about his niece who is a professional secretary and would be able to help me much better.

Since I wanted to have Aiden focus on TwitFlick and WorldCraft, I decided to accept the proposal.

She was currently 22 and was short for her age which made her pretty adorable. Her eyes were a purple color that was similar to amethyst, her green-colored hair that was put up into two tufts grew down to her knees.

She might not look all that capable and had no shred of being a sexy secretary like in many offices but contrary to her appearance, all the work done by her was flawless.

In less than a month, She was able to demonstrate her talent by making my work more efficient.

"Good Afternoon, Elisa!"

Elisa led the way to my newly established office room.

My current room was bigger than needed. I might be the boss of the company but most of the time I would be in the Academy.

So it feels like a waste to have such a big office for me who will only visit occasionally.

"How is the progress of Megaplex"

I asked Elisa. Megaplex was the only one that was not doing well among the three projects that I have started.

"Sir, we have promoted it on our TwitFlick and also on various TV channels. But the popularity of the Megaplex is not increasing as our expectation."


I thought it will be a quick success but I guess not every project will be quick on success like TwitFlick and WorldCraft.

"Though the reviews we got were very positive. Praising us for making the shopping experience easier. However, they say that the item we got is only potions and some equipment. We need to increase the diversity of items that we sell through Megaplex."


I thought having popular items like potion will attract new users for Megaplex but it backfired.

Most explorers would buy potions from the nearest town of dungeons before heading out. Not everyone has money like me to stockpile the potions.

I guess the first thing that I need to sell in Megaplex should be something people are constantly in need of.

I decided to take it slowly and promote Megaplex with Mana battery. Why

Because I will sell mana battery-powered cell phones and other items through Megaplex. If Mana battery-powered items become popular, then customers would need to use Megaplex to buy them.

With it, Megaplex might become popular. Or in a bad scenario, Mana batteried items will not sell because of selling through Megaplex.

Anyway, I will first sell it through a megaplex and if it does not work out, I will change the selling method of mana battery.

After spending three to four hours in the company, I went to the NightShade guild to train.

I fought with their members and surprisingly I managed to win. He didn't use his full power but neither did I.

The Rank-C - guild member that used to easily defeat me was finally defeated by me.

"Wow! You surprised me. You have really grown strong."

"Never thought Rank-D - would be able to defeat Conner."

"No wonder our guildmaster likes you."

The other guild member commended me. They don't know that I am the owner of Tech Genesis or that Glenn works for me.

Anyway, I fought again only to lose this time. Previously, it seems Conner had underestimated my strength and went a little easy on me but this time he fought seriously.

They were strong and their experience showed in every move that they made. However, their strength felt low compared to Eleonore.

Even at the same rank, I felt many of them were weaker than Eleonore. They showed impressive strength but not so much that I have trouble defending.

I couldn't really defend against her attacks while she attacked me. It seems that Eleonore's strength stat is abnormally high. She really is a gorilla woman.

After intense training, I went back to my dorm.

When entering the school area, it felt like I was going to a post-apocalypse area with no humans in sight.

Usually, room lights will be on and some would still be training in the training ground. But today, it was dark and gloomy.

I took a shower, ate a light dinner and went to bed.


The next morning waking me up was the noise of the students.

"Hehe. I got promoted to Rank-E . Now I will surely be in the Top-30 of Ace Academy."

"Humph! I also got promoted. Not only that, I even defeated a Rank-D Wyvern."

"Jessie, you have changed your hairstyle. It looks so pretty. Which beauty parlor did you visit." …

Students returned to school and were chatting with their friends. Some were happy to see their friends again while others were bragging to their friends about how they spent their vacation. Some even got promoted to a new rank.

"I didn't expect them to come in so early in the morning."

( Anyway, what's the time )

I checked my phone.

"11:00 AM"

I thought it was only 7 or 8'O O'clock. I thought students were making so much noise in the morning but in reality, it was me who got up so late.

I totally overslept. I quickly washed my face and made breakfast or might as well call it lunch.

I didn't have any plans for today. But I thought of doing some light training before resting. I don't want to be late for the new semester.

Before going to train, I looked at TwitFlick. Just to look for any interesting post.


I end up spitting the water that I was drinking. It was due to one of the posts that showed up.

'Training in this shabby room!'

That was one of Zion Maxwell's posts on TwitFlick. I didn't even know that he was using TwitFlick.

It was a photo of his sweaty bare upper body with a spear in his hand. The shabby room that he mentioned could rival the price of a 7-star hotel. It was a platinum guild training room.

I was surprised by the contrast between his personality and his post. He would usually be serious and all but the photo of him showed like some pretty boy seeking attention which didn't suit his image.

Though I guess people like his picture seeing all the likes and comments.




Alan345 [Nice body.]

Chirst2574 [I also want to train in such a room.

:( :( :( ]

DarkLord87 [Are you a model ]

Oppa [ I love you! I love you! ]


"As expected of the MC rival."

His face didn't lose to any model and his body was in good shape due to all the training. Zion will be perfect for a modeling job.

I also searched and checked other characters on TwitFlick.

'Last day of summer vacation!'

There was a post of Hiro Ernest with his little sister. The post was a typical photo of the family.

But a famous and handsome person like Hiro has many people who would look at his post and like him.





Though the likes on his post were lower than Zion's. I guess showing off your body is the way to earn more likes on social media.

I don't even need to say anything about Sylvia and Lisa. They even had their fan page which I had made. They had more than a hundred thousand followers and more than 10k likes per post.

The appearance of MC and his friends is too high. The god made them pretty, had their stats high, and had insane growth speed. I guess nothing is fair in this world.

After looking through some posts, I decided it was time for me to head out to train.

I just sparred for a bit and lifted some weights. I also watched Nightshade guild members fight. Watching a good fight is also a good way to learn.

I came back to the dorm and slept a bit early.

Tomorrow is a big day.-

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