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Parallel Memory Chapter 8 Attack [2]

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Chapter 8 Attack [2]

I walked towards Lisa.

[ "Hello" ]

[ "Hello" ]

[ "Today also your beauty shine and bless all the living being. You are like the Flower in the middle of mushrooms. Having the chance to speak with you is the luckiest thing that happened to me." ]

[ "Hey Zero, You mean to say I am a mushroom."]

Slyvia asked me while grinning.

[ "Of course not. You are a colorful butterfly who makes the flower more beautiful. You two are like a pair of a beautiful paintings." ]

[ "Hehe. Thanks for the compliments but only sweet words will not get you anywhere." ]

I continue to praise their beauty.

As I thought I had done enough and was about to leave when suddenly I felt a cold hand on my shoulder.

I turned around to see Mia Frostine and I could tell she was not in the best mood.

[ "Zero Elea looks like morning warning was not enough for you. How can you be flirting while others are training hard This Academy is not for you to chase girls. I don't want to see you slacking off instead of training." ]

What the hell. Not only bullies but also teachers want to bully me. Do they think I am easy to bully My patience was already limited by all the harassment, now I get to be lectured by a teacher just because I complimented a girl for a minute.

[ "Heh. It doesn't look different for you too." ]

I glanced at the other man who was with Mrs. Mia Frostine.

( You were also not training and talking with another teacher. Do I need to be lectured when I just took a minute to praise a girl I am working hard, I train hard every day but here is a teacher who was criticizing me for not working hard. )

To survive, I had endured harsh training for months. I hardly took a break because I know that having to increase my strength even by a bit will increase my chance of survival in upcoming disasters.

You can criticize me for going after a girl but to say I was slacking is not something I will agree with even if you are THE ICE ENCHANTRESS.

[ "Huh. Do you think I was flirting with him like you" ]

[ "Hmph. Doesn't look different from what I am doing. You are also just talking with a guy, while I am also talking to a girl. " ]

[ "You dare to talk back to your teacher. Also, how dare you say I was flirting like you. You dare to slack off to chase a girl even after my warning. " ]

[ "Hmph. It's not like I am chasing after you. Who would chase after you, a hot-tempered woman except for an idiot like that guy." ]

I pointed to William who seem to be just staring at Mia Frostine.


(I am a calm person. If not for you slacking and pestering other girls, I wouldn't have lost my temper.)

[ "What happened" ]

Professor William came over after Mia Frostine outburst and asked.

[ "Nothing I was just warning him to not disturb other students" ]

She doesn't want him to bully her student in the pretenses of helping her. William was a very narrow-minded man who would do anything to achieve his goal.

[ "Oh... So you are the commoner who is chasing a girl of elite background. Commoner should know their place and try not to offend noble like us."]

What the.. now another one who seems to have a problem with me.

[ "Professor Mia, if you don't have anything more to say then I will take my leave."]

I blatantly ignored the other person.

[ "BOY. You dare ignore me. You don't seem to know me. I will teach you a lesson on behalf of professor Mia."]

[ "STOP! The professor we apologize for disturbing other students. Zero please apologize to the professor" ]

Lisa interrupted. Seeing the commotion getting bigger and bigger, Lisa had no other choice than to interrupt them

I glanced at Lisa. She was helping me see that professors are angry at me.

[ "Sorry professor Mia, I let my anger get the best of me. I will train hard and not disturb others anymore." ]

After calming down. I found that I was just venting my anger at Mrs. Mia. How can I expect a stranger to know I was working hard. She just saw me chasing a girl and not training, and as a professor she warned me.

[ "It's Okay. I also lost my temper. But I do hope you work hard" ]

( SO EMBARRASSING. I was just arguing with a student. Well, I did get angry because he said I was flirting with William. This William has been pestering me for the last three years. If not for his family I would have already beat him up. I hate him )

[ "Still as punishment, I will be monitoring your practice for today. Now let us go and train" ]

She dragged me in embarrassment. All the other student was looking at us, and she was just arguing with me which is embarrassing as she has always apathetic attitude.

I went with her. I glanced back and I could see Sylvia waving at me while grinning and Lisa with a worried face. Also, I could see the unhappy face of professor William.

( Why is Slyvia grinning and Lisa worried.)

As I was thinking about the reason, I remembered something about professor Mia from the novel. Professor Mia Frostine has this habit of thinking that all people were like her. Which means that the training she does can be done by other people.

Her training consists of mediating in temperature -50 degree room to increase cold resistance. She trains other students similarly, making them go through an extreme environment to hone themselves. Most student ends up in the infirmary after their training session.

I started to sweat as I remembered her training method but I didn't complain. To become strong you need to go through harsh training. She took me to Room where the temperature was very cold.

[ "Let's train here today. It will let us resist against cols temperature." ]

She took me into the room and set the temperature to -50 degrees. She started to meditate as soon as the temperature started to drop.

( Well, This is good for me. )

This training was extra beneficial to me as I have Cryomancy Art. It will increase my resistance to Ice Magic and also increase my Mana Capacity.

I also started to sit and meditate. I used my Cryomancy Art training method, converting my mana into Ice energy, and repeated.

*****After 3 hours*****

( Well, the training went well. I could feel my Ice magic getting better. Looks like my rank will soon rise to S -. )

Mia checked her watch and was shocked to find three hours has passed. She hurriedly look around to check the other student who came with her.

( He could be frozen to death. I was careless. In three hours even other teachers will have difficulties remaining unharmed. )

But what she saw shocked her. She saw Zero perfectly fine, meditating seriously. She can also feel that he was practicing an Ice Magic Art that was also of high level; maybe comparable to her LVL 7 Magic Art: Ice Throne.

She was surprised by his dedication. She waited for him to finish his training which took another 2 hours. He was completely immersed in training, converting mana to Ice magic efficiently.

( Such dedication. How can he be mediating straight for 5 hours )

It was difficult for an average person to continuously practice for hours. Even she finds it difficult to maintain her concentration for 5 hours continuously.

( For him to practice continuously for 5 hours effortlessly. Looks like he regularly trains this much. I made a mistake by blaming him for not working hard. )

[ "Professor. What are you doing." ]

[ "Huh. Nothing, so you have finished meditating. Looks like we can go out now" ]

Mia could see that he was not struggling after being in the Ice room for 5 hours which means he have high resistance to Ice Magic.

After exiting the room, Zero went to practice his Cryomancy Art. He was in Practitioner proficiency and could use Ice Wall and Ground Freeze.

The ice wall was making a shield of wall made of ice and Ground Freeze could freeze 10 meters of his surrounding, If he use all his mana it was also possible to freeze 25 meters of his surrounding; A truly strong crowd control skill. He could trap all his enemies surrounding him and let his teammates take care of them.

Mia was again astonished by Zero. His Ground freeze could even stop D ranker if they have less resistance to Ice Magic. He was also efficient in converting his mana to Ice energy.

( His mana control is the same as Hiro Ernest. No, he is even better. Looks like we have another genius among our students and his dedication to training is clearly there. He directly went to train after exiting the mediation without resting which shows his dedication. )

She was also not idling around. She showed an advanced way to utilize his attack and also taught a more efficient way to cast an attack.

*****After 4 hours*****

[ "If only you were always dedicated to training instead of chasing girls"]

She wants him to focus on improving his strength, she found that his potential is the same as Lisa and others. He could be another SS rank hero in the future and after spending time with him, she found him to be a hard-working student.

He was serious about training, asking a good question when he stumble upon problems in his training, not like in the morning where he was stupidly pestering Lisa.

( Is this the real him or the one in the morning. Well, people do say love makes a person blind. )

[ "Well, I don't want to end up single like you when I grow up."]

Zero replied jokingly.

[ "WHAT… Hmph. If you have enough strength, girls will chase you not others around. You have great potential, why waste time chasing girls like William. You will be hated instead." ]

She told him in a serious tone. Looks like she seriously detests William for pestering her.

[ "Hehe. I was just kidding. I will decrease my time to chase girls to one hour." ]

I jokingly said to her. Even though Mrs. Mia seems cold but after spending time with her, I found out that she cares about students more than she showed on her face.

She was just bad at expressing herself. We became a little closer after training for almost 9 hours together. She was great at pointing out mistakes and showing me ways to fix my mistakes.

["Y-You. Seriously, don't pester Lisa so much. Her background is very strong. Her father is guild master of the platinum graded guild:Sacred Light. If you want to court, you at least need to rank in the Top 5 then you may have a chance. "]

( You don't want to stop pestering Lisa but I can at least turn that into something which will motivate you to become stronger. )

I nodded. Though I could guess why she told me that. She wants to motivate me to work harder. Looks like she is very serious about teaching, finding ways to make students work harder. My respect for professor Mia increased.

It was evening when we decide to end our training and go back to our room. We argue again jokingly not like in the morning.

She seems to detest the idea of me chasing girls even for a minute. Guess William's pestering has made her think that pursuing others is a bad thing.

Well in the novel, William does get overboard with his pursuit. Having not earned her affection after trying so many times and Hiro getting her attention leads to conflict between Hiro and William.

William already hated Hiro for being first even after being a commoner, on top of that he gets the attention of the girl he likes. So, A fight between Hiro and William happens in the second semester.

( Well good luck Hiro. You are the main character after all. An antagonist hating you is the norm. )

I separated from professor Mia after we exited the training hall building. I thanked her and said goodbye.

I was happy with my progress today and slept peacefully not knowing that I have caught the attention of someone troublesome.-

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